The universe is expanding at an accelerated rate - when previously it was believed expansion was going to slow down. This accelerated expansion of the universe is propelled by a force generated by fluctuations in "empty" space. And... the force is growing stronger as the universe expands.


Only FIVE percent of the entire universe is "visible". Yes, 5 percent. The visible universe—including Earth, the sun, other stars, and galaxies is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons that join together in atoms.


But 95% of everything else is DARK MATTER (25%) and a force known as DARK ENERGY (75%). The Dark Matter is the masculine and the Dark Energy is the Feminine. Dark Matter has never yet been seen by scientists yet. 🌀

So, how does that relate to you?

Does it matter?

Do we care?

Don't we have enough to deal with in our day to day lives?

Aren't our to-do lists calling?

Will this pay my bills or get dinner on the table?


We are living in the visible spectrum, while interacting with the invisible stream 24/7. It is the invisible that needs to be mastered, and that is done by sovereignty over your energy. 🌀

I am often asked “what” I do as a shaman, medicine carrier, Akashic reader, Quantum Field Alchemist... my path here can be boiled down to one thing: Fully embody my own light to pierce the veil of darkness of those I work with so it can no longer conceal their purity. Light that guides them to THEIR light, so they can connect themselves directly with the expansion energy.


In other words... Nothing short of complete sovereignty. 🌀

Light that burns through the layers of lies and programming that have accumulated over lifetimes... programs that distort the lens and preventing them from seeing and ACTING ON their TRUE a way that results in their ACTUAL 3D LIFE being in ALIGNMENT with their INNER TRUTH. 🌀

All the new age nonsense and psycho-babble does Nothing if your day to day life does not become: healthier, happier, more abundant, more creative, more joyful, and fully peaceful regardless of what goes on around you. That’s the discernment meter: ACTUAL LIFE.

Being out of alignment means that no matter how many things you check off your to-do list, no matter how many "goals" you achieve or money you earn or weight you lose or followers you will still be polarizing energy - and polarizing energy means going in circles. Over and over and over and over and over... until you're not.

The TRUE LIGHT is your immovable connection to God/Goddess, the source of ALL Creation. That Source that is at the HOME BASE of this rapid, massive, unfathomable expanding universe.

And once you see and act from your true light, you are living your purpose, you are expanding the light in the universe, you are contributing to the balance of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, and you are guiding others to find their way "home" to that inner heaven just by occupying the frequency of your own LIGHT.

You are not here to help... that’s an ego paradigm. You’re here to HEAL YOURSELF so that when you LEAVE THIS EARTH.... (also known as death), you will have made valid connection with your TRUE LIGHT and will not be manipulated, co-opted, deceived, or moved into places you do not want to be moved into - or tricked into going towards a false light, or reincarnating into pain scenarios that you DO NOT NEED TO REINCARNATE INTO.

The awareness and discernment we need to have in the after-earth (I call it after-earth which is not the same thing as afterlife because there is no such thing, life doesn't cease, it just changes form) is no different than the awareness and discernment we need to have in the earth life. Some people are aware and can navigate the after-earth, most people do not but that's only because they never knew that they NEEDED to. They weren't seeking that level of awareness and discernment because most of humanity has been operating under a matrix of illusion that has convinced people that once we are out of our bodies, everything becomes crystal clear.

Learning to manage our energy, understanding the nature and POWER of energy, and truly working WITH energy as its partner, are all vital steps in the journey to navigating our soul on its journey.

One thing I see and hear a lot is the use of the word "energy" and how it affects us, and how we are getting "upgrades" etc... Sometimes its a mix of old school astrology and personal opinion, other times it's "contact" with extra-terrestrial beings. And I am sure all are well intentioned loving beings trying to offer hope in a seemingly chaotic world. May they be blessed.

But what has come through to share with you all today is that any wide sweeping statements like, "upgrades for all humanity incoming.." are quite simply, illusions. We, as "humanity" are not one homogenous entity. We are a vast amalgamation of souls from vastly different cosmic journeys, vastly different incarnation experiences in vastly different "parts" of the universe over vastly different lengths of time. So while there are some similarities we can point to between Jesus and Hitler, it is beyond clear to most of us that there are radical differences. Keeping that within the framework that duality is an illusion, it can be VERY confusing. Get to know your energy. Detach from former notions of who you are that exist in the unhealed ego. Push beyond the false conditioning that covers the earth. Find your true light.


Be mindful of your energy right now. There exists a world of Illusion and a world beyond Illusion outside of what we know as the third dimension. In the last few days the illusion paradigms have become incredibly strong, sweeping up many people into "group-think". As a shaman and energy reader, it is clearly visible to me. Seeing in terms of energy, the group-think energy is very thick, and binds people who are unaware together with almost a gel-like stickiness. Once you are trapped in it an by it, it is harder to see outside of the false stories implanted into the matrix. Yes, human beings have "free" will - but is your will truly "free" if your mind is co-opted by powerful paradigms that you don't realize you are in? I do not believe so. Thus, MANY people are making decisions right now, and doing things with their energy (time, thoughts, actions, beliefs) that are doing two harmful things: 1. Empowering harmful energies that are in NO-ONE's best interest. 2. Driving themselves right into the the storm.

If you knew that you were actually helping to create a deadly storm, and that while you are helping to create it you are actually heading your car right for it, you would most likely want to stop.

The way to keep yourself clear and safe is to STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.

STOP feeding your mind with the matrix programming. That means seriously stop. Anything that smacks of "group-think"...just STOP it from going into your mind.

LOOK for kernels of truth outside the third dimension by taking yourself out of ANY FEAR. Fear is one of the lowest vibrations and right now there is a massive fear paradigm going on in the matrix. So, if you are vibrating at the level of fear, you will link up with it very easily and be swept away. Once you unplug yourself from fear, take a look at your social media feeds. Look at your FB, IG, Twitter and others, notice a sway, a "group-think" pattern. ANY TIME there is a group-think where people are parroting the same things 20 different ways, you can be guaranteed it is matrix programming and it will harm you. The more of the group-think on your feeds the more likely your ego is to succumb to it. Remember, the ego is tempted very easily to be on the "right" side of every conversation, argument, idea, etc... The ego doesn't want you to be an independent thinker because that means work. The ego prefers the easy way out, and the world of illusion is far easier than stepping out of that illusion into truth, light and ultimate freedom.

Many many people are now swept up in group think, and they are putting MASSIVE levels of energy into galvanizing more fear. We are not just talking about the every day woman or man, but people who have already been prepped to exert massive influence into the matrix by using fear.

These people were picked a long time ago due to their own vulnerabilities, through some of the most well-known "pop culture" icons, popular authors for big publishing houses. They were picked because they have been building followings for the past few years with Ted talks, mainstream "pop" psychology books, purveyors of spirituality-lite and spirituality bypassing. They are STEEPED in duality thinking, and you would probably be shocked if you knew how many of them there were. Some of them know exactly what they are doing, but the majority do not.

They were at one time good-intentioned women and men who believed they were doing "good" and helping people. But in their naivete, they have been swept up by the matrix long ago and are now influencers of its agenda. I have in the past year written about some of these people, specifically, but at this point that is not what matters. What matters is for you to unplug YOURSELF from the influence of the matrix paradigm. The mob mentality that is burgeoning right now is not much different than the mob mentality that led to World War 2.


LISTEN to your body, your "gut", your deep intuition. FEEL if a thought, a belief, an idea, an action FEELS right.Take each idea all the way to the end of all possibilities and FEEL it in your body. Keep your mind and ego out of it. The mind and ego is the thing that is causing so many people to be stuck in harms way right now. Get away from the ramblings of the mind and step into the truth in your body.

The body NEVER lies. Your body is equipped with the power to access TRUE energy, and it will show you - if you allow it - what is true and what is not. This is the most difficult step because your ego will fight you tooth and nail to maintain control, to convince you it is "right", to tell you to believe what you are seeing/reading in the matrix paradigm. This is where massive effort needs to be placed. It is much easier to give up your total power and control over your mind to group-think. Resist the temptation if you want to elevate yourself to a higher vibration and live outside of fear, and act in perfect alignment with the Divine.

This IS a time where only those paying the closest attention will be able to step out of the storm. Ascension time has been upon us for a few years now, and the radical nature of this next 9 year cycle is going to be a beautiful journey for some, and a hellish nightmare for many.

Stay close to God/Goddess.... TRUST your body and its messages...and FREE yourself from the matrix. ASAP. <3 Liana