There seem to be two schools of thought about anger. One is a school of thought that promotes the false "everything is perfect" mantra, replete with overtly glossy positivisms. The other school is that which says anger is good and you should embrace it. These teachers love anger, of course, because anger is one of the egos most comforting tools. It feels great to the ego to have something or someone to be angry at.

One example close to my heart is the groups of "angry vegans". I think that's a perfect example because I've been vegan for 25 years and 25 years ago, I was angry at the people who didn't see the pain they were causing animals.

I was also angry at politicians who start wars, child abusers, and a society which to me, seemed largely apathetic to social justice. I was angry at the Chinese government for taking over Tibet and destroying their culture, I was angry at intolerance, racism, sexism, and religious persecution and lies.

My ego deceived me into thinking anger was empowerment. My ego was deathly afraid that surrendering to total love, and premising my actions on love, was inefficient, fake, and weak.

And, at that time in my life, my ego was unhealed. My ego still believed that the acts of others were important enough to arouse anger in me, rather than to see that it is from their painful wounds that they are operating from.

Today a quick browse on Facebook and you see a culture of anger. A culture intravenously injecting the drug of ego every time there might be an opportunity to look within and heal instead. Every time a surrender to love feels threatening and fearful. Every time the ego lies to you and tells you that if you let go of anger, you'll disappear. Then there are the people who secretly project anger towards others while on the outside posting things about love and light. But here's the GREAT news, when YOU stay in a place of love and compassion, and surround yourself with a massive energy field of Christ Light of Protection, it acts like a wall. A very bouncy wall. Any anger, (or envy, or any other of the demons) bounces back DIRECTLY towards that person tenfold, energetically speaking.

Try it, and you will soon SEE exactly what I am talking about. Love energy is THE most powerful energy in the world. So it really doesn't matter what someone is doing, or projecting towards you, even if it is behind the scenes and in their mind. You don't even have to know about it. But the Universe does. Energy certainly does, and the laws of energy do not allow dark energy to attach to you when you remain in LIGHT and particularly purified source energy light from the causal plane, generated by Christ Consciousness.

It is important to understand that underlying all anger is fear.  That's not to say that you won't ever have anger or that you shouldn't. Short experiences of anger are a normal human emotion. But the key is to release it, ask for transformation of the ego into understanding, so you can release it and look at the real issue, fear. When anger lasts and lasts for days (or for some people months or even years) it is the ego's fear that we are not in control. The ego's fear that things are so out of our control that we don't know how we can stand and be strong, in love.

When you are disempowered, it is hard to find a source of strength that isn't being fed by anger. That's how the ego deceives you into believing anger is empowering. People feel righteous in their anger. But on the energy frequency scale, anger is very low on the scale of emotions, even below fear (which is incredibly low). Love is a frequency near the top of the scale, with only unconditional love, faith, gratitude and joy being above it (in that order, joy being the highest). So people don't even realize how much they are damaging their own lives by staying in those lower frequency energies.

When you see things in the world you don't like, first, start with yourself. Heal your own wounds. That is THE best gift you can give humanity. Then, take it outside WHEN YOU ARE DONE HEALING YOURSELF (because you will always bring your wounds with you to any situation until you heal them).

Be strong, use your humanity to work for change, educate, teach, stop whaling, global warming, factory farming, child abuse, racism, sexism. But those things will never heal with anger. The anger reverberates out into the world and as energy, creates more pain. To change the planet for real, to move away from war, pain and suffering, we must premise our acts on love.

But don't mistake love for illusion. Love isn't always syrupy sticky sweet.

Anyone who is a parent that unconditionally loves their children, knows that sometimes love is firm, has strong boundaries, has no attachment, no expectation of outcome, and sometimes love means speaking or listening to a truth that isn't fun to hear. But love is never angry.

If you unconditionally love your children, it's impossible to be angry at them. To be angry at them implies that they've done something that didn't meet your expectations. And expectations have no place in unconditional love.

If your two year old paints nail polish on the wall, you might be frustrated because now you have to redo the wall, but if you unconditionally love, you're not angry.

If you're angry, it's because you expected your two year old would not put nail polish on the wall. You can choose to teach her and explain to her why nail polish on the wall is not a practice you engage in at your home, but you're still not angry.

Your teenager may drop her iPhone onto the driveway and crack the screen two days after you bought it, but you're not angry. Angry implies you had an expectation she would not drop it. Perhaps you won't pay for a new one, but you're not angry.

On the opposite end, to pretend everything is perfect, and that it is "not real" if it is not perfect, is a delusion of epic proportions. To be existing in this incarnation as a human living in the 3D world, comes with the responsibility to use our humanity in a way that creates more love. Not in a way that pretends it's perfect. That's the delusion that causes others to look away from pain and suffering of others. The delusion that keeps you from actually doing something about the suffering on this planet.

These myths of delusion perpetuated in new age teachings that "spiritually bypass" real growth.

Clarity about anger requires an understanding that anger is a "normal" human emotion, one that is always covering underlying fear. "Normal", because it is a shared human experience. One which all humans have, at one time or another, experienced. But normal doesn't serve as the guidepost for our evolution.

Normal merely reflects status quo.

During a true healing process, like that Castaneda speaks of, anger generally must be felt and expressed appropriately. And then, it must be purged, released, and let go.

Anger keeps the inner child painfully locked in solitary confinement. Locked in a place where only ego holds the key.

But ultimately, we are to Love Others as we Love Ourselves. And, act accordingly.
This never means lay down and play dead.
This never means accept injustice. This never means allowing harm to come to yourself or others.

Once the ego extremes of anger or plastic positivity are healed, Love guides you. Sometimes it will guide you to be forceful like a tornado. Sometimes it will guide you to float on a stream. Sometimes it will guide you to fly high like the eagle, other times guide you to patiently wait for the right time. Sometimes it will guide you to gently soothe and comfort. Other times it will guide you to walk away. 💜 Liana