Have you worked with Hooponopono, the Hawaiian method of forgiveness and healing? If not, I HIGHLY recommend reading "Zero Limits" by Hew Len Ihaleakala. My husband and I studied Hooponopono from Dr. Len here in Hawaii, and it profoundly changed our lives.

Dr. Len worked at Hawaii State Hospital for 4 years, where there was a ward for the criminally insane. A dangerous ward where psychologists quit on a regular basis. Dr. Len NEVER SAW PATIENTS.

He agreed to review their files in an office, and while he did that, he would work HIMSELF. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal. By heal I mean, people who were shackled could walk free. Heavily medicated patients got off all medications. The patients were all released and the ward closed. Permanently.

Dr. Len said "I was simply healing the part of me that created them." He explains that total responsibility for our lives means that EVERYTHING in your life is your responsibility. That's a tough one for most people to swallow.

It's one thing to be responsible for what WE say and do. But others? Keep in mind, responsibility is not blame, you're not "blaming yourself", but more importantly, you're not blaming anyone else either.

This literally means that: terrorist activity, the president, presidential candidates, the economy, crime, ANYTHING you experience and DO NOT LIKE is up for YOU to heal.

It is, I admit, a very deep and profound healing system that requires a lot of spiritual maturity. FULL responsibility is not something many people are going around doing.

But I can assure you, having traveled the world, studied theology, philosophy, learned healing systems of mind, body and spirit from around the world, being a plant medicine carrier and leading people on shamanic journeys, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING has the power to transform you and your world like Hooponopono.

A lot of journeying and wound healing often has to take place BEFORE someone can get you to a place where you can love yourself enough to LIVE Hooponopono, not just say the words.

There is quite an in depth practice that goes far beyond the "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, thank you." But that's a great place to start! ❤️ Liana