"You are, already perfect. It's just that the definition of perfect is so misunderstood. Your shadows will help you reveal your light. Your perceived limitations will lead you to your strengths. Your vulnerability will keep you grounded." ~ Liana Shanti

There is nothing wrong with you...inherently, you are perfect. Our inability to understand this is the thing that keeps the most joyful life just out of reach. No matter how much progress we make in the areas of Mind/Body/and Spirit, if we don't ever fully recognize our true worth, we will die without ever fulfilling our truest life purpose. I know, it's easier said than is THE fundamental obstacle of our humanity.

I've worked hard on my own path to get to the point of fully seeing myself. And, it's a journey I continue to be mindful of, so I don't slip back into doubt about it.

There are ways to energetically get to this place, and to work with teachers, guides and mentors. And always realize that anyone who diminishes your worth, anyone who does not empower you, is doing so through eyes that can't see their own perfection and it is not a reflection of you. And the reason you accept it so readily and feel guilt, shame, fear, or self-distrust or loathing, is because it fits perfectly with the paradigm you've likely had for your whole life.

Children absorb these energetic patterns from their parents, and in most cases, parents have no idea that they are passing this on. Many people have never fully looked deep within long enough to heal ... so that their perfection can come out from hiding in its protective shell. But know, there is nothing wrong with you. ~ Liana