In the past week, I have seen a number of absolutely 'miraculous' events happen to some people who are very close to me. Resolutions to long term difficult situations, agreement and cooperation within challenging relationships, the almost immediate sale of a home that needed to be sold, a radical change in a serious health condition as confirmed by a brain scan four days ago, two healthy pregnancies for women who were previously told they were infertile and would need IVF (neither did), the healing of a mother-child wound, and an unexpected windfall of prosperity. That is not to mention, incredible soul-awakening, empowerment, finding strength from within, not settling in life for anything less that what they deserve, new businesses, new visions, new futures. So many amazing, beautiful, happy, joyful, wonderful and beautiful things are happening all around me to the people that I communicate with regularly that I chose to spend almost all day just offering complete and utter gratitude to Goddess. The beauty, love and support we receive from the Goddess overwhelms me with gratitude, and today, brings me to my knees in thanksgiving.

I share this because after being fully immersed in all of what has been happening, I looked at the common thread that connects all of these amazing people, and it boils down to one word: surrender. I talk about it a lot. Daily actually. To clients, friends, my own children, and often in my blog posts. With all of the people I refer to above, surrender has been a topic of discussion too many times to count. In personal conversations, LifePath, past life journeys, energy sessions or even in casual chats. But before you get to surrender, you have to have total faith and trust. My message is always the same: trust Goddess 100%. Not 50% and think that you can handle the other 50%. You serve either the Divine or yourself. We just simply can't have it both ways. But no one can make you surrender. That's always a solo job.

When you have total faith and trust that the Universe has your back and that you are just as deserving of greatness in your life as anyone else (even if you are not yet at the point of fully loving yourself), that allows you to surrender. You can surrender your stories, your pain, your clinginess to the old archaic beliefs, and ultimately, you can begin to surrender your ego. If you can't surrender to the Divine, it means you don't really believe you will be guided and taken to your highest path. So you stay on a lower path in fear and doubt. But your highest path can never appear without great surrender. On the shamanic path, there is no option. It is a life of total trust, faith and constant daily surrender. The Goddess, she is swift to shake her cosmic strainer, preventing those who are ready to surrender, from falling through the holes.

Patience has also been a common thread in all of the people I mention. It can be hard to have patience when you are surrendering, making changes, actively doing things differently, but you still don't see the fruits of your labor. Throughout this year I would tell my students and clients, "hold is always all in Goddess' timing, not our own". That's so challenging, especially when the ego gets impatient and says "nope, I tried this for a whole month and nothing's happening. Time to run back to safety". That is where universal doors close. They don't close because you are not deserving of openess and incredible beautiful opportunity, but they close because you are choosing a dead end.

There is no point in the universe opening doors for us when we are not willing to walk through them.

Ultimately this year has been so magnificently abundant with opportunities to heal, grow, leave behind all that no longer serves us, and to start walking impeccably on our path of light: finding our passions, living our dreams, finding right partnerships, friendships, work, and clearing out anything that has served only to keep us in the past. I bow in tremendous gratitude for each and every one of you who is walking the walk. It is a cause for great celebration as we walk each other back to the light, heart to heart, leading the way into higher levels of resonance, awareness and light. <3 Liana