"The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you live." ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

The more of your own light you embrace, the more authentic you become. And the more authentic you become the more authentic and light-filled people you will find in your world. You will resonate with them and they with you. You will mutually support, uplift and add joy, strength, peace and love to each others lives. This is an incredible blessing and something to rejoice over.

But what is not as apparent is that the more authentic you become and the more of your own light you embrace, you will have far less of the in-authentic people who hide from their own light. Your friend group, peer group, even clients and work acquaintances will change. For some people this can be painful. It is as Nisargadatta says - dangerous to seek Reality because it will destroy the world in which you have previously existed. Not "may" destroy. Will.

It sounds scary I know. But when you understand why, you feel immense gratitude for the Divine and how she works.

I had a great conversation with a friend today on this very phenomena - when she noticed that a past "friend" on social media had silently "unfriended" her. My friend wasn't upset at all actually. Not sad, not worried, obviously not even concerned because she happened to realize it today by accident. It just made for a beautiful conversation about the truth of when your own light becomes brighter, it reaches a point where it is so bright that anyone near you who is not standing in their own light will have to push away. They must. It is not their choice. They may feel like it is a choice, but they are moved to that act by the hands of the Divine so that they are resonating only in their own level of vibration and to help clear yours so that you will resonate with your level of vibration. When you are "high vibing" this is awesome! :) 

Remember like attracts like. That is a universal law that neither you nor I nor anyone can change.

Those who choose to run from their light are only permitted to be around those whose light is also hidden, denied and ignored. A person who is not ready, willing and able to fully walk into their authenticity cannot possibly be in your light for too long if you are in fact walking in your authenticity.

It is not their fault, truly. It is simply a matter of survival. It is too painful for them because you are a constant reminder of their pain, their wounding, and most importantly - their denial. It is necessary for them to run back to the originators who supported the dysfunction and the darkness, as that is where they now resonate. You cannot change that. You will see evidence of this when you see someone outwardly exclaim love and happiness for a relationship that has long been dying and dysfunctional, or make exalted proclamations of love on mother's day for a mother who had spent her life being emotionally unavailable causing pain and severe wounding, or post "happy couple" photos in a relationship marred with co-dependency and lack of passion, or glowing reviews of the alcoholic brother in law. It seems so bizarre when you see that happen, but in truth, it's not. And here's why.

It is challenging for some people to be truly who they are in person, in public, and in their own mind with God. One person, all the time. The public proclamations are a desperate attempt to convince the outside world that things are good. These attempts are effective among others who are doing the same thing. But for you who are embracing your own light and authenticity - you will see right through them. They will be as transparent as clear glass. Once this person knows you "see" her, that is when she/he will run from you (or you from them if their energy is very dark).

But if you look through eyes of compassion for why they are hiding from their light, you will see that where they are at right now requires them to re-establish the bonds of oppression. If someone peeks at the light but then runs back to the dark, they must quickly re-connect with all that kept them in the dark to begin with. They must get 'back in' to the energy of those people who didn't support their growth, those who played a vital role in the dysfunctional patterns that they are going back to. This is pure survival. Send them your loving energy and offer gratitude to Goddess for moving these energies out of your space. 

Did you see the movie Divergent? We watched it for the first time with our teenage daughter and a group of her friends last week. We had such awesome conversations about it when it was over, mostly about how it vividly provided a great example of EXACTLY this phenomena we are speaking about. If you haven't seen it and want to: spoiler alert. Skip to the next paragraph! In the movie, the main character is a person who is "divergent" - meaning someone who cannot conform. She is fully authentic, and she chooses to join a faction called "Dauntless". This choice goes against the community that she was raised in and part of. This was a sure act of authenticity on her part, one that made her family unhappy. But she is so fully authentic that even in Dauntless, she cannot be fully accepted because she still seeks her highest light. She has someone close to her who is also divergent but is afraid (her boyfriend). But once she begins to embrace her truth, he begins to embrace his. That is how resonance works - light attracts more light. Meanwhile everyone else keeps warning her that she is crazy, she will be killed, she must remain silent, that she cannot do this. They urge her to run back to the safety of the old, or she will be "factionless". She doesn't fear. She has an inner knowing, that even if every existing being on earth was scared into conformity by threat of being factionless, she would rather be dead than a traitor to her own light. But eventually? More come forward with their own light. Her courage sparked the light in others who were also, Divergent. 

What a poignant statement on the Universal Law that we are talking about here. For you who are embracing your light more and more fully and moving into your authenticity, you too will be guided by the hands of the Divine to 'unfriend', delete, unfollow, and stop communications with those whose path has taken a turn for the dark. You will leave the old archaic "faction" that has kept you dark. In the most basic bioenergetic terms - you simply no longer energetically resonate. You will be guided to those who carry light in a powerful way, that can ignite more light within you. It may be tempting to stick around in hopes that others increase their light - but it is healthier to let it go. If they do in fact increase their light you will hear from them again at some point down the road.

I always recommend that you ask yourself, am I EXACTLY where I want to be in my life? Literally and figuratively. Then look around you at your relationships - marriage, partnership, friendship, business, clients, even acquaintances, all of it ... and you will see that perhaps without even realizing it, you are surrounded by people resonating in your frequencies. And when you move higher in your frequency levels, many of the current people will be gone. Likewise, if you move to a lower frequency in an attempt to avoid your light, many of the current people will be gone.

The old saying that "you are like the 5 people you spend the most time with" is a simplified version of this universal law.

Looking around at my own life, my family, my friends and the current clients I work with, I have extreme gratitude that the Universal law has brought into my life the resonance of light that I have put out into the world...and it is beautiful. In my current energy field, every single person in it is a person who I have tremendous joy and gratitude to Goddess for. I am surrounded by loving, authentic, light-filled, generous, real and grounded people. This is a true magnificent gift from Goddess, and it is possible for everyone. <3 LS