A rose from my garden...

A rose from my garden...

A Kaua'ian rainbow. We see them often...

A Kaua'ian rainbow. We see them often...

Homemade raw organic Criollo chocolate, crystals and flowers. Three of my favorite things.

Homemade raw organic Criollo chocolate, crystals and flowers. Three of my favorite things.

Meet Liana.

Hi my name is Liana, and thank you so much for being here in the space of this cyber-home :) I have gratitude for you, whether you are here for a minute, a day, or a lifetime.

This is the space where I share some of the details of my life and path. I am a radically private person, and getting to the place where I could even write this was quite a journey in and of itself. But I get asked many questions by my students around the world, and people who follow me on Facebook, so I created this page to share some insights if you care to listen. Truthfully and ultimately, none of what I do is about "me". I have cleared my vessel, become the hollow bone, in order to bring forth teachings and messages of love and healing. I take no credit for any of what I bring forth, only having gratitude to my soul for being willing to step up and walk the path I have been called to walk.

My life has so far been an incredible journey leading me to my path as a Shaman, Spiritual Teacher and Visionary Artist...and of course my Warrior's Path of motherhood to my two awesome kids.  

I teach in a very grounded way with wisdom from the earth mystery schools. We exist here on this amazing planet for a reason, and that is because she is our teacher.  My shamanic path and teachings are real, raw, wild, centered, grounded in the earth, creative, open to the cosmos, connected to all beings, and fully rooted in the knowledge that it is only through the path of Unconditional love that we transcend the matrix and access our personal medicine. But most people do not receive unconditional love as children so this path is a journey into your own heart to give birth to that love. That is what I help my students do, through various methods including journeying, Plant Medicine Healing,  energy work, clearing of discarnate energies that may be hanging on in your life, and also physical wellness that draws upon my experience as a plant based nutrition expert and wellness educator.

Through a series of intense initiation events Goddess called me to leave everything behind in New York City as an attorney at one of the largest international law firms, to be HERE. My personal journey has had some incredible challenges, including being struck by lightning, two near death experiences, divorce, serious health issues (including Candida and Lyme Disease as well as back surgery), the ending of two lucrative and prestigious careers, moving 6,000 miles away from "home", and the biggest challenge of all... the struggle with my ego to let go of everything I thought I was, in order to become who I AM. 

First things first: WHAT IS A SHAMAN?

Shamanism and being a shaman has nothing to do with the "New Age" proliferation of self-proclaimed "healers" today. Shamanism as a way of life has been around for tens of thousands of years. The actual word Shaman originated in Siberia with the Tungus people. A shamanic way of life is a life in recognition that all of life has consciousness and spirit, from the mountains, to the trees to the animals to the rocks and everything else. There are people today who wish to define what a shamanic culture is, and there is a current day bias towards honoring only certain cultures or indigenous people in the practice of shamanism. But any true shaman is connected directly and deeply to the wisdom of the Creator, and thus understands that no one culture, group, ceremonial practice, belief system, gender or lineage is required to be given the calling of the shamanic path. There are true shaman who you have never heard of. True shaman who exist in every culture, every background, education level, gender and every geographic area. It is vital at this time that humanity drop the categorizations, drop the falsehood that only the indigenous hold the sacred connection to the land, to pachamama, to the cosmos. We have no time for that anymore.

Having said that, a shaman is not a job. It is not something you choose. It chooses you. It is not even something that you want. It is your destined path. Someone who wants to "be a shaman" and who goes to "shaman training school" is most definitely, not a shaman. When you receive the call of the shamanic path you will run from it and try to avoid it at all costs.

I have been aware of my shamanic gifts since the age of two. The ability to easily speak clearly with spirits and people who had died began at a very young age, along with my ability to see things in the "future". My ability to move and shift energy has always been there. Thankfully I had a father who, also a shaman, was able to guide me and help me understand my gifts and use them appropriately. My father taught me that there was a time and a place for everything and that I needed to learn patience and discernment, and that I had to use discretion with power and energy. He also taught me the much needed lesson on the difference between power and force.


Growing up very connected to Jesus, I have always known that He is the ultimate Shaman. As my relationship with Him deepened as I got older, I realized He was nothing like what was being taught in church.  Although, back then, I certainly wasn't using the word Shaman. It just wasn't a word you heard much growing up in the bucolic world of the nicest New York suburbs. However,  I KNEW Him with all of my heart. And from then and always, He is my light. I have tremendous empathy for those who have what they describe to me as a "conflicted" relationship to Him, because of the patriarchy, the dogma, and all of the lies that have been told about Him and His truth and message, which is simple: Love Everyone.

My path is clear in its imperative to help people RE-connect with the power of His Love. This also includes, of course, dispelling the lies perpetuated about His role as avatar of our planet, by the patriarchal churches. The churches refer to God as "he", deliberately, and have excised any reference to the feminine principle of the Divine. How odd, don't you think, that the Only women hold the very creative force of the entire universe...the ability to literally BIRTH LIFE. The love between Jesus and Mary Magdalene is that of a twin flame love, and one that serves as a living, breathing example of perfected male/female balance. 

I know many people don't connect the dots between Jesus and Mary, Shamanism, Lemuria, and Ascension, Quantum Physics, Neutrinos, Plant Medicine and the Yoga Sutra. And that's ok. The human mind is fully invested in the limited paradigm of the five senses, in order to make sense of our place in the cosmos. It is through deep communication with Spirit that true wisdom reveals itself to us.

It's important to realize that ignorance/lack of awareness exists today on a grand scale. Many people are trapped in a hole they don't even see. They are energetically connected to systems, structures, and old dying beliefs. But many still cling, they are scared. Science, for example, only recently awarded the Nobel Prize for the "discovery" that neutrinos have mass in 2015, while Ra Uru Hu (who channeled the system known as Human Design), wrote extensively on the existence of neutrinos and the powerful effect they have on our daily lives way back in the 1980's. The good news is that Healing and Ascension happen through experience. Not dogma. Not rules. Not beliefs. Healing and Ascension come to us through the experience of shifting our energy, clearing our light bodies, and connecting to our source of light.

Long ago I released my attachment to any outcome, so that I could clear the way to do my actual work on this planet, which is to

Work With The Light of Jesus and the Medicine of The Earth to Help Guide People to the Truth Within Themselves and Find Their Empowerment There.


Let me start by saying what a Shaman doesn't do. A Shaman cannot do your work for you. A Shaman is not a healer. Only the Divine Creator heals. What look like shamanic powers to some people are actually gifts given for a specific purpose. Many Shaman throughout history have abused their power and eventually, as a result, lost their gifts.  A Shaman is not some exalted person who exists on a pedestal of perfection. A true Shaman remains in constant humility, fully aware that the gifts bestowed to her are gifts of the Divine, given for one reason, and that is to be in service to all of life. To be in "right relationship" with all of life.

Shaman are the conduits for healing to take place. The shaman is the bridgewalker, traveling to other realms to help with soul retrieval and spiritual cleansings that impact the matter and spirit, body, mind, spirit and emotions. The role of the Shaman is not to impress you with our power, but to put you in direct contact with your own.  

And make no mistake, shamanic gifts come with a price. Many times people want to "learn" shamanism. I see courses, programs and classes all over the internet teaching people to be a "shaman". The reality is that one cannot "learn" to be a Shaman. You either are, or you are not. You are not unsure. There is zero doubt. There is no approval needed by anyone to be at true shaman. No pomp and circumstance and no egoic lineages necessary. Being a shaman is not being a "psychic" or "medium". Most people who tap into the astral plane are able to give you some accurate and perhaps even sometimes helpful information, but often the information is not accurate and it may come from non-benevolent beings.


The Path of the Shaman is filled with challenging life experiences. There are many initiation events throughout one's life that push you (often firmly) towards walking your path. For some Shaman who grow up in indigenous cultures, like the Shipibo Shaman of Peru, they are born into a culture where Shamanism is often passed down in lineages, and it is openly and directly accepted. Even honored. But for a blonde haired blue eyed girl from Westchester, where traditional school pushed me into the world of top honors, gifted programs and academic excellence, that could not have been farther from my reality. I was convinced that my brain was my road to my path in life. And this was despite the fact that from a very early age, nearly everyone in my life in most environments I was in  (including school, my work, social settings) people repeatedly told me "you are a healer", "you know stuff", and so many more projections. During my time as a lawyer, my office was a revolving door of people coming in to ask for advice. Not legal advice mind you, personal, spiritual and emotional advice. My secretary gave me an engraved door sign for Christmas one year that read: The Doctor Is In. It was a joke, but not a joke. She was entirely serious, as she saw the endless array of people during my years at the firm. 

I acknowledged and was grateful for my gifts but didn't see them as my "path". I knew my dad had all of these gifts and yet he shared them with no one. They were for our family only. He had a regular career that certainly had no connection in any way to being a Shaman. 

The many initiation events of my life led me to surrendering to this path, a path that requires unfailing commitment, dedication, patience, humility, balance, presence, and a full death of one's ego, before returning to do the work. When one "wants" to become a Shaman, you can be assured it is ego. In the same way, running away from your true path when you ARE a Shaman, is also ego. False humility, and the idea that one shouldn't "charge" for their spiritual gifts is a dark and deceptive ego trick. On the one hand the ego believes Shamanic gifts and powers will endow some kind of special status upon you, on the other hand the ego knows the gifts and powers come with enormous responsibility, accountability, and self-control. The bottom line is this:

Death Does Not Care About Your Title. 

I had to put that in big bold letters because ultimately, one reason it was so challenging for me to listen to my own shaman, my guides, the plant teachers, my students, my friends AND my family who continually told me my path was as a shaman and spiritual visionary, was because I abhor the ego association with titles. I've had many, I have many degrees including a doctorate, and titles came to mean nothing to me. We are now in a world where many people get their entire self-worth from the letters after their name, and they truly honestly believe that their education level and degree status matters, and that they are somehow special as a result. They use their titles as a false sense of power because deep down, they have no TRUE power. And when they begin to breathe their last breaths in this lifetime (this life is short) and they begin to see what is there to greet them as they exist this plane...  the awakening is oh so painful. Any true Shaman knows this, as we have each at some point experienced total annihilation of the ego.

For me, being in an intense journey with Grandmother Ayahuasca, and to have my entire being dissolve, die, melt into the ground, disintegrate, and have a true full on experience of BE-ing one with everything and everyone, the titles of self-importance are instantaneously gone. Of course there are many "shaman", even those who come from long lineages of indigenous cultures in Peru, who have massive egos. They do personalize their power and it becomes their Achilles heel. But the most effective shaman in terms of being able to see truth, clarity, and to help others, are those who have dropped any level of self-importance. Any person who believes ego is important, who attaches to titles, who believes themselves to be superior to another, is for sure not yet ready to fully embrace the shamanic path. 

The shamanic path teaches you that the more gifts you receive, the more power you are able to utilize, the more responsibility you have to be in service to all of life, where as the ego tells you that the more power you are able to utilize, the more "special" you are, "different" than others, and superior.  


For me, even after many initiation events, it wasn't until I embarked on a long road of working with the master plant teachers that I finally accepted my true path. It’s an unimaginably challenging process, working with these plants. The level to which one must be honest, transparent, strong, courageous, trusting, and disciplined is indescribable. They, and Jesus, together, broke down every piece of ego that wanted to keep me on the path of the mind. 

In this world where humanity is living under grand illusions, and so many are asleep, my thought was, why disturb that? Why not let them figure it out for themselves some day. Or not? I didn't want to take on any of that responsibility. At all. I loved life as it was, too much to want to sacrifice any of that to do something that many people will not even understand.

I struggled and fought and resisted and stubbornly went in many other directions. But every time I tried to escape my truth, it came back right in front of me in huge disruptive ways that I was unable to ignore. Eventually I surrendered and allowed my gifts (rather than my ego) to direct my life. And here I AM. 


The same people who have sought out a therapist are the people who eventually find their way to my programs, writings, journeys, art, Illuminations community, or one on one work. In fact, I have a large number of personal clients and students who themselves are psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors who after years of being in those fields realize that they have never healed and integrated their OWN wounds, and that their draw to those careers was primarily a call to heal themselves.  My Shamanic Healing work with clients is deep, revelatory and ultimately soul freeing.  My focus is in shifting what has been stuck, releasing limiting beliefs and old paradigms that block you from loving yourself unconditionally.

There is a fundamental sickness in humanity and that is the belief that you are not worthy of complete and unconditional love. My practices and classes bring you into authentic connection to your own light.

I assist my clients in eliminating damaging patterns energetically, for true healing and integration, rather than years dealing with mind-based or "CBT", behavioral therapy, and with much deeper clarity of the underlying causes behind the issues. This results in greater access to peace, and a connection to their own path.

Ultimately, as a Shaman, and Spiritual Teacher, my guidance helps lead you to connect with your own true gifts. Thousands of years of the patriarchy has resulted in both women and men being completely disconnected from their true, grounded, rooted, sacred feminine and masculine power. For women, that power lives and breathes within the sacred womb space. My work assists you in clearing the ancestral and cultural wounds that come to us through our Mother Wound, Father Wound, Abandonment and Rejection, Guilt and Shame, and Lack of Self-Worth, so that you can finally reconnect with your authentic power and full creative expression of who you came here to BE.

My core teaching is Unconditional Love and Authenticity. To read my Authenticity Manifesto, Click HERE.

At the heart of all that I do, all that I am, and all that I teach, is Unconditional Love.



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Gratitude and unconditional love.