Each of us comes into this lifetime with agreements to fulfill our part in soul contracts. But some of the contracts we are a party to have carried over unknowingly from past lives, and are contracts we are no longer obligated to fulfill. This is where you can revoke a soul contract.

The vast majority of us are, and have been, bound by soul contracts on the personal, cultural, societal and even global level. Much of the time, these contracts are causing us pain, suffering, relationship trouble, oppression, lack of abundance and much more.

When we revoke a contract, we renounce, retract, annul and erase the contracts that have kept us in bondage. What are we renouncing? The idea that we were ever anything less than divine. And we are revoking all of the fear that has blocked us from moving freely into our best life.

I have done soul contract revocations with people all over the world, and one thing that is a common theme when contracts are revoked is a huge sense of RELIEF AND FREEDOM. The shackles are literally removed, and it can be deeply felt within the body.

These contract revocations are a way to break free from the energetic chains of the past, present and future that have been knowingly and unknowingly created. They are tools to reclaim your strength as a free willed being of the Universe with full autonomy. This releases the hold a contract has on your thinking and allows you to be a much more conscious multi­dimensional being.

Journeying to your own chamber of contracts is a powerful tool to examine and revoke contracts specific to yourself. But you can also revoke oppressive contracts that are more general in nature, by using your voice to state revocation decrees. 
Here is a Divine Feminine Decree to Revoke Harmful Contracts against all women:

I call to all spiritual contracts in existence, related to the Divine Feminine: past, present and future, existing in this dimension, and all others, above and below.

I call forth a unified spiritual court of equity so I may be given resolution with all contracts that create harm.

I revoke all spiritual contracts with any and all religions, cultures, belief systems and industries that dominate and control the divine feminine power in our world and create an energetic imbalance that effects every man woman and child on the planet.

I hereby revoke contracts of all religions and cultural belief systems that place the feminine in a position of inequality. These include unequal pay, the inability for a woman to earn a living, own a business, own land, or receive education.

I hereby revoke associations with social systems that have been put in place to make women feel we are too emotional, out of control, unstable or insignificant.

I hereby revoke all contracts of cultural belief systems where female children are genitally mutilated as a supposed “right of passage”, sold into a billion dollar child pornography industry, or trafficked as sex slaves.

I hereby revoke all contracts that energetically cause harm to all women from the porn industry that has been the breeding ground for perversion spiritual contracts that cause the exploitation, degradation, and victimization of the divine feminine power.

I hereby revoke all contracts that are targeted at separating a woman from her divine feminine power.

I reconnect all of my DNA strands to that of the heartbeat of Earth mother.

I call for this reading of my freewill to be entered into the Akashic record for all sentient beings.