Now more than ever, these times call for clear discernment. There is a mass explosion of "spiritual" teachers, healing "systems", "techniques" and processes. A large percentage of these are not coming from the causal plane, but from the astral plane. For those of you who do not know, the astral plane is where many psychics and mediums get their information from.

Often there will be some great information peppered in to these "voices" coming from the astral plane, and unfortunately, many people do not know how to tell the difference between astral and causal, and ego allows them to just accept any voice that is non-human as a voice of wisdom. This could not be further from the truth and can actually be quite frightening.

So discernment is key. I often get asked, how can you be discerning, what do you do? The first thing I do is tell a person to connect with Jesus directly themselves, in the causal plane and ASK for clear signs.

I had a client ask me that a while ago when I shared with her that a sound healing event she had planned to go to was not in her best interest. She disagreed with me and was adamant on going. I remember my husband saying to me, why are you wasting your time and energy late at night with a person who is bent on doing what they want to do? Let it go and she will find out the hard way. Yes, I understand his sentiment as my partner and twin flame. And I do actually do a lot less of trying to prevent someone from exposing themselves to danger than I did in the past. The old adage that some people have to learn the hard way really is a universal truth, meaning, they literally may NOT get the lesson they need to get if you keep protecting them and blocking them from harm.

However, what I did tell my client was, connect with Jesus in the causal plane and ask for clear signs that you will understand, so that you can make the decision that resonates with you. And sure enough, of course, she did receive such signs that were super clear, almost shockingly so. When you ask with humility, openness and surrender in your heart, with a complete willingness to hear truth, He will provide answers for you. That is a guarantee. So that is my number one recommendation. But beyond that, here are some important clues to use in your own discernment:

1. Certain things cannot be taught. One clear example is shamanism. A person is a shaman, or they are not a shaman. You either have the the ability to see past-present-future/read Akashic records and journey to other dimensions or you do not. One cannot be "taught" to be a shaman... any more than someone can be taught to have 20/20 vision. You do, or you do not have that vision. So any school or teacher offering teachings to become "a shaman" should cause you to run. Running a school to teach you how to "be a shaman" appeals to ego. The path of the Shaman is long and definitely not something most people would ever want. Read HERE for my personal experience.

2. Anyone who says THEY can heal you, or who refers to their personal self as a "healer" is a red flag. NO HUMAN CAN HEAL YOU. Let me repeat, NO HUMAN CAN HEAL YOU. Only the Divine has the power to heal you with your agreement and participation. Healing can happen through many different methods, processes, practices shared with you by teachers, but at the core of ALL healing, is God and you. 

An example would be three people all who have cancer.... one goes for chemo, one goes for energy healing, and one journeys to a past life to heal old karma... and all three are then cancer free. The methods used differed, but it was the BELIEF in the person that healing was possible combined with the power of the Divine that actually did the healing. NOT the doctor, NOT the energy worker, and NOT the shaman.

3. Avoid any system that is "copyrighted" or patented. This is a big problem today that is based purely on greed, false ownership and ego. Run from any teacher who claims to have “created” a system and then copyrighted it. ALL healing as stated in point 2, COMES FROM THE DIVINE. Not only that, ALL HEALING processes belong to every single person. People who are genuine lightworkers and who are offering you their time and their service and their ability to move energy, channel healing energy (through having cleared their own wounds in order to be a clear vessel) should absolutely be paid well for their time and energy and work. See my post on “Lightworkers: Value yourself”.

However, when healing ‘methods’ and processes are copyrighted, which for those of you who don’t know, essentially means that no one else can use those methods in that way without paying the person who copyrighted it, is pure darkness. Copyright has a place and importance in the world of business, but not when it comes to energy healing.

4. Question any healing process that does not lead you to look at your own shadow and heal it. Many teachers and systems out there will tell you how to: coach, heal, and help others, without ever taking you through your own intensive healing process. If your vessel is not cleared, and your own wounds not healed, everything that comes through you will be a projection of your own wounding. These teachers and methods tell you what you want to hear and allow you to place blame on others. Any true healing system will do the opposite. It will show you the areas of responsibility and accountability for everything showing up in your life so that you can clear old patterns, old beliefs, old thought systems.

People who are working with purified source energy will show you things in your life that you were either ignoring, unaware of, or totally bypassing. It is not easy to fully heal, clear our ego, and get on with the process of finding our inner light. So avoid teachings that allow you to bypass and pretend things like “darkness isn’t real, evil doesn’t exist”. Which leads me to the next point.

5. Any true healing process leads you to your own light. This means that you will consistently be referred back to your own self as the source of your own power. Any true teacher will reflect your gifts to you, help you uncover them, encourage you to keep seeking your gifts, and will help empower you to USE THEM. Granted, many people are not ready for this, nor do they believe they are co-creators in their life. Healing always equates to major change in our lives. That change scares people, and they will run. That is why #4 above is so vital. Until you work through and accept your shadow, and see the effect darkness has had on your own conditioning and programming as part of the matrix, you cannot access your light power in its fullness.

6. Avoid any person who says they are "the only one" capable of doing healing work. A good example is a woman out there with a fairly large following who claims she was "chosen" to be in a non-human body and be a powerful spiritual teacher. First of all, she bleeds like you and I do. She is in fact, in a human body. Furthermore, she has encouraged people to commit suicide, (which has actually happened) and she has made a video in which she says she is more beautiful than women in Africa and that is why she was born white and looking "the way she does" (apparently she finds herself very attractive), so that more people will listen to her. Rather than teach the truth that “beauty” is a conditioned response, she teaches that it is important and a necessary part of her spiritual teachings. Sadly, this imbalanced, radical distortion of ego is none other than narcissistic personality disorder. Be alert and aware of any "healer" or "teacher" whose social media is filled with images of...you guessed it...themselves. Red flag number 6.

7. Any "teacher" teaching about areas they have little to no experience in. An example would be, a person teaching courses on raising children "spiritually" who either a) does not have children or b) has children who are not doing well spiritually and emotionally. Yes, this is common. Another example would be one of the many new "conscious relationship" teachers  popping up out of the woodwork, who have only been in short term relationships, but are suddenly expert at relationships because they figured out why their last one was a bust. It is one thing to share with others something that did not work for you. That is actually quite helpful. But often people are “teaching” things that they have literally no experience in. I once encountered someone who while with one partner, was “teaching” that people should not be monogamous. This person was regularly posting advice and book excerpts on how “being away” from one’s partner is the healthiest thing and monogamy is not. Now, it would be one thing if she had been in a non-monogamous relationship for many years and was happy, healthy and both her and her partner were fulfilled.

A couple of my own clients had seen this and asked what I thought. I told them it was clear to me that her partner was looking for a reason to exit the relationship and engage in infidelity, and that the relationship would soon be over. I recommended to my clients that they read the book Transformation through Intimacy, The Journey toward Awakened Monogamy by Robert Masters. A book that truly dives deep into the journey from immature monogamy to mature monogamy. Within about eight months, the relationship of the woman and her partner ended. Badly. The partner had left for one of the other women he was having relationships with, and did so in a way so out of integrity that it deeply impacted her financially as well.

Now, that does not mean in any way that there is only one way to have a conscious relationship. My point here is that if you are TEACHING something, be sure you have experience with it and are happy with how it is present in your life. For myself, being in a long term (12 years this year) relationship with my twin flame, raising two children, homeschooling, dealing with loss of parents, job changes, financial issues, ex-spouses, illness, surgery, Alzheimer’s of a parent, geographic moves and many other things in the past decade, I can only teach what I have experienced and what works beautifully for us. Our level of intimacy, connection, and love is fully supported by awakened monogamy. My husband and I can teach that, because we are living it. We are ecstatic to be with one another, and that feeling grows with each passing year. We have deep fulfillment in every area of our lives together. We are twin flames, and twin flame love is always monogamous. That is something I love to teach. Is it the only way? I would never say that, nor should any other teacher. Perhaps somewhere there is a long term couple, fully thriving, ecstatic with one another, and growing deeper in love with each passing year who are not monogamous and it is working beautifully for them. They can teach that, and perhaps it will resonate. The discernment comes in when someone is teaching something that actually created serious harm in their own lives.

8. What is the SOURCE of the teachings? What is the core message of the teacher and teachings and how long has he been teaching that same message? For me, since I've been a little child, all of my teachings boil down to one very simple thing: The Unconditional Love of Jesus. Jesus has been my shaman, my teacher, my guide, and my ultimate source of Light. That's it. Period. I've not strayed from that ever. At the core of all that I do and all that I am, is the Unconditional Love shown to me by Jesus, experienced by me on a daily basis throughout my entire life, and the one guarantee in life that NEVER fails. Never. And the greatest part is that everyone can EXPERIENCE that love and power regardless of your religion, age, gender, race, sexuality, socio-economic status, or location. It is not in a book, a church, a dogma, or some fairy tale place called “heaven” with pearly gates. It is here. It is now. It is within you already.

In almost every conversation I have had with any friend, family member, client, acquaintance, or co-worker on anything regarding healing and ascension, Jesus comes up at some point. Sometimes, much to the chagrin of the person I am speaking to 😊

Whenever I encounter people who don't know the true Jesus and who only know the dogma, the "church" version of a Jesus who didn't have relationships with any women, didn't go to India to study with the sages, didn’t teach reincarnation, I feel for them. I fully understand their consternation. That is why I share with them ways they can EXPERIENCE His love. Some people fear the consistency in these teachings because it goes against their programming. It shares truths they were never exposed to. They fear shamanism. They fear the Goddess. They have no clue Jesus is the Earth Shaman. They believe in patriarchy and males being the head of households because they do not KNOW that Jesus worked with empowered women like Mary. Jesus partnered with women. Jesus gave ALL of his teachings in their completion, to two women. His mother and his love/confidante, Mary Magdalene. When those women died a significant amount of his teachings were lost. Those teachings are coming back through many people who are here to bring them back. People of many races, religions and backgrounds, including the Indian sage Maharaj-ji.

It is not one person. It is a large group of people who are being awakened to bring the teachings of unconditional love back into this earth realm.

Ultimately these are tips that can help you utilize your own discernment and navigate the plethora of information out there. Truth will be felt in your gut. You will likely be pulled towards it and often – sometimes afraid of it at the same time. That feeling is healthy…it is your body’s awareness that what you are about to learn is going to move through you and change you. It is the same type of feeling you get when you are about to step on stage and speak in front of a thousand people…you’re not quite sure if you can do it…but you are nonetheless drawn to it.

These are a few of my tips to help YOU empower yourself to use your own discernment. Sending you lots of love and empowered energy to connect with your inner light. Liana