Meet Liana


Aloha. My name is Liana. I thank you for being here. 

When people ask me what I am, they are asking me to label myself. Many labels potentially “fit”. I have referred to myself - and been referred to - as psychic, visionary, seeress, spiritual teacher, plant medicine shaman, energy worker, artist, nutritionist, wellness educator, lawyer, mother, yogini, all of which “apply” but none fully descriptive.

Ultimately no label matters. The people who find this light, are meant to, and when we work together, you have entered the path of Unconditional Love. I am a clear vessel or in shamanic terms “hollow bone” - for unconditional love. That’s it.

In terms of what I “do”, there are many things, all of which circle back to the ONE true thing, providing a path for others to uncover their True Self and reclaim sovereignty to ascend from the 3D endless wheel of suffering.

Every offering I share provides tools, processes, teachings, support and energy to peel back all of the layers of false conditioning and limiting beliefs about who you are, where you have come from and why you are HERE.


You are not on Earth to be a slave to your ego through “making money”, “setting goals”, “being validated and liked”, “being an influencer”, “fighting” for causes that the collective has decided without your consent are your battles…you are not here to save the world, save your mother, save your husband or wife, fix politics, rage against the “injustices” of the world and play the role of the victim any longer. Those are ALL deceptive distractions - leading you away from the purpose of your birth - to UNCOVER YOUR SOUL.

The fact that you are here means that you have been given a MASSIVE gift - an opportunity - while in a human incarnation - to UNCOVER exactly who it is you are. You are here on a soul’s journey. You are here with opportunities to RELEASE YOURSELF from the karmic wheel of suffering…of life, death and rebirth.

But only YOU can do that.

No plant medicine, no practice, no dogma, no beliefs, no vows, no meditation, no person, no teacher, etc… can ever clear you of the imprints on your soul. Only you can do that for yourself. But it is a treacherous path. The journey to earth comes with continuous obstacles, delusions, distractions, deceptions and pitfalls - all designed to keep you AWAY from yourself.

Some of those delusions and deceptions that keep people unconscious include: religious dogma and belief, family conditioning, attachment to ideas of lineage/ancestry/cultural beliefs, societal conditioning, school systems, collective media stories, family dynamic and structure, unconscious sex, family of origin, alcohol, drugs, Hollywood programming through movies, toxic food supply, genetically modified foods, dead and stagnant foods, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs and so much more.

Releasing yourself from the grip of those illusions can be a challenging path, because the moment you step out onto your true path of Unconditional Love to uncover yourself, the forces around you will do everything possible to restore status quo and equilibrium.

Healing through unconditional love IS the path, and when you are on the path of Unconditional Love, you heal at the Quantum Level. When you heal at the Quantum Level you release attachment to the seductive fantasies of “reincarnation”, control over your human life, and attachment to stories about who you are. You are released from the oppressive grip and control of the karmic wheel.

I offer programs in areas of Healing the Mother Wound, Healing the Father Wound, Awakening Ancient Gifts, Abundance and Prosperity, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality and so much more.

Ultimately the theme of all of my teachings is to offer a path for you to find Unconditional Love for yourself and to align your actual life with your authentic self -instead of the conditioned self you were taught to be. 

Many major religions promise the falsehood of a magical shangri-la or heaven that appears as soon as we die, without the truthful revelation that the journey of our soul is far more complex than that. 

 I am here to Work With The Light of Christ Consciousness, and the Medicine of The Earth's Lemurian Mystery School to Help Guide All Who Seek Ascension out of the Conditioning of the Human Suffering Paradigm Matrix.



I am a mom to both a son and a daughter. 

I am originally from New York, born and raised, where I also attended college and law school. I was an attorney at one of the largest corporate law firms in the world until I quit and left that career behind to answer the call to return "home" to Hawaii (Lemuria) in 2003. I went to mostly private schools, had massive support from my parents who are still married, and lived in the same beautiful home in Westchester my whole childhood until I left for college. 

I have earned millions of dollars in my careers as a corporate attorney and my second career in sales. I have also experienced huge financial losses. I have been through divorce, serious illness with Lyme Disease, back surgery from a herniated L5 disc, have had two Near Death Experiences and was struck by lighting as a young teenager. I have traveled extensively and I fall deeper in love with my island each time I return home from a trip away.



After my sales career I became a Clinical Nutritionist and created many programs for physical health including Juice Cleanses, Detox Programs, Dental Health, Deep Tissue Cellular Healing and the Best-Selling "Heal Candida Now" which has been successfully used by people all around the world. I founded Health Mastery Institute, the world's only health coaching school dedicated to plant based nutrition, and offer courses in the areas of nutrition, Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, Auto-Immune Health, Hormones, Men’s Health, Heavy Metal Cleansing, Children's Health, Pregnancy Health and many more. Long before I attended school to become a Clinical Nutritionist and educator, I studied nutrition science for about 20 years on my own in order to heal some of my physical challenges which included Lyme Disease and Candida which resulted from an extensive course of powerful antibiotics. I have extensive studies in herbalism, cell salts, homeopathy, vibrational flower medicines and plant medicines of many kinds.


Thanks to some friends and family very close to me - who saw me before I did, and thanks to the powerful Plant Medicine teachers who have led me to my path, along with the Earth Teachers and all of the Unconditional LOVE I have received, I am finally home, aligned with my true Life Path.

I have reached a place of what has always been within my awareness: acceptance, surrender, peace, joy, contentment, and love for self and others that can only come from being in FULL ALIGNMENT with WHY your soul is here on earth.The biggest challenge I faced was the struggle with my ego to let go of everything I thought I was, in order to become who I AM. Especially challenging for me was letting go of the false humility of  my ego - which continually prevented me from accepting my Truth.


Along path of acceptance and surrender, I rediscovered my artistic gifts and added professional artist to my path, offering my art through my art gallery at 

True Teachers are vital for you to awaken and remember, but only you can heal yourself.

No one is a “healer”. ANYONE who refers to themselves as a "healer" should be avoided at all cost. This is a tell-tale sign that they are hooked into ego programming and consider themselves as having some special power.

The truth is we are all linked directly to the Creator.

Clear energy work can help you release toxins - emotional and trauma based - as well as detach you from dark entity connections and cords. However, many people who feel the call to be lightworkers have not done any deep wound healing on themselves to heal: Mother Wound, Father Wound, and the core abandonment wound. So when they do "energy" work or other types of "healing" practices, their own wounds are transmitted into the energy you are receiving from them.

My path is clear: provide teachings to those who are ready, to help them remember their connection to the Source, remember their origin is in the LIGHT, and choose to use their free will to ascend.

There is no dogma in what I am here to share. There is only EXPERIENCE - use the teachings and watch your heart, your life, and your love magnify and expand in every corner of your life. There is NO religion in what I teach, NO required rituals, beliefs, or adherence to rules of any kind. My teachings support YOUR SOVEREIGNTY, YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR LIGHT.

Lemuria (Kaua'i) was the site of the last massacre of those who carried the Christ Consciousness Light, 22,000 years ago. This was done by dark entity energies who are threatened by the existence of true light workers. There are a number of people incarnated on earth at this time who carry memories in their energy body of their life in Lemuria. Lemuria is the earth's mystery school which contains all of the seed energy necessary for those humans who are prepared to ascend.

Lemurian energy grids that have been activated since 2015 provide the access points and portals to full ascension. 

The Lemurian Mystery School is a 12D school of learning which will resonate with those who are already connected to the Lemurian grid. If ascension teachings resonate with you, there is a high likelihood that you are connected to the Lemurian grid.

At the heart of all that I do, all that I am, and all that I teach, is Unconditional Love.




Swim With Dolphins

Practice Yoga


Read. A lot.

Eat Mangos and Watermelon

Polar Bear

DJ Drez

Love Everyone

Gratitude and Unconditional Love.