A friend of mine whom I've known for over 30 years recently had a baby. Her sister asked me to write some words of wisdom for this new baby girl which would be presented as a gift for her to open later on in life. Here is what I wrote:

Welcome Precious Girl, and thank you for being willing to join our Earth family at this time, bringing light and love. I'm so grateful for your presence here. You will discover that Earth is a stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful home, and you already know that you have chosen an incredible, loving, kind hearted mom to come through!!! I just have a few things to share with you that may help you on your new journey here.

1. BE YOU. There is pressure put upon most people, conditioning if you will, to "become" something. These conditioning influences may cause you to question your worth. But always remember to BE you, unwrapping all of the gifts you already contain within you as you go through life. You are here to share your uniqueness, your wisdom, your light and your creativity.... you don't have to "do" anything to be of value. Just BE who you already are.

2. IT'S NOT YOU. EXCEPT WHEN IT'S YOU. You will find that many people are living and acting from a place of fear and self doubt. Most humans haven't experienced total unconditional love, and many of the difficult and painful things you will see in this world are a result of that. There will be people who preach acceptance of all views, except when those views are something they don't like, or come from
a person they have judged as "bad". Sometimes you may get caught in the crosshairs of this. If you can maintain connection to your highest self, you an understand it's not you, it's them. They are being triggered by fears they are not even aware of, and you are simply at the receiving end. Don't take that on.

But also, it could be you doing the projecting. Be aware that all of us have done it at times, until we recognize it and stop it. If/when it IS you, forgive and love yourself, be accountable, and move on in a more loving way. The more we are willing to see and own our own projections, the more peaceful we become. We stop blaming others. Taking responsibility for ourselves may seem challenging, but truly, it's so freeing. This piece of advice has saved me, as well as others I am close with, mountains of stress.

3. LOVE YOURSELF. This one seems obvious, but it's not quite as easy for many people as it sounds. Humanity is suffering at this time from lack of self love, and you will see and know how this manifests as you get older. You will likely see lots of ego disguising itself as love. But here's how you tell the difference: true self love has nothing to prove, ego has everything to prove. You'll spot it a mile away.

It's much easier if you start off truly loving yourself from a young age, rather than wait until adulthood before you first come across this concept. Love yourself at all times, even when you make mistakes. We all make them. You're still worthy of love. Love yourself rather than judge yourself. Love yourself enough to be both powerful and humble. Love yourself enough to admit when you're wrong, and still know you are worthy of love. Love yourself enough to own both your light and your shadow. Both are uniquely you, and ALL of you is worthy of love.

4. TRUST YOURSELF. Don't give away your power to anyone. ANYONE. No one knows you like you know yourself. Trust that you have the ability to make great decisions, and trust that you have all of the answers within you. At this time, earth is a place where many people seek the answers outside of themselves because the conditioning influences around us tell us to do so. We also have "cultural editors" in the form of various authority figures, to whom many people give their power away. If you trust yourself from early on and continue to strengthen your belief in yourself, you will always know what the best path and choices are for you. Remember, only you can know this.

5. HAVE JOY. Experience life in a way that brings you joy. Follow your passions, be courageous in seeking your joy. There is A LOT of joy to be experienced on earth, and it takes commitment to yourself in order to regularly experience it! Ask yourself all the time "what brings me joy" and do that! A joyful human is a human adding love to this world.

6. SEE OUR SIMILARITIES AND CELEBRATE OUR DIFFERENCES. This is a planet filled with almost 7 billion people. That's a lot. And there are a LOT of variations on how we express our humanity. There's a tendency for many humans to believe that what they know, say, do and act like, is the way everyone should. Understand, this just comes from fear. But if you follow 1-5 above, you won't have to buy into the illusion that everyone should think or be one way. You will have a wide open heart that allows you to accept and respect the differences in all people. It will give you the wisdom to honor each person you meet for who they ARE, rather than who others think they should be. And also, see how we are all so much more alike than most people realize. We may live, love, work, act, worship, different than one another, but at our core is our humanity. We ALL want to be loved. We ALL want to be happy. We ALL want to live with our loved ones, in relative comfort and safety. We ALL want peace in our lives. And - there's only one way for that to happen. And that is, to BE peace. Being peace means to truly be as ok with who you are as you are ok with who others are.

7. ENJOY BEING FEMALE. Being a girl, and growing into a woman is an incredible gift. Women are empowered to literally birth life onto this planet, as you have just recently experienced. Sometimes women are told to look/speak/act/behave in certain ways. It's nonsense. Each woman has a wild and amazing journey when she embraces her beauty, inside and out, and accepts nothing less. Be a girl and then a woman who supports other women. Be free to express your womanhood however you are called, and honor all women who do the same. You can do anything.

8. TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME. Earth is precious. The mountains, the lakes, the forests, the trees, and all of the animals that roam the land and the seas are part of a magnificent rhythm. Without humans, Earth would thrive in her aliveness, and nature would exist in perfect equilibrium. You are coming on to the earth at a time that humans have not been so loving to the earth, and her creatures. You are here at a time where humans mistakenly believe everything we see here is for our use and exploitation. It's not. We are only here temporarily, and we are meant to be stewards of all we see. Climb her mountains, swim with the Dolphins in her sea, sleep out under the stars, walk through canopies of rainforest, experience the sheer wonder of how ALIVE she and all of her creatures are ... THAT will inspire you from the depths of your soul.

The day after you were born, a musician/artist named Prince left earth and traveled on to a new journey. He was a loving advocate for the earth and all of her creatures. I will leave you with his words to ponder,

"Compassion is an action word with no boundaries." 💜 Liana 🐬