Jade Eggs/Yoni Eggs. Do you have a set? I have shared information about these wonders in my Illuminations, I've also spoken and written about them in other contexts. If you aren't yet familiar with them, let me share some helpful information with you.

Jade eggs are a set of egg shaped pieces of jade (or rose quartz, or tiger's eye, or many other different types of materials) that are designed to be used by women in order to access kundalini energy, increase sexual flow, improve orgasm, heal wounds to the first, second and third chakras, and so much more. These magical eggs have benefits on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Using jade eggs to strengthen and heal the vagina is a practice that began in ancient China. It was originally a secret practice in the Royal Palace that was taught only to the queen and the concubines. These exercises were utilized for improving health, both physically and spiritually, bringing power to the Chi muscle in order to bring the sexual energy inward and upward where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy.

In today's world, so many women are detached from the true fullness of their sexual energy. Much of what passes for satisfying sexual energy is based on what is pleasureable for a man only, what is pleasurable for a short time ending in orgasm, and what is shown in movies and television.

The female sexual energy is the single most powerful force on the earth. It IS the creative energy that literally GIVES BIRTH to life and to ALL creativity. ANYTHING that is being born, whether it is a book or a painting or a child, comes through the universal Divine Feminine sexual energy.

Given our patriarchal world, and the severe repression of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, women's sexuality has been hijacked. Many women haven't experienced the true POWER of their inherent sexual energy. And no, this isn't just about orgasm. Although, having practiced the tantric arts for many years, I would agree with those who say that a full body merging orgasm with a trusted partner is in and of itself a full experience of the Divine. But working with yoni eggs in a regular practice will radically improve your health on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Most (if not all) women have had sexual experiences that blocked the energy. Most women have had sexual experiences which were not entered into fully from an open place of joy. Most women have had sexual experiences that felt obligatory, expected, and less than magical - even where orgasm was present. Many women have had energetic damage to their chakras from partners who were unaware of the sexual/spiritual connection. Many women have experienced trauma in the area of the first, second and third chakras. Many women have experienced sexual abuse - whether it is repressed or out in the open. Many women have had experiences of fear during sexual experiences. Many women have given themselves sexually to partners who were less than an ideal energetic match. Many women have had childbirth experiences that have caused pain and trauma. Many women have had a lack of access to their inner sexual channels, and as a result, they may have atrophied to some degree. Other women have fully cut themselves off from any part of their sexuality.

These are just some of the resons why jade eggs/yoni eggs can be so useful.

Yoni eggs can help you awaken the subtle energy channels in the pelvis and vagina. The work with these eggs allows very conscious, gentle and aware touch. Yoni eggs can also help increase the localized creation of estrogen, which can heal vaginal tissue which has thinned out or become atrophied.

Working with yoni eggs can increase the intensity, length, and power of orgasm. Overall, use of the eggs will result in a much higher sexual satisfaction. The energy of working with the eggs also means that you will have easier access to your own power, awakening the Divine Feminine within.

Yoni egg practice is incredibly healing for any trauma to the first, second and third chakras.

Yoni eggs often come in sets of three, with large, medium and small sizes. The more practiced you become, the smaller the egg. You will work with the muscles of the front of the vaginal canal, working all the way through the anterior of the cervix, as well as the middle muscles of the vaginal canal which will move the egg up and down, left and right.

Selecting the right crystals to use is a personal choice. Jade is the traditional stone due to it's properties of strenghtening and power. Rose quartz I have found, is a beautiful stone to work with for deep healing, self-love and self care. Make sure you get a high quality set that is pre-drilled so that you can use a string in order to be able to pull the egg out until you are adept enough to expel it muscularly!