We are in the midst of BREAKING FREE from the grand oppression which has led to destruction of the earth, women, children, and a spiritual disconnect from the true beauty within our brothers, sons, and fathers.

The Divine Feminine Has Been Repressed For Over 3,500 Years When The Warring Greeks Buried, Hid, Destroyed and Overthrew the Maternalistic Cultures of Minoa and Micenea.

The beautiful stories of connection to nature have been distorted... the great lies turned the beautiful snake (kundalini) into a symbol of darkness... Gods of the Greeks turned loving angelic beings into thunderbolts and lightning... symbols of punishment and anger...all of the world's major religions created oppressive stories of women being the downfall of men, of society, even of the world!

The Creator of the universe suddenly became personified as a male. Billions of living beings today refer to the Divine creator as He, Him, His, Father - with an utter denial of the fact that the FEMININE is the aspect of ALL of existence that can create and give birth!

History has stolen all truths of the Feminine Power. The powerful wisdom, love, and leadership of the Mary and Mary was relegated to "virgin or prostitute". A fallacy so pervasive that many women themselves have bought into it. It's why we see women so cruelly calling other women "whore" and "slut". When we do that, we reinforce the patriarchal perversion.

When women are calling other women slut and whore, they are speaking from the deep unresolved pain within all women.

A pain that destroys our spirit from within, because rather than embrace all of our multi-faceted layers of womanhood, we are locked and chained to the oppressive belief that we are here to serve the unbalanced paternal structure, and vacillate between virgin and whore.

Men too are trapped by this oppression. Often, once married, the wife becomes "virgin and mother". Men are deeply wounded with the mother wound, and the wife becomes the surrogate mother. Once the "mother" to the man, he seeks "the whore". This manifests as pornography or affairs. An even further disconnect from the intensely life-affirming bliss of tantric sexual union. Seeking, but never finding, the inroads to the power of the Feminine. The wife? She calls the object of the affair "the whore". And the cycle perpetuates.

The father expects his daughter to be virginal, and inappropriately and oppressively (although mostly unconsciously) dictates her manner of dress, and jokes that he will harm potential suitors (but with an undertone of truth).

That a father would have ANY say in the sexuality and creative expression of a young woman is archaic and deeply disturbing. But he does it because of his own fears of "the whore". His own deep, dark shadow that masturbates in the dark... The hidden recesses of his mind that lovingly sits next to his wife in church on Sunday but who has a hard drive filled with pornography - his grasping at his own disconnected sexuality. His constant seeking to connect with the Divine Feminine in ALL of her wondrous powers.

So how do we heal from this dissection?

First is to understand that we cannot seek and find God, without also seeking the Goddess. All-Mother and the All-Father as a unified whole. Seperated yet together in oneness. They have been separated for millennia, but within the new paradigm they are uniting.

As a woman, look within to see where you embody the damaging belief that your wild nature, your sexuality, your power, your freedom, is to be tamed.

If you are a man, seek to identify your mother wound, consciously awaken to your NEED to merge with ALL aspects of the goddess, drop the cultural paradigm of virgin or whore, and view all of the women in your life as magical, mystical, living beings capable of a vast array of magnificence... and know that when you are standing in your own Divine Masculine, She will come closer to you than ever before. πŸŒˆ Liana