The “Goddess” movement is in full force today. There is so much talk of Goddess circles, Goddess retreats, Goddess empowerment. Everyone loves the Goddess! As we should. But this “movement” is a house of cards, ready to collapse. Why? Because like in all of life there must be balance, there must be both yin and yang. The extreme polarity in a lot of the Goddess movement is disempowering women in ways that are subtle and insidious.

I’ve had this discussion with many women who say “the male domination is so out of control on the planet.” But, truly, what we see on this planet is a complete decimation of BOTH the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine. The violence, war, abuse, aggression, and materialism is not the DIVINE Male. It is the utter and complete lack thereof. It is a violent torrent of power based on one thing: fear. Fear that there is not enough. Fear of the feminine power of creation – literally the power to BIRTH NEW LIFE into being. Fear of being left behind. Fear of not having control.

Rarely do we hear much about healing the Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine lives within us all – male and female – and it too is wounded. Without it, the shadow male is brute force, unbalanced, ungraceful, dangerous, and unable to meet the feminine on any level.

The current incarnation of the Goddess movement has boxed itself in so deep, that it is avoiding engagement with the divine masculine.

The Divine Masculine is not being invited to the conversation.

In exploring the depths of our Divine Feminine feminine, including the rich fertile soil of our creativity, we NEED the strength of the masculine energy that supports us in accessing the depths of our moon side. The Divine Masculine is our critical thinking left brain that gives us the ability to discern all that lives within the beautiful depths of our creative energy.

Accessing and freeing our Goddess energy does not mean that we need to abandon all analytical thinking, it means our Goddess can be fully equal and balanced with our Divine Male. It doesn’t mean we stop engaging with the Divine Masculine within ourselves, or that we stop engaging with men.

I know from working with men, that many of them feel they are simply not being acknowledged. And just like a child, when someone is not being acknowledged, it lashes out.

As a woman who grew up with an incredibly empowered father who was fully rooted in both his Divine Masculine and Feminine, I witnessed first hand the true beauty of a fully empowered male, and how that Divine Masculine principle worked within my own soul. My father showed me a healed masculine that could cry rivers of tears and show true emotion, care for his aging mother until her death, and adopt countless dogs and cats from a nearby animal shelter from his deep space of Divine Feminine compassion. A male who could listen for hours to anyone who needed to be heard.

At the same time, he never lost sight of his role as a stabilizing, grounding, strong male who was a provider, a protector and a supporter in many different ways. A provider of love, of wisdom, of resources, of stability. He understood deeply the strength of his daughters, and told us at very young ages that the power within a woman to birth things to life was a power unmatched by any other force on earth.

He got it. He didn’t need to prove power with force, violence, aggression, or anger. He not only told us that violence was the ultimate weakness, he showed us. His power was so strong that anyone in his presence could feel it. His energy is as powerful, stable and supportive as the Oak Tree: protector, provider, benevolent king of the trees. Healing, grounded, focused, brave, present, and prosperous.

Today, not only women are suffering from losing touch with their Divine Masculine, but men and boys are suffering greatly from the millenia of misuse of male power and complete loss of connection with the Divine Masculine. Most men and boys today are left completely in the dark and have no understanding of what Divine Masculine even looks like.
What can we do about it?

Love and acknowledge our own Divine Masculine within, and allow ourselves to love the Divine Masculine in the men in our lives. Show them that our Feminine power is not trying to threaten their existence. Validate them. Validate our sons. Empower their Divine Masculine by empowering them to embrace true strength. Show them how their role is vital, and how union of masculine and feminine is possible. As embodiments of the Divine Feminine, women, we have the ability to nurture masculinity.

Hold them, hug them, give them the compassion of Tara. Show them that we are safe. Teach mothers how to nurture their sons with as much softness and beauty as we nurture our daughters. Stop telling boys to “be a man”. Don’t tell boys to “stop crying”.

As women, our first step is to heal the wounds of the womb and rise above our “wounded feminine” stories so we no longer need rescuing. We can engage our inner Divine Masculine to provide order and structure to our life and world, in order to give our creativity momentum and action.

Simultaneously, we can fully embody our feminine radiance and magnificence, bringing us into full resonance with males who are living their truth, following their passion and living the life they deeply desire rather than the roles they have been forced to play by society.