Past life regressions are one of the most healing practices that I work with. Sometimes people are just "curious" about past lives, but it can be incredibly life-changing to use past life regression as a therapy to healing.

I want to share with you the story of an incredibly powerful past life journey I did with a client this week (with her permission).

We began our journey like always, quieting the mind, the energy body, and the breathing. Once we were in a peaceful energy state and I had opened the portal for our journey, we began to drop into the life that was most wanting to come forth - the life that at this time and space had the most to offer in terms of healing for my client.

We dropped in to a scene and she was easily able to see many details about herself, which in this case, was a man. The man was what you would call a "cowboy", with boots jeans and a hat. We both could feel that he was nervous, sad, and filled with anxiety. I felt tremendous knotting in my stomach, and a real sense of anxiousness and nervous energy. A woman came soon to meet with him. We then realized and understood that the man was here to tell this woman - his love - that he was leaving her forever and that she would never see him again.

He lied to her about the reasons he was leaving, because he didn't want to risk her safety if she had known the truth. He did this purely out of his love for her. We uncovered that he was fleeing for good because he had committed a serious crime. But the woman was devastated and couldn't understand why he was leaving.

He left. And what he didn't know, was that she was pregnant with their child, as she never had a chance to tell him. They never saw each other again and they both lived the remainder of that lifetime with incredibly deep pain. The woman had her child, but never was able to get over the lost love, and neither was the man.

Fast forward to THIS lifetime, and my client, and why this particular past life was so important for healing. The client's own father from this lifetime came to us to offer guidance. He passed away when she was a small child. The loss was obviously, incredibly painful and devastating. Losing a parent at such a young childhood age creates a very deep wound, and both the body, mind and spirit react in whatever way they can to cope. One of the coping mechanisms in the body of this client was to hold on to weight, and to form an emotional connection to food as a source of comfort. In the regression journey I could feel the tense constriction in the area of the third chakra, and her father confirmed for me that what she has been holding on to in terms of physical weight, was a direct response to this past life-repeating pattern.

In fact, he shared with us that this pattern of sudden and painful separation and loss had happened many times, in many incarnations, and continued because it had never healed. In other words, in each time, the pain was so devastating that neither person was able to heal from it. So, it repeated in another lifetime for potential healing. In this lifetime however, with her father passing at a young age, he chose to remain as a guardian for his daughter so that she too would be able to heal. He has done a significant amount of his own "work" since his transition, and as a result, is able to be a constant source of love, strength and support in his daughter's healing.

Many times, people who transition from the physical body are not able to remain close to us. Or, we try to keep them close but they really do need to go so they can do what it is their soul needs to do next. But in this case, her father was incredibly clear that his chosen role was to stand by her side to help her fully heal this ancient karmic wound. The amount of love that this father was pouring out for his daughter was so incredibly beautiful, that to be a witness and guide for this journey blessed me immenseley. It is always an incredible gift to be able to be a part of so much love.

His message for her was that their love for each other is a mirror of the Divine's love for us all, and they are part of a soul family that has been together for a long, long time. His love never left her, and his guidance is here to make sure that she is able to drop the karmic weight, the physical weight, and clear the blocks around her heart so that she is once again open to love in this lifetime. He sees for her that she will meet and fall deeply in love with someone who wants to share love with her, and he wants to be sure that when that time comes, she is open to it. He had a powerful message that she is loved, she is healing, and that as her heart opens more and more, her life's journey will expand into incredible beauty.

I hope this story lightens your day as it did mine, gives you hope and joy and love too. When one soul heals and opens to love, we all benefit. <3 Liana