"We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the hallucination, you see it for what it's worth." ~ Terence McKenna

So much of what we see, we judge. So much of what we see, we don't like. Racism, sexism, poverty, war, refugee crisis, ideas of privilege. But why then, do we continue to feed these cultural hallucinations? Why do we give them light? Why do we participate in them?

With 7 billion people on the planet, there are 7 billion uniquely nuanced views, beliefs, and opinions about all of it. So we must ask ourselves, why do we hang onto the crazy notion that we are somehow separate from any of it? Why do we reject that as a human family, we are connected through only one heart?

Ho opono pono teaches us to say:
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
To EVERYTHING we see. 
Why? Because we are participants in it, and the only way to heal what we see is to heal our inner selves. It's a challenging mind bender to see some of the pain mentioned above and internally acknowledge our own participation in it. That's why we keep projecting externally. When we believe the problems are external, we simultaneously believe the answers are external. And when we continue to look outward, we continue to manifest the very 'problems' we dislike.

We aren't doing Ho opono pono simply by repeating the words. Ho opono pono isn't something we say, it is something we become.

Let's face it. All the "fighting for" and "fighting against" of external 'problems' hasn't worked. As a whole humanity is no better for it than we were 1000 years ago. The ego of the 21st century mind says "we are soooo progressive, we are fixing this."

Like the human body, in which cutting out a tumor doesn't stop the cause of the cancer, much of what humanity expends enormous energy on has no way to stop the cause of the problems we project externally.

They return.

Maybe in a new form, but it always comes back. Because we know energy can be neither created or destroyed. But it can be transformed.

Internal healing of ourselves, through the only true alchemist - LOVE - is the path to transformation.

Begin by asking yourself, what am I losing when I let go of these external projections?

What do I have to give up in order to unplug from the heavy bag of my pain story?

What am I truly gaining in my soul's evolution to remain securely tethered to my illusions?