My message today is one of encouraging you to use your heart for discernment. Here is what I mean by that. There are so many people out there with methods, processes, books, websites, blogs, and teachings. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, sometimes it can be hard to know what is a true teaching, and who is a true teacher, and what is false. Discernment is particularly challenging if we haven't done ego work yet, because ego sometimes tries to keep you away from the teachers and teachings you need the most, and it will have you gravitate towards the ones who will validate your CURRENT paradigm rather than lead you to your highest version of yourself. But if you can connect with your heartspace, and FEEL when something resonates, that is when you are on to something...even if that something is very uncomfortable and perhaps even a little scary or difficult.

One helpful tool to use in discernment is to watch for anyone who claims to be "the only person" who has a particular gift or skill.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, each one with a gift. Yes, we are all unique, but there is not one person alive who is the "only" one with special gifts. When people say that, it is their ego. And that should make you run for the hills. In the realm of health and wellness, a friend recently told me of an intuitive who says that many diseases women are suffering today comes from one particular virus...and that one spirit in particular has told him this and 'no one but him' knows it yet. He proclaims this virus is the cause of autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and many others. However, as a medical intuitive myself, I know this to be false. Yes, the virus exists. But having seen the root causes of autoimmune in many of my own clients over the years, there are many different reasons on each level of mind/body and spirit that cause someone to become burdened with an autoimmune disease. I know that other medical intuitives see this too not just me. In fact, several that I have worked with have also had their own experiences of "seeing" different causes, often times 100% emotional, not viral. But if this virus information resonates with YOU, in your HEART and you take steps to remove this virus, and you heal, then wonderful. You have found your path.

This person also recommends eating fruit to heal candida, when for a large percentage of women, the sugars in fruit feed and encourage the growth of candida. As much as I personally love fruit and eat lots of it today, I was unable to heal my own candida even eating small amounts. I fully healed after removing all sugars for a 10 month period and following a powerful protocol. Am I saying that "no one" can ever heal candida by eating fruit? No. Because it would be impossible to know every anomaly, every iteration of a human body, and every mode of healing. I do know, that for a large percentage of people, sugar and candida do not work and I personally have yet to meet even one person who truly had candida overgrowth, who healed it with fruit.

Reflect upon any information or advice given to you in the mirror of your heart. Is there resonance? Do you feel the "yes" to this information, does it pull you towards it?

In the spiritual realm, be aware that there are many different "sources" of information, and many who are able to obtain "psychic" information or who are "channels", may be getting information from entities on the astral plane which are lost and confused souls, and sometimes, not peaceful or loving. They are providing glimpses of psychic information merely to empower the person, so that the entity itself can gain a life-force. The person gains insight others don't have - so it appears to be a win win. But the concern with that is this - only a psychic/channeler/intuitive/shaman who has not fully healed their ego and their wounds will allow such information into their field. Once you have healed your own shadow, you place barriers to anything that comes in from the astral plane. It's like a 10 lane highway of lost, confused souls unable to find their connection to light. They are not helpful in the long run, and can cause incredible difficulties for the people who work with these entities. I have sadly, seen several channels, psychics and even shaman, whose lives took very bad turns for the worse in very real terms: extreme physical sickness/ailments and hospitalizations, financial ruin, and many other quite serious concerns.

So my message is this. Your HEART is connected to love, light and truth at all times. It is vital to learn how to connect with and listen to your heart, and have your HEART sync up with your BRAIN so that the discernment becomes natural for you. Begin to learn to trust your heart - it KNOWS. And remember though, your heart is not emotional. Your heart and your emotions are two different things. Emotions are up and down, in and out, as they should be. But they are not a reliable compass. Your heart is. When something resonates with you, it is that sense of inner knowing on a very visceral level. Often, you won't have a "why" you know something resonates, but you just know that it does. That is where discernment lives and it will lead you to YOUR happiest most fulfilling life.