We currently live in an energetic paradigm that is out of balance between the feminine and masculine energies. Everything in our current illusionary world paradigm is about continuous growth. But growth without purpose, growth for the sake of growth, is a sickness. Unchecked growth is a cancer. Being in balance with your feminine and masculine has nothing to do with your gender. Each energy has a role in bringing about your most vibrant, purposeful, authentic expression of your life. The majority of women and men who are “accomplishing” things in this world are doing so by sheer force of willpower. They are myopically focused on professional, financial, and/or personal goals while using all of their energy to reach those goals. Sometimes, very successfully.

But at what cost?

Typically the cost is depletion. Depletion shows up as exhaustion, mental fatigue, lack of joy, lack of fun, loss of sex drive, and general dissatisfaction with life despite outside “achievements”. Depletion looks like a constant seeking of something to “fill up” the depleted reserves through often unhealthy means. This is because when we create from only masculine energy we leave out the restorative nurturing of our true creative power source.

A perfect analogy is the high protein eating bodybuilder who avoids lots of fruits and veggies and doesn’t have a regular yoga practice. The body may “look” strong on the outside, and some people may even find it aesthetically pleasing. But on the inside at the core cellular level is a complete and total breakdown from the imbalance, lack of true flexibility, missing minerals and other nutrients, and the toxic buildup of excess proteins causing strain on the kidneys, the heart and other organs, working so hard to push out the overload of nitrogen byproducts. That is why bodybuilders have an lower life expectancy compared to the average population. Excess muscle, read: imbalance, forces your lungs, your heart and other organs to function harder and wear out quicker.

The same is true in terms of our energy depletion. Success and achievement and constant growth can look really good on the outside. But if you were to hover over our planet, energetically speaking, and look at the vast depletion of resources, of nature herself, the earth, and our own energies, you would see a radical tipping of the scales in favor of utter destruction.

If you are reading my blog, it is likely you are able to “see” this all around you. But what do you do about it? Do you give up in frustration because humanity is like a runaway train? Do you tap into the pulsation of fear all around us these days? Do you feel helpless? Do you blame politicians for global warming and blame “Big Business”? No. None of the Above. It all starts with us, each of us, turning within and looking at ourselves. Looking at our OWN imbalances. Where are we fueling our lives with only masculine energy. Where are we depleting our emotional, physical and creative resources? Where are we out of touch with our Feminine Creative Power (whether male or female), and where are we contributing to the cancer we see all around us?

Those are some difficult but powerful questions that can help you begin to access your divine feminine power. If every person reading this begins to reconnect with her (or his) feminine power, balance will be created in every area of your life. When you carry balanced energy and are linked up with the creative power in your womb as a woman, you radiate that balance in everything you do. The people in your life are positively affected by your energetic resonance.

A big piece of the work I have been doing with clients recently is a clearing stuck energy in the womb. Most women will find that they are entirely disconnected from their womb as their source of power. The womb, whether you have a uterus or not, have had surgery to remove it, or have no ovaries,  houses your lower three chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus. Your energy center as a woman, is located here. Usually when I look at the energy I see blocks of energy right in the middle of the pelvis, and often surrounding one or both of the ovaries (or areas where ovaries would be).

Under our current imbalanced paradigm, women are under the misguided belief that our wombs are strictly for the purpose of having children. So what that means for hundreds of millions of women who have a) never had children b) cannot have children c) choose not to have children d) have already had their children and are done with that phase of their lives e) have had a hysterectomy and no longer have a uterus f) are in menopause and no longer having their monthly cycle g) have had ovarian cancer and no longer have ovaries, and many other situations, is that they feel their womb is just something that “exists”. And that’s if they even think about it at all. They may think about it when and if they still get their menstrual cycle, most likely as an annoyance, and it is generally not something they look forward to.

But the feminine energetic cycle, like the moon, has a natural flow of times of expansion and outward motion, and inward reflection, rest, replenishment and down time. We live in a world that has no down time, and most people in the Western world are living lives that make no room for reflection, replenishment, and restoration. When I gave birth to each of my children, those were most definitely years in which I was in “outward” expansion mode. Giving birth to a whole new life, a new being, is full out manifesting expression. The same is true with the publishing of a book, the completion of a painting, the launching of a business, the teaching of a course and its completion. In my own cycles, I move through expansion where I create and teach, and cycles where I fully restore and nurture my creative force. Sometimes there are cycles within one day, sometimes they are weekly – with one or two days being extremely “productive” and “outward” and other days being more restorative, and then there are also much bigger cycles that go in months and even years. Some years are meant for total reflection, inner journeying and not much “output” at all. Sabbaticals if you will. But I don’t ever plan ay of those cycles. I exist in the flow of my creative divine wild feminine, and I intuitively know when it is time to engage the outward manifestation of the masculine. It becomes its own beautiful rhythm.

But it can be helpful for anyone who is not yet in their own natural flow, to actually schedule or plan in days, hours, or weeks where you will give yourself downtime. Eventually you too will connect up with your own natural rhythm, but if you don’t initially make time for it, it might not happen.

In our desire to “make things happen” and “get things done” in order to gain validation from the illusionary world that values that process, we disassociate from our wombs and from our feminine power. And men do it too. They fully disconnect from access to their own feminine power. Males are often imbalanced by the incessant drive for success and approval from the outside world, needing to prove themselves as men. Have you ever wondered why there is so much demand for drugs like Viagra? There is a literal epidemic of impotence in men and lack of libido in women. Why? Because both women and men are giving everything they have to the external world through masculine channels. Leaving them depleted and drained of even the most core energy of our sexuality.

Although planetary speaking, we are far more imbalanced in our excessive use of masculine energies,  there are some people who are actually imbalanced on the side of the feminine. In a man this would be the man who is overly connected to his feminine, has basically no drive to “succeed”, “achieve”, and is characterized by that constant “failure to launch” syndrome. In those relationships, there is usually a wife or other female (could be mother) who is extremely imbalanced in her masculine, being the doer, the driver. The males in those relationships are accessing masculine energy through their female counterparts, and the females are accessing their feminine through the male. Over time, this imbalance within the dynamic of a relationship creates disharmony, emasculation of the male, and disconnection of the woman from her wild feminine nature. Women who view feminine power as weak and insufficient, who find safety and security in their masculine energy, will often select mates on this energetic basis (without consciously doing so). Over time, the very energetic traits that caused them to select that mate are the very things that begin to frustrate, annoy, and anger them.

Either way, imbalances in our feminine and masculine energies disrupt our natural flow.

The loss of our personal connection to our feminine power means we have very little coming in from the universe. We are outputting so much of our energy, without stopping to allow the inflow of all that the universe has to share with us.

Something that can really help you begin to tap into your deepest creative reserves and begin to balance your energies, is to look at the structure your daily life takes on. Is the structure of your life static or is it dynamic? Static structures are rigid, fixed, scheduled, and leave no room for flow, synchronicity, and true creative inspiration. Dynamic structures bring you in direct contact with the energy of the universe, they put you on the path of flow where you can receive the incoming messages from spirit showing you exactly what you need to access when you need to access it. You get intuitive insight, ideas, amazing awareness and pure source energy when you are in a dynamic force in your life. So how do you do that?

If you are on a static schedule with work, family life, daily tasks, to do lists etc., it is important to revamp your entire way of doing things. You must look at adding in times for relaxation, rest, fun, restoration, inward contemplation, In other words, allowing time for BEING rather than DO-ING. Often by the time the day is done, so many people flop onto their couches or beds, exhausted. Perhaps they veg out in front of an electronic box and consider that “down time”. But that’s not down time, it is time where in your exhausted, depleted, low energy place, you are simply allowing even MORE input from the patriarchal imbalanced structures.

These times of vegging out are not replenishing your soul and opening you up to your creative reserves. For that we need time in nature, floating in bodies of water, meditation, dancing to beautiful music, laying outside under the sun or the stars, and listening quietly to what is all around us. Replenishment happens when we tap into pure peaceful inward reflection that comes from simply BE-ING without worrying about what there is to do.

Your creative abundance exists within the channel of universal flow. It is your most valuable tool, your power, your pure life force that moves in a way that is divinely unique to you. In order to have full access to your Divine Wild Feminine within, tap into the dynamic energies that flow in your life. Drop your attachment to everything that is linear, fixed, and static. Nothing in life is linear, including time. Merge into a more wholistic approach to life, respect the cycles of nature, the cycles within yourself, and within the earth herself. Soon your life will reveal to you the guidance, wisdom and truths that can only come to you through your own personal channel of creative expression. ❤ Liana