Any time you are going through deep inner transformations, you may be in the process of uncovering your deepest unique gifts to be shared with the world. You may be in the process of BECOMING who you are in your most authentic light. Sometimes the unveiling, as I often refer to it, means that you are undergoing an intense period of dismantling, undoing, healing and changing. Along the way on this journey you will also have to contend with the chaos and instability of the outside world. But this is a reminder to stay connected to your heart as you move forward, and JOY is the path to your heart.

It is soul-satisfying when you schedule in time for joy, laughter, fun and play.

What does fun look like for you? Do you find fun and play in riding your bike, floating on the waves in the ocean, finger painting messy style just to be childlike and blissful? Is it fun for you to ride rollercoasters, do cartwheels in the grass, or laugh at sophomoric comedies? Whatever joy looks like for you, now is the time to schedule it in and make it priority. Joy will help your outer life be transformed by what is going on within.

The photo of dolphins was taken by me during one of my own "joy therapy days" swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean. For me, nothing feels as magical and joyful as jumping into 800 feet of deep blue and floating while dolphins swim around me, under me, next to me, sharing their playful natures. My family and I get our dolphin joy therapy as often as possible for our dose of dolphin medicine.

So What is Dolphin Medicine?

Medicine is anything that puts us in touch with the Oneness, God, the Great Spirit, connection to all life. Medicine on the spiritual path can come from Plant Spirit Medicine, Tea Medicine, Yoga Medicine, Art Medicine, Sound Healing Medicine, and of course the medicine of the animals that inhabit the planet with us (among many other kinds of medicine). When you listen deeply to life, life is always providing you with exactly what you need.

Dolphin medicine helps us bridge the 3d world with our spirits through play, fun, and pure joy. As mammals living in water, Dolphins inhabit two worlds, the world of air and the world of water and so they help us to merge our authentic inner world with our outer manifestation.

Sending you lots of love and joy today, and REMEMBER, you deserve love, happiness, joy, abundance and a truly passionate life. ~ Liana