Being at peace provides HUGE health benefits. It truly doesn't matter if you eat greens and fruit all day if you are angry, negative, judgmental, or trying to tell people that their worldview is not right, or limited.

For me, I have found that the most compassionate way to live includes not killing animals for my own use. For me, compassion must extend to other earthlings besides myself, and for me, compassion doesn't align with ingesting something that died so I could eat it, wear it or use it. Compassion, for me, doesn't include spending my money on something that required pain and suffering of another human, such as unfair wages or treatment. Compassion, for me, means that regardless of "how" a living being was killed, that is out of synchronicity with the path I have been on for 25 years.

BUT for me, compassion also means that I extend that compassion to accept anyone else's worldview.

But accepting the views of others in no way means that I don't stand for anything or am unclear about my own beliefs, this extension of compassion means that in accepting all other worldviews, no matter how strange, annoying, upsetting, or distorted it may seem to me, I can accept it. I believe it to be the only way to find true peace. When we live in alignment with our highest purpose, we automatically draw into our field others who have similar lessons to learn.

When you are at peace and are assured that YOU are living on YOUR right path, and in accordance with YOUR higher self, other people's worldviews don't affect your internal state, because they are not personal to you. Truly when you are in the highest alignment with your own purpose, you just have an innate acceptance of "what is".

Because truthfully, as vehemently as you may feel against an issue - say racism or sexism- there is another who feels as vehemently in support of those things. So live YOUR highest self and live YOUR truth, and direct your energy on what you know you can add light to. Adding anger and judgment never helps.

Live, love, work and be in alignment with what YOUR own divine guidance shows you, whether that includes truly advocating for something big, or retreating to a mountaintop to pray all alone.

Unfortunately, in a lot of new age teachings, "being love and light" is interpreted as never having a strong stance, never being a staunch advocate, never disagreeing with anyone. THAT IS NOT REAL LOVE. That is the Disney Version of Love.

Why do we accept the duality thinking that we either need to be nasty and mean and name call (as you see in political conversations), OR have NO OPINION? People are either angry and nasty or so afraid to even express their truth that they avoid speaking at all on issues they are scared of!

Coming into your own truth and power includes HEALING YOUR THROAT CHAKRA so you can speak your truth and be strong, with LOVE in your heart.

I can easily have love in my heart for a person who chooses to end the life of a defenseless animal, so they can enjoy a piece of bacon. But in no way does that mean I will stop educating, sharing, and speaking about it.

I can easily have love in my heart for a person who chooses to dislike others because of their gender, race, or sexuality, because I see their pain. But in no way does that mean I will stop educating, sharing, and speaking about it.

WOMEN: ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!! Society teaches you that if you speak your mind you are being: aggressive, bitchy, angry. But if you are speaking without emotion, and with facts, and your truth, and are owning it... THAT IS BEING EMPOWERED!!!! Women are particularly critical of other women who are STRONG AND EMPOWERED but that is only because they themselves have been so disempowered. It pains them to see an empowered woman.

LOVE YOURSELF. Speak your truth with love in your heart. And hold space for all. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

You can say the metta mediation daily as taught by Buddha to set your intention and change your attitudes, and RADICALLY improve your health and well-being. It helps to have a visual image when you do this.

I picture a HUGE glowing golden heart full of love emanating from a smiling Jesus. Use what works for you!

Breathing in, I breathe in the world’s pain.
Breathing out, I send it healing love.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be kind.
May all beings be free.

.... and remember we are all walking in our own two feet.... πŸ’œ Liana