In this week's Illuminations, I mentioned that this week and the next two weeks, are all about water and the water element, emotions, and deep full moon energy. Emotions are going to be intense for many people, and there may still be some confusion for many people as to clarity on their life purpose.

As we already know, 2017 is a "one" year, making it a year of new beginnings in a nine year cycle, and a year to get aligned with the purpose you agreed to come here for. It is important to distinguish between the career/purpose the ego wants, and the path your soul chose for this lifetime. If you choose your path and life's work based on ego, you will continually struggle - either financially, physically, or emotionally - or all three. The universe provides many opportunities to switch course and move into the direction of your true destiny. But it is up to us to have the faith and courage to choose our true path.

Archangel Gabriel, who is probably most well known for his announcing of the birth of Jesus, is a powerful Archangel who rules over the water element, so his power and energy can be very helpful this week to help you move through any emotional challenges in this watery time for the rest of January (or any time in the future when water is influential and emotions are intense). Gabriel works in the white ray - the purest light - the combination of all the other rays, so his energy is easy to work with when you connect with the sun either by being in the sun literally, or by doing a sun meditation where you visualize the sun streaming into your body and healing you.

As far as life paths go, Archangel Gabriel governs professions that deal with creativity and communication, so it would greatly benefit anyone who is a writer, speaker, teacher or artist, to connect with him and establish an energetic connection. Being that my own life path is directly in his wheelhouse, I have worked with Gabriel's energy for many years and his guidance, mode of messaging, and energy power has been incredibly helpful to me. I will warn you, Gabriel's energy is highly selective in that it will weed out anyone who is coming from ego, and will quickly dismiss petitions for power/help/guidance that are not coming from the purest part of the unconditionally loving heart. I have had people say "well I tried to connect with Gabriel and got nothing", and yes, that is the case if you are not in full alignment with integrity and authenticity of heart, and coming from a place of ego surrendered to the Divine will. In other words, you MUST have "THY WILL, NOT MINE" as your heart space when working with ALL of the Archangels.

Often you will see angel recommendations, angel advice, angel has become ubiquitous in the world of new-age. But in true Reality, the Archangels are not here for our pleasure. They are not floating around in some fancy robes waiting to hear our requests and to do us a favor. They are intense, powerful beings connected fully to purified SOURCE energy and must be approached with pure reverence, humility and authenticity. If you offer those things, your life will be radically enhanced, uplifted, changed, and blessed by the hands of the Divine through the Archangels.