Goddess of LOVE Creatrix of our worlds, forgive us....

We, the souls you have sent to earth at this time remain lost in our differences

We the light beings of joy and peace, have become blind to our oneness

We have chosen instead to focus on our differences.... "Celebrate our differences" has become a veil for "energize our separateness"

We've lost our TRUE vision of oneness

We've convinced each other that what makes me different than my sisters and brothers is what I should focus on....

We've accepted lies that relate to our outer shell, the shell that crumbles, wastes away and disintegrates into Gaia upon our biological death..

Awareness of our TRUE journey of the soul is buried under the journey of the body. Where is IT "from"? Where was IT born? What does IT look like? What does IT believe?

Stuck in the darkness of the body's cave of mental thought, we see only our duality. We - the vast majority of us - have distanced ourselves from ourselves.

Instead of loving our vessel, our fragile and temporary finite flesh, for the vehicle that carries us through our soul's passageways - over and over - each time adorning a new shell, a new adornment of matter, we have descended into the belief that we ARE that flesh, that body, that skin, those eyes, that DNA.

Your words to LOVE EVERYONE because we ARE everyone, I'm afraid is a wisdom far before its time ... humanity is scrambling, clinging to its illusion of separateness...

....The ego.... begging, shooting, killing, fighting, hating, thinking, convincing, even PRAYING to be different, unique, PLEADING that there is some deep justifiable meaning to the duality of it all... wanting it so bad, the ego refuses to LOVE EVERYONE because to love everyone would mean we must SEE everyone as ourselves.... but

ego holds the trigger

and it will point and pull at anyone or anything that tells it that it's really not that special - we are not any different from each other after we've been stripped of our false identity

not understanding that one journey of the flesh ends in a pile of dust - EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL - nature, she's consistent like that...

I ask for your forgiveness for us all... forgive our blindness to see love in everyone... forgive us for identifying with things that will slip from our grasp without notice - talents, abilities, successes, popularity, religion, background, nationality, eye color, approval, looks ... instead of using those radically temporary tools to BE love, showing the other egos that ALL variations on the wheel are love, give love, and see love, we move deeper into those temporary tools and have convinced ourselves that we ARE them.... until the next time, where we begin to identify with a new carcass...

But YOU have a plan.. worlds within worlds, the Sparks of light are igniting.. some, a few, but we are growing in numbers

Forgive us while we stumble to RE member our truth

Help us please, to strengthen our love

Assist us in dis-connecting from our most vile of attachments - those of our separateness

Connect those of us whose inner knowing is manifesting ... bring our love together... help us be the way showers we came here to be... point out our mis-steps

With immense and eternal gratitude and love, I offer my life fully in humble service to the Oneness, and unending appreciation for the light you've showered upon us and the recognition of what that is...