"Some people are so poor all they have is money"..... anonymous

I frequently talk about the greatest gifts I received from my dad. One such gift was the focus on love. We were abundant in all things, but the focus was always on love, and an attitude of non-attachment to material things.

I remember once as a teenager, we were traveling up the Champlain canal into Canada on my dad's new boat. This was his pride and joy, as we spent our Summer's together as a family on the Hudson, or the Atlantic. But on this trip, we were headed up through the canals on Lake Champlain, and he had just gotten this new beautiful boat.

To get into Canada, you have to travel through the locks due to water elevation changes. This was a rather large boat, and my dad was expert at captaining it into the lock.

In one lock in particular, we got the boat tied up and then, my father felt uneasy. He told the lock master we were too far back towards the doors. The lock master assured us we were fine. The water began to drain out. Then, nearing the bottom, our boat started to tilt. It started to pitch forward at an extreme angle. The back end of the boat was caught on the cement bolsters of the door itself.

The first instinct my dad had was to scream.... he was scared we were in danger, because we were. The lock master immediately stopped the draining of the water and started to fill it up again.

My dad got into the water to assess the damage. It was bad. Very bad. And VERY expensive. Both propellers destroyed, swim platform ripped off, fiberglass mangled. Luckily, it was still seaworthy. But we were devastated, mainly for my dad. There was some element of "boat owners responsible for their own property" kind of thing that I don't remember - but I knew my dad was not getting any kind of reimbursement for the bad placement of the boat.

When we got to the next port, we washed up and went to dinner. We were wondering how was my dad going to act, and feel? So I asked him. He said "honey, it's just a thing. Its not important. Am I frustrated that someone incompetent was at the lock? Yes. But here I am, at dinner with my family, everybody's healthy, we're not in a war, we're not dying, nothing's really WRONG. It would only be upsetting if I was attached to "things". I'm not. Don't ever be."

He wasn't kidding. And it became one of the many (many) lessons in detachment I've learned from him. Truly, when you have great friends, something that gives your life DEEP purpose and meaning, and LOVE .... You have EVERYTHING. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Liana 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬