You are not being punished. You are not being put through some series of great tests and challenges because God wants to make you stronger. Each of us is living in a world, a country, a family, and a body, that is designed EXACTLY to meet the needs of our soul. Needs that have come from a long trajectory through the universe throughout time, on our way back to complete oneness and light. Our journey home.

I saw a video earlier today where a lovely woman who is a life coach talked about people she knows who are going through really hard times right now. The explanation she offered was that this is about God putting people through the ringer, to make you tough and strong, and to reveal what your true power really is. It saddened me greatly because, I see and hear this kind of thinking all the time. It comes from the Judeo-Christian dogma of a God who is personified. A God who sits around thinking about "ways" to make us better. A God who puts us through a series of "tests" to see what we do about it.

This of course, is a very easy way to make people feel better about the difficulties that they are facing. But, it simply Is. Not. True. The Universe/God/Goddess/The Divine is not a person. She/He does not have a gender, a personality, an agenda, and certainly under no circumstances does the Creator of the Universe sit in judgment of us or create obstacles for us because "he" wants to. No. There is a series of Universal Laws which are unchanging. They operate at all times whether you know about them, whether you like them, or whether you believe them.

The law of cause and effect, also known as the Law of Attraction, is a perfect example. The energy in thought, word and deed that each of us puts out into the universe will continue to have a direct and very real consequence that is in direct proportion to the energy emanated by us. The problem for most people is in not remembering the massive waves of "cause" or "karma" that we created in lifetimes of the past.

So when we see ourselves in a really hard situation, and we feel like "hey I'm really a good person, why is this happening to me", or we see bad things happen to other "good people" we just don't get it. That's because our egoic mind lacks the capacity TO get it. Much of what is showing up in this life starting at birth, is the result of actions and thoughts and words LONG LONG ago that we still have been unable to clear. So because we don't see where we "did something" to deserve this tough situation, we are only looking at a tiny fraction of our soul's journey, namely, this particular lifetime.

But what we are experiencing is the multitude of results of our past actions being mirrored back to us. Hopefully, we take these difficult and challenging situations, see our responsibility, and are able to find clearing and healing. If we sit here and say "Aunt Mary has Cancer because Goddess is trying to make her strong, and polish her, and make her powerful", then we miss our empowerment moment. The kind of advice that tells you this dogma is advice that actually steals your empowerment moments from you. It is the kind of advice that keeps you stuck in victim mode. The true alternative is to say, Aunt Mary has cancer because there are likely MANY things in this lifetime which have caused wounds, and they haven't been dealt with. At her core Aunt Mary does not unconditionally love herself. Aunt Mary in all likelihood has instances of wounding and pain from past lives. And, there is a beautiful way through this for Aunt Mary.

Aunt Mary can venture to the deepest part of her wounds, feel them, experience them, and heal them. This includes healing her shadow, her own dark side, the dark side that we all must come to terms with if we are ever to fully embrace our light. When Aunt Mary does this, she will be released from the cancer. Perhaps that means in her physical body which will be completely free of the cancer. Or, perhaps, she will transition into her next life FREE OF THE CORE REASONS that cause the suffering to begin with.

We can't pretend to know what the "best" outcome for Aunt Mary is. Only her higher self and Goddess know that. But what we do know is that you are empowered to heal your life NOW. You are not being led around by a God with a "mind" who thinks about ways to teach us. No, God does not, and never did, have an ego. In contrast, you are are participating WITH an unconditionally loving God who is entirely light perfection. Any time you experience anything other than that, it is NOT GOD "doing it", it is you, receiving what needs to be received so you can heal it and move closer to the light.

But we live in a world where pop psychology, life coaches, teachers, and whole movements are telling us that we are mainly pawns in a chess game being played by God...that nothing is REALLY our doing, it is this mythical personified God that wants to "teach us" if she sits around thinking about human beings all day, in a Universe in which there are BILLIONS of galaxies, each containing BILLIONS of planets with so much vastness that humans and the earth are but a speck. This archaic thinking must end.

No, we are not being beaten, put into pain and struggle, and suffering, because we are "being made strong". We are being given the GIFTS of the law of attraction, whether they are beautiful joyful happy gifts, or recycled crap gifts that no one else wants either. We are receiving exactly what at some place and time we have put out there. If we are to find TRUE lasting peace as a species and to heal, and to find our highest life path, we must drop the false paradigm as SUFFERING BEING A VIRTUE. We must completely drop the Judeo-Christian dogma WRITTEN BY MEN, that we are to suffer, and that it will ultimately be good.

MANY people are going through an intense series of trials right now, and have been for months. REALLY difficult life situations. In my own suffering at various points in my life, it would have been so easy to look outside of myself. To look to a Goddess who is trying to make me stronger, strategizing and "thinking" up ways to test me. What a bypass to healing that would be. It certainly would have made me feel better about my pain. The hardest part in healing is to do what Ho oponopono calls us to do: SEE THAT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING! Did my suffering make me stronger? Yes absolutely. My pain and suffering and difficult situations also made me more compassionate, more loving towards those I previously judged as unlovable, it made me more understanding, and closer and closer to being able to love EVERYONE. But I fully understand today, that it is not because I NEEDED to suffer in order to learn these things. Suffering is not a virtue. And, for many people, their suffering makes them bitter, angry, resentful and even more nasty and hateful towards themselves and others.

The pain and challenges I have experienced in the way that I have experienced them have been uniquely presented to me, based on my own past actions, thoughts and words. I could have just as easily learned to love others who society views as "awful people", without having to suffer. I could have just as easily learned to be stronger by tapping directly into my higher self, without having to go through excruciating physical pain. I could have just as easily learned to be deeply grateful for every single day that I wake up, without having to live through 9/11. But that's not what happened. My own actions thoughts and words, whether from this life or past lives, created an energy of cause and effect, that created the results I have seen - both the beautiful and the challenging.

It's an empowering moment when you truly know this. Difficult, for sure. But empowering, because you know there is a way out of the suffering. Once I understood that I needed to own every part of my story, and then release it, then I was freed from it and was open to learning and growing in completely different ways. I encourage you all to pay deeply close attention to this message, it will profoundly move you closer to your highest and most joyful life. <3 Liana