My Authenticity Manifesto

 "When you are your authentic self, you have no competition." ~ Liana Shanti

When you embrace your authentic self, it means you've given up needing approval.

When you live authentically from your gifts, it means you are willing to be vulnerable, transparent, and in integrity.

When you live authentically, you see your own light shine so bright that others in your circle begin to see their authentic nature as well.

When you live authentically, you no longer fear society's reaction to your truth, because you realize that their reaction is often one of fear of revealing their own authenticity. When we haven't yet embodied our true authentic selves, it's harder to be around those who have.

When you are on the path to authenticity, it's ok to start slow. It's ok to pause during the process. It's ok to take a few steps back.

The path to authenticity is a symphony wherein the heart is playing the music, but the mind is the conductor. It may take many tries before the music simply begins playing beautiful symphonies, guided by Spirit rather than a little man with a stick. (Talking to you, Ego)

Being fully authentic means that you embrace both your light and your shadows, you love it all, and you stop judging yourself.

An authentic life means understanding that GODDESS created each of us in divine perfection. We need do nothing other than embark on a path to uncover that divine perfection. It means digging through the ego stories, and healing the deep wounds that mislead us, until we are in direct contact with our true Divine natures.

Jesus wasn't kidding when He said "the Kingdom of God is WITHIN you." Really, it is. Be brave. Be courageous. Have the courage to reveal what has been given to you.

Authenticity isn't the WAY to spirituality. It IS spirituality. 🐬 Liana