You are worthy in all of your light and shadows. We often try to hide or deny our shadows, fearing that no one will love us if they see our flaws. If we are unable to live authentic and whole, we attract people in our lives who only want to be there when we are at our best. They have an expectation that we should be at our best because it makes them feel good. It's the only thing we "showed" them. When they don't feel good, they project that it is somehow your fault. Otherwise known as blame. That's often the time when relationships begin to breakdown.

Have you ever stopped to think why so many couples go through a "honeymoon" phase where love is passionate, intense and euphoric, but then it soon turns to disappointment, resentment, lack of passion, and passive-aggressiveness? It's because most couples form from their wounds. Each is subconsciously seeking the partner that carries a similar energy to either a mother or father, so that they can "recreate" childhood and finally get what they didn't get as children: unconditional love. And when it doesn't happen, they blame the partner for all their "faults", and often seek a new person who can make them "feel good." The cycle continues.

But when you understand that the truth of who you are is unchangeable, and beautiful in both your light and shadows, you will be free to live as your authentic self. In that place, you will attract other authentic people who love you for who you ARE. You will form intimate relationships that will not only maintain passion, connection, joy, support and excitement, but it will actually increase over time . Even through raising children, illness, and the ups and downs of what we call life. ❤️ Liana