Truth Hates Secrecy...there must be no watering down of the ideal. A Satyagrahi (practitioner of truth force) has no secrets to keep from his opponent or so-called enemy. Gandhi

How often do you feel like you can't speak truthfully? How often do you "hold your tongue" for fear of backlash? These are practices that damage the throat chakra and cause energy to remain stuck. Stuck energy leads to both emotional and physical health problems. It is important to heal the throat chakra and be able to speak truthfully about the things that come into your heart urging you to be a voice.

Our earth herself is in peril, along with children, women, indigenous populations, animals, people in abject poverty and those in oppressive systems keeping them from having freedom to live in peace. But darkness has cast its shadow over our freedom to express truths that can heal. ANY TIME you speak truths, you WILL come up against resistance. Truth is not popular when it is first encountered. We need only look at Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, and Emily Davison who died in support of the women's right to vote in America.

But as we are on our healing journey within - healing our own wounds, releasing karma - revoking burdensome soul contracts - embodying the fullness of our kundalini energy - that healing begins to manifest in our outer world.

What we say and what we do becomes the outward manifestation of what we hold sacred in our heart space. In the earlier stages of our spiritual growth, it's not always like that. Depending on the age of our soul, there may be a disconnect between what we feel when we are honest with the deepest part of our hearts, and how we act in our world. But over time those become closer until how we act IS our heart.

Not everyone's path is to be Gandhi, or Emily Davison in its expression. But these beings incarnated to give humanity examples of how we can use the gift of our lives to BE light, rather than just talk about it. Throat chakra healing is a powerful way to do so. 🌈 Liana