Of all the plant teachers I work with on this shamanic journey, cacao is the teacher I work with most frequently. She is a subtle but powerful teacher of all things of the heart.

Sacred cacao journeys are profound, and have the ability to reveal to us the things we are most in need of accessing. Being a subtle teacher, cacao requires you to be fully willing to be taught. There's a method. There's a process. Which is exactly what led me to this post.

I am on social media. Quite a bit. I write, I teach, I share. It's the medium spirit has given me for this leg of my journey. I'm not on social media for personal purposes, other than to chat with a handful of very close friends, in private. I don't send greetings, love notes, or celebratory messages to my husband. He's right here. I look into his eyes and speak words of love directly in his presence. The same with my children. The world does not need to hear my private words to my beloveds.

Social media in many ways has become the ego's canvas, the empty shell seeking approval, attention, praise, validation. Meh. I opted out of that. My heart is my offering. My life, and every moment in it, my manifestation of the Divine.

I chose to use social media as a swift, easy, powerful communication medium to share what was reasonable for me to share: knowledge and information on science, health, and wellness.

The plant teachers, they have had something else planned for me all along. Cacao, this morning she asked me to share a part of my practice. Something reserved only for my private life. She made me uncomfortable. She asked me to invite you into my private space. She urged me to share a piece of my practice with you.

As I sat with her, watching and listening, I understood that it was my time with the Divine each day that keeps my light visible. That was the part of my practice she asked me to share. But my relationship with my teacher, my shaman, my guru (my dad) has always been entirely one on one. Always entirely private. No books written, my dad never has been nor ever will be on any social media, no programs, courses, or sessions. Just a Divine encounter, every day of my life since birth. Direct contact with UNconditional love of the Divine, embodied in this Bodhisattva of a teacher.

A teacher with only one student. A guru with only one disciple.

So because my personal experiential path to the Divine has been so fully a private one, it has been incredibly hard for me to come out of my spiritual closet, publicly. Harder than you know. It has been excruciatingly difficult to share ANY parts of my Divine life and path with anyone outside of my family I am with every day.

At least once a day, I say to myself or my husband or kids, "I don't think I'm going to do this. The world isn't ready for radical unconditional self love as a path. I'll just share it with the few people I know are. In private. Let me get back to what is my brain."

But Cacao, she continues to gently nudge me. Today, I share with you a piece of my daily practice.

I wake up each day, and I write morning pages. It's a brain dump. It's a pouring out of gunk in the machine. It's not poetry or prose, it's not even coherent much of the time. It's a rambling stream of consciousness that results from the brain and its overnight repair. Then, I'm clear. Clear to go to my sacred sanctuary.

My sacred sanctuary is my time of daily surrender. No thinking. No reading. No learning. No figuring out. Egoless. It's meditation. Prayer. Hours of chanting the names of the Divine. Ecstasy. Bliss. Joy. Merging with Oneness. I do not exist there. Only heart, light, and love.

Eventually I am called out of that place, every day, as motherhood, partnership, and teaching is my dharma.

I move my body. I exercise. I sweat. I move energy. I sing loudly while catching my breath. I ride my bike. I soak up the sun. I dance. Wildly. I'm electrified. LIFE pulses through my veins. I am invigorated, ready to access the flow.

I move to my integration place, which today you see in a photo. It's always outside. Always in nature. Always with access to fresh air, trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, geckos, and on a number of days, irreverently loud roosters.

I prepare to journey with cacao.

I listen to her heartbeat. I breathe with her, she breathes through me. I read a book or two. I soak up. I integrate. I ask for guidance for the day. The guidance continues until my stomach is growling, my kids are ready for a project, a crystal grid, paddling, tennis, mom time or time with my love.

I then move into the world. Sometimes reluctantly, today, incredibly slowly. But the plant teachers know that in sharing pieces of my committed daily practice of devotion and surrender, others might possibly see a path to create their own daily practice to maintain and sustain their connection to source. Something vital if we are going to be who we came here to be. 🌈Liana