No Matter How Stacked Against You , The Cards of Fortune, There Is A Liberating Law In The Universe, And You Can Become The Highest Of The High, The Wisest Of The Wise.  SriAurobindo

Your subconscious is always working for you. But it is important for you to remember that the same power that brings you good fortune brings you bad fortune and it does so according to how you use it. The only reason it brings so little good fortune to the great majority of people is that they do not know it exists, or they do but they use it the wrong way.

The truth of who they are is locked into the subconscious mind, and thus for most people, their lives are unfold according to these conceptions.

Sri Aurobindo gives a perfect example of the boy born during wartime. His father dies in battle. His mother is left poor and raising her 5 children. Said boy begins working to help the family survive. Boy continues at his job as a laborer. He believed he was unable to do anything else, seeing "fate" as his unfortunate life. He harbored resentment towards his mother for his life as he got older. When he was forty-two, he developed a brain tumor and spent the latter years of his life bedridden, only to die at 48.

Aurobindo asks, does this sound like a free soul expanding into conscious cosmic power?

No. Yet this boy was using the EXACT same power as Einstein, Buddha, Michelangelo, Jesus, you and me.

This boy believed he was a "victim" of circumstance. So even when the circumstance changed, he did not find a method to separate from his subconscious programs. He stored away a deep resentment towards his mother until it grew within him, in the form of a tumor. This happens. Every day.

These principles are NOT new. They are ancient. They are not based in new age airy-fairy prose. They are not based in mere "positive thinking". They are based in the science of reality, the truth of energy, the power of the mind once you are able to harness that power on an energetic level.