To see peace, we have to be peace, starting within our own hearts, and then all of the people closest to us, and only then can that peace radiate outward. What does it mean to peaceful within your own heart, and with those close to us? We can all see the lack of peace in so much of the violence in the media, and many people feel helpless and feel like there's nothing we can do. But there is, if we can BE peace.

Do we see where we are not peace? Do we see the lack of peace when we gossip about the neighbor? Do we see the lack of peace when we judge ourselves as unworthy? Do we see the lack of peace when we take substances into our body that harm us? Do we see the lack of peace when we look for ways to divide people? The way to see peace in our world is to BE it.

With 7 billion people on this planet - imagine if everyone stopped projecting our shadows onto the BIG incidents of hatred, violence, and oppression, and we turned the focus inward to ferret out all of the ways we are not peace. And instead of sinking into despair every time we heard of another attack or act of violence, we found one more area where we are not peace. Maybe it is being intentionally critical of a spouse, maybe it's smoking cancerous cigarettes, maybe it's judging someone based on their appearance. And then, imagine if we all used our light to bring peace to those areas of non-peace. Our world would immediately transform. There would be such an avalanche of peace that the remaining outliers would dissolve. The laws of physics dictates that energy flows where attention goes.... so the power of love and peace would wash over humanity like a global tidal wave. Imagine it, because it is real.🌈 LS