A prayer of healing for all women.

May LOVE of the Divine Mother embrace your heart in warmth,

May you be open to receiving the gift of LOVE to cleanse your wounds,

May the Divine Mother hold you tenderly in her arms, where you shall receive comfort, protection and peace,

May you forgive all mothers, sisters, and grandmothers who have harmed you...their pain was unbearable.

May you release all guilt and shame you carry as a woman, a girl, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend.

May you find strength to claim your freedom from oppression and abuse - both mental and physical.

May you experience love for yourself deep within your heart, a LOVE so beautiful that you see that all you need, you already ARE.

May the never ending LOVE of the Divine Mother give you wings with which to fly, soar, and reach your highest path.

May you always feel the LOVE of the Divine Mother embracing your inner child, now and forever.

You are LOVE. You are LOVED.