Who IS the wild woman? We hear so much about her, about finding and embracing her. But where do we look? So many women tell me they are not accepted by their peer groups when their wild woman makes an appearance. Others say they tried the "wild woman thing" and it led them to a self destructive path. Others have said they truly don't even know what it means. They've read whole books about it, but it all seems so far removed from who they believe they are. Sometimes they wonder, is it ok? Will I be judged? Does wild mean drinking, wearing short skirts, having wild sex? Really... What DOES it ever mean? And at the end if the day, is it important? Or is it just another new age fad? Is this whole Wild Woman idea just a farce?

In working with my LifePath women we often journey to that part of ourselves. 
We look at WHO is in there in her free, untethered beauty. 
We look at what she has to show us. What she has to say. 
How she wants to be acknowledged.

I say to all women, we all have so many aspects that live within us. But to reach them, especially the aspects that are buried deep under the cultural programming, takes a major excavation.

We must dig through the lies of the patriarchy. We must cast off the revisions to our story telling us that only a "virgin" could be honorable enough to birth a savior.... telling us that our worth is dependent on our relationship to a male... telling us that our sexuality is dark, our wildness must be subdued, our lives must be reverent to the male... that our that our ROLES are DEFINED!!!!!

Embracing our WHOLENESS is what matters. The beauty is that there IS no defined role, only the role YOU move with in authenticity. The Yin/Feminine aspects are soft, yielding, nurturing, and the Masculine/Yang aspects are steady, rooted, firm. But guess what, WE ARE THE CONTAINER FOR BOTH DIVINE FEMININE AND MASCULINE!

ALL sides of you are beautiful.

If you want to be a soft, feminine, nurturing mother that's beautiful!
If you want to be a tough money-making negotiator in the boardroom, that's beautiful! 
If you want to embrace your sexuality in a way that is bold, outward and visible, that's beautiful!
If you want to embrace your sexuality in a way that is subdued, quiet and not visible, that's beautiful! 
And if, like some of us, you have been ALL OF THOSE, that is BEAUTIFUL!

The best gift we can give to ourselves is to honor our own wild women - whatever that means to us. AND honor the manifestation of the wild woman in ALL other women.

Hold the judgment of yourself and others. Relax. 
Let go of the insecurities that bubble to the surface when a woman boldly embraces her sexuality. 
Let go of the judgment that comes when a woman is getting a divorce, has a new boyfriend, has a new girlfriend, gets a tattoo, shaves her head, takes a belly dancing class, buys a pair of sky high heels, wears makeup, DOESN'T wear makeup!!! Look within to see the messages waiting for YOU about embracing yourself fully and with authenticity. 🐬 Liana