Sometimes in life, situations come to you that are disturbing, difficult, and seem to make no sense. Sometimes you are being asked to walk through something that gives you stress, anxiety and pain. There are those times when you may feel very confused, truly grasping for the 'meaning' of why something is happening to you. But usually if you look closer, you will get a glimpse of an understanding, or a message. When you are living a life of true integrity, you will undoubtedly be given answers.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the midst of old themes that have come up in order to reveal to us the things that need to be cleared. They are the things that blindside us where we say "Seriously? Is this a joke?" Yep. Those things, And no, they are not a cosmic joke. But what they are is something to be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for. I know what you're thinking, be grateful for people causing BS in your life? Grateful for people who are seeking to cause you trouble? Be grateful for difficult challenging situations?

Well, actually, yes, grateful. Bear with me :)

For me, as well as for many of my clients, many of the things that are circling back around are about ALWAYS trusting gut instinct and relying on it, especially when it comes to the people in your life, be they friends, business associates, your dentist, your doctor, or anyone else involved in any way in your life. We get signs. If we ignore them, because we are too tired, too stressed out, too focused on other things, we get more signs. We may question the signs, leaning in a bit to the guidance in our intuition, but our brain can easily be talked out of listening to our gut. I know, I've done it. I've had those "feelings" that something wasn't right, someone was awry, but, over-rode those intuitive flashes because it was too stressful to go deeper into what the messages might mean. It was more "logical" to put trust in people given certain responsibilities.

Don't get me wrong. Trust is a GREAT thing. My parents raised me to always be a trusting person, and to trust everyone first, don't be a skeptic, don't be a pessimist, don't look for the worst in people, look for the best. I am still that person, and I will be until the day I take my last breath. I would rather get burned a few times in life because I am trusting, than be a miserable person who sees no beauty in trust and faith in others. But I will say, as things are reappearing in 2016, this final year of completion, the situations causing the most challenges for me are born out of having ignored my intuition. Trust, yes, but blind trust, no.

Trust becomes blind when you ignore those intuitive flashes of "hmmmm". Even if you're not sure why you feel the's still a hmmmm that you should pray and meditate about. Sometimes, we are not in a mental, emotional, or physical place where we CAN delve deeply into the hmmmm's we experience. And that's ok too. We can only do what we can do at the time we are doing it. Sometimes, our body, mind and spirit aren't strong enough to pursue every single hmmm...forgive yourself. And sometimes, long after we have already learned the lesson, we still have the residual effects to deal with.

I have learned such a powerful and much needed lesson that I am eternally grateful for and hope to share with you. I can absolutely, undoubtedly say, that every morning and every evening, I am offering thanks to God for the challenging "seriously?" situations. They have made me understand on a visceral level how the most important person to trust, is myself. Still trust, still be open, still be optimistic about humanity. But trust yourself above all others. Listen to your intuition. Pursue and check into those little nagging feelings in your gut that tell you that something might be off.

When you trust yourself fully, you will always remain on the highest path, and will be able to avoid the "seriously" situations. Try it for yourself ;) Liana