Health and wellness is so all-encompassing for me personally, and I have been a lifelong student of the vast array of healing modalities available to us on this amazing planet. I have spent a large amount of time teaching my children crystal grids, and the grids they have done have created some truly profound healing shifts.

Do you use crystals for healing, manifesting, learning and expansion of mind and body health?

One powerful stone that every home should have is citrine. Most people are familiar with citrine as the "abundance stone" or "stone of success" for manifesting or abundance. But did you know that citrine is an incredibly powerful solar plexus chakra stone used to help anchor in personal power and strength?

In the nutritional aspect, it could be used to help strengthen your resolve to work with a new eating plan or healthy eating style. For this purpose, you would want to have citrine on or near your kitchen table, and perhaps another one in the kitchen.

Because citrine is a powerful solar plexus stone, and the solar plexus is directly related to digestive health, citrine is a perfect stone to wear or work with if you are focused on healing digestion, stomach, kidney, liver, or even circulatory system issues. Citrine can be helpful to work with during a cleanse also as it can help with overcoming addictions.

The bonus with citrine is that it also helps to clear negative energy from your environment. It's important whenever you purchase or receive new crystals to cleanse and clear them. My preferred method is to rinse them in pure spring water (certain stones like malachite, selenite and others should not get wet), and then charge them in the fullness of the daytime sun, and if possible, the full or new moon as well (depending on your intentions).

Don't be intimidated by crystals. They are of the earth, here as healing helpers for our journey.