So many people today are walking around, energetically carrying inherited cultural baggage and outmoded subconscious archetypes. Especially the archetype of poverty. No matter how many positive affirmations you make, if you are carrying over the energy of vows of poverty, that energy will always take you away from your present day goals.

It doesn't matter if you've made those oaths in a previous life or earlier in this one, or if you have just inherited them from a family or cultural belief system, they are in fact, debilitating.

Old vows of poverty affect more people than you would think, and these people continuously work so hard to make headway in their pursuit of financial freedom, and it never quite happens. These old vows previously allowed monks and nuns to focus on serving their church or institution. But if that is not your path in THIS lifetime, meaning, you are not currently in a monastery, today's world utilizes money as energy. If you hold a subconscious belief that you should live paycheck to paycheck, then once you let go of these old vows, the energy will shift for you.

So how do you know if you harbor these subconscious beliefs? Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you resent people who are wealthy?
2. Do you feel envious of people with money, because deep down you know you will never have as much as them?
3. Do you worry about what would happen if you suddenly had to stop working due to an illness?
4. Do you believe spiritual people shouldn't be wealthy?
5. When you see extremely successful people, such as Joel Osteen, does it bother you that he is a multi millionaire and got there from his work as a preacher? (great example because I often see people complain about his wealth and the size of his gorgeous home)
6. Do you complain about paying people who are helping you such as doctors, lawyers, healers, therapists, bodyworkers?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are carrying the energy of poverty. When you are fully free of poverty consciousness, you never ever resent people richer than you, you never envy wealth of any kind, you never worry about your future, you understand and know that spiritual people are EXACTLY the people who need the energy of money so they can do good in this world rather than some of the less spiritual people who may be quite corrupt, you rejoice and feel happy when you see men and women sharing love and truths and writing wildly successful books about it and whom are handsomly rewarded -- in fact that brings you much more joy to see a spiritual person as a millionaire than to see a basketball player or an actor getting $20 million for one movie or one season, and you NEVER complain about paying anyone, any amount, for work that they do for you.

The reality is that in today's world, you can only pursue your greatest joys if you
have the necessary energy resources, which today is money. Travel, study, and hobbies all take money.

So remember, that at one time, where a vow of poverty let you focus on your purpose, today it will pull you away from your dreams, whatever they may be. I encourage you to examine your thoughts, and take inventory of where you may be holding on to old vows.