That title may scare you, but it is a truth whose time has come. Many of us are now being called into a new level of awareness, an awareness that transcends all modes of duality, an awareness that offers us as women, true empowerment.

I have always been incredibly empowered. Since childhood. I was always the kid in school speaking up for someone who didn't have a voice, and getting "in trouble" for it. When teachers would yell at or belittle another student, I made a stand. I used my voice. I was sent to the principal's office. A lot. If it's one thing disempowered adults DO NOT LIKE it is empowered children who are free to speak their mind. Especially a little girl. Back in the 70's and 80's, little girls were supposed to be demure and quiet and "ladylike" (as my mom would say, whatever the heck that means).  Every time I was sent to the principal's office my dad would leave work, drive to my school and have yet another conversation in which he would tell me how proud of me he was for using my voice, how disgusted he was with the administration that would send me to the office rather than celebrate my bravery, and we would go back to square one again. Until another incident occurred. 

One day in music class, we were each asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner, solo. One boy was terrified, I mean, can you blame him? Unless you're Celine Dion that song's a doozie. He cried. He shook. He was truly having a breakdown right there in the class. He could barely even get a sound out. My heart ached for him as the teacher got louder and louder, telling the boy he was weak, a failure, an idiot. I just KNEW this was wrong. I wasn't sure what exactly to do about it, so I did what came to me by instinct. When it got to be my turn to sing, I stood up and said "I won't be singing". There was an audible gasp in the room. The teacher said "excuse me? what did you just say?" I replied, "I said I AM NOT S-IINNNNGINNNNGGG TODAY"...I kind of went in slow motion to emphasize the word singing. I thought that might help. It didn't. This man went ape. He was literally bright red with anger. Furious actually. He told me I had to stay in that room until school was over unless I sang. I was very very scared. Terrified actually. I was in first grade, this man was old and very mean, and very big. But I looked over at my even more terrified classmate, who had been humiliated, and I stood my ground. I said "I'm not singing today because of what you did to Joseph".

I was made to remain in that classroom all day. I missed both lunch and recess, and then got sent to the Principal's office at the end of the day. When my parents came to get me, the first thing my dad said was, "why didn't you just ignore him and walk out honey? You don't have to listen to a crazy person, EVER." But the truth was, I was too young and too scared to be THAT brave. What I did was about as brave as I could handle at that point. My dad remained at the school office while my mom took me home.

The next day, Mr. Angry was gone. No music class that day. For the rest of the year we had a substitute music teacher. Mr. Angry was not only gone out of our school on administrative leave, my dad made sure that Mr. Angry was fired, for terrorizing and traumatizing children, myself, Joseph, and the entire class. Mr. Angry was fired with an added stipulation that he could not work anywhere within our entire District. My dad made sure that he wasn't employable in the surrounding districts either. In my dad's estimation, this is a human who needed deep intervention and should NOT be allowed around children. And it happened quick. To say I learned empowerment from this is an understatement.

My dad has a heart that can envelope the entire milky way galaxy and beyond...unconditional selfless love that is showered upon EVERYONE who knows him. Extreme generosity, kindness, humility, compassion for all humans and animals, and so much gentleness. As I've told many of my students, his office walls were wallpapered with the photos of all the children he had "adopted" financially in countries around the world, literally over a hundred of them. He would cry at the drop of a hat watching a "Feed the Children" commercial. His office was also a hotel for wayward dogs and cats, the ones missing a leg, an eye, an ear or two, some teeth. Many of his employees were about as wayward and lost as the cats and dogs...the recovering heroin addict, the guy down on his luck, you name it - if they had serious life problems they would find their way to my dad where he would help them get back on their feet. 

But don't. mess. with. his. kids. He always used the utmost restraint and discernment with his Shamanic gifts (my friends and I called them his magic powers when we were kids). But when a situation had caused one of his children, or my mom, harm, you did NOT want to be at the receiving end of that. He taught me so well how to use my gifts and use discernment, and one of the most powerful energetic practices of reversing energy coming towards you. He always told me, "always keep unconditional love in your heart for everyone, even those who wish you harm...that way when your energy comes back to you from the universe you will receive more and more love".   

So I was nurtured, protected, and empowered by my parents which led me to an empowered life as a woman. I have never been financially dependent on a man, I never changed my last name when I got married (my husband changed his to mine), and I have never asked "permission" from any man to do anything. I earned six figures at my first adult job, which was as an attorney at the largest law firm in the world. I worked in a field that was over 80% men. But I never accepted the label of "feminist" because my parents didn't teach me duality. I endured too many sexually explicit and inappropriate "jokes" during late night work sessions to recount, too many sexual innuendos and propositions to tell you about here. Had I gone to HR to report every single one, I would have been in the HR office for the majority of my legal career. But to every single comment, and every single joke, on the spot, I would stare the man-boy (boy in a man's body which is no different than woman-girl, and refers to those who have yet to transcend their childhood wounding) directly in the eyes and talk to him about his mother wound.

Being a Shaman (although I did not call myself this at the time) I was able to SEE exactly what their childhood wounding was. I would talk to them about why they felt they needed to control and intimidate women with this type of conversation and talk. So rather than feeling embarrassed and hurt by their comments and jokes, I felt empowered to shed some light on their wounds. As the topics became too close for comfort, not too many guys wanted to repeat those types of conversations. So there were hardly any "repeat offenders".  I viewed each one as a great opportunity to share my dad's wisdom. So rather than walking around being pissed off all the time, I truly and deeply had an understanding of why they were behaving as they did. I never condoned it, and never let a comment go by unaddressed.

It goes without saying that the parents, background, childhood, upbringing, socio-economic level, and everything else about my life fully empowered me to be ABLE to do what I did. Most of the women I worked with -as brilliant and successful as they were - endured a lot worse because they were not empowered. And my medicine...my true medicine...is to help women empower themselves in the NOW. And that happens by rising above the duality.  

Following my career in law, I went into a career in sales, in an industry that was also largely male. The top earners were ALL men, and the CEO, and all top level execs were male, as well as 95% of the mangers in the entire company. Very few women worked there and the ones that did were not in the top tier of earners. My first year on the job my income exceeded $500,000 and when I more-than-doubled the income of the the man who had previously been "number one" (the highest income he had achieved at that point was $200,000), I reminded him that he had told me on my first day that I would never make it in this industry because I was "just a mom". I was never upset when he told me that because I knew that it was his ignorance, his upbringing, his fear and his repressed sadness that caused him to feel this way. And since it was 100% commission job, and I wasn't dependent on anyone to give me any breaks of any kind, I knew that I would rise to the top. I had my fair share of men (co-workers and clients alike) attempt to "mansplain" things to me. I say attempt, because I never let it get too far. Once I realized that a mansplaining attempt was underway, I broke out into the mother wound information, and that usually ended things right there. Rarely did any of them want to speak about these issues. Especially in public. It is really difficult for both men and women to understand that most of the patriarchal paradigm has been passed down to us by our mothers. But that's a topic of an entire 11 session class called "The Mother Wound".

My dad taught both my sister and I that women are far more powerful than men, as we are the true creators. We LITERALLY birth new life. And, because of that power men have been taught to fear. He told us that for thousands of years now men have felt the need to rule by power and force to keep women from knowing their true power. And that due to deep deep mother wounds, men oppress women by force, bullying, physical abuse and other means because they are lost, with a lot of sadness masquerading as anger. Each week in church when the priest would call God a "he" my dad would say "SHE" to my sister and I. In many car rides on the way home from church he would point out each of the lies (we really only went to church because my mom wanted to and he wanted to respect that, but he wasn't going to let us learn any BS). He would always say WOMEN create....WOMEN give birth...men do not...therefore it is the MOTHER who has given us all life. Pretty awesome stuff for me to hear from a big strapping guy who was a successful entrepreneur, an IQ that is literally off the charts, and with a penchant for car, motorcycle and speedboat racing. But I never considered myself a "feminist".

My parents SHOWED me that it was not "my job" to cook for a man, do laundry for a man, clean house for a man, or do anything "FOR" a man. But I still didn't accept the label of feminist. My parents SHOWED me what partnership truly is. My mom, as an empowered woman herself, was the health advocate for the developmentally disabled. She had responsibility for several group homes in our county, whose inhabitants ranged from Down Syndrome clients to severe mental handicaps, some able to function out in society, some who needed help with everything including going to the bathroom and being fed. She stood up to the medical establishment with a fierceness that was truly admirable. She would go over the files of her client with a fine tooth comb, and make appointment after appointment to sit face to face with the drug dealers (doctors) who continually tried to overmedicate her clients. She was the voice for those whose voices were not being heard.

She also took belly dancing classes, was objectively-speaking, gorgeous, and not afraid of her beauty or her body. She was hit on ALL THE TIME by men when we were growing up, and my sister and I would always laugh at the comments she would make back. She never let a comment slip by without a retort. And it was usually a loud in-your-face retort. My mom is 100% Italian, born in the Bronx (NYC) so, being loud and outspoken wasn't something she needed to learn either. In fact, when Jennifer Lopez came out with that song "I Ain't Your Mamma", I IMMEDIATELY thought of my mom...told her I felt like the song was written for/about her! 

And as a result of my parents, I grew up strong, independent, empowered, while at the same time loving and appreciating men. And the men in my life have been, and are, amazing men. The reality is that I was never angry at men, because I wasn't taught duality by either my mom or my dad. So I never bought into the group-think narrative that: men are bad, feminists are good, men are the blame, women are the victims, or the opposite. Being empowered meant never buying into duality.  ANY duality. My parents taught me the true reality of life on earth at this time which is that WE ARE ALL WOUNDED HUMANS. Everyone. So in one sense, everyone is a victim of their wounding, and a victim of the universal lie of separation and the evil of believing in an enemy. We see it everywhere today: indigenous versus "the white man", "rich versus poor", "republican versus democrat", "liberal versus conservative", "christian versus muslim". It is so easy to bypass our own healing when we can instead, project it outward onto a boogeyman. Yes, the boogeymen ARE real...VERY real...but we must take a step back and actually inquire into WHY they exist.

The answer is that they exist on the outside of us because they exist on the inside of us.

People often become disturbed when they hear that, and respond with things like "so you mean we aren't supposed to fight oppression?" "Are you kidding, do you mean that we should just do nothing?" And my answer is always the same, we must do A LOT. But if we actually want to see a healed world, we have to take total ownership of our OWN healing. The only person we have power to change is ourselves. 

The Hawaiian system of Ho'opono'pono, one of the ancient healing techniques I teach, explains that quite simply for us. Everything we see in the world that we do not like? Take a good look within. Our external world is a DIRECT reflection of the unhealed shadow within us collectively. A great example of this would a woman I know here in Hawaii, who went to the women's march in Washington. Feeling empowered, "she persisted" t-shirt and all, she rallied against the incoming President. Posting frequently on her Instagram about the "empowerment" of feminism. Only to come home, back to her marriage to an alcoholic husband who berates her and has affairs. She has a daughter. So by example she is teaching her daughter that feminism is projecting her unhealed rage (which is the result of her own childhood wounding and current life situation) onto a politician, and Instagramming it. And simultaneously, day in and day out, teaching her that it is perfectly acceptable to stay married to a man who yells at and cheats on mommy. True healing did not occur from her attending the march. In fact, nothing happened other than a few more months of being able to bypass her true situation. A few more months of pouring her energy into a "cause" based in duality, rather than careful self-examination of the wounds inflicted on her by her narcissistic father and disempowered mother. Action can take many forms, and sometimes it is action that only serves to anchor in the lies of duality. Taking action for action's sake is never a wise use of our energy.

The duality of feminism had many women proudly wearing "I'm with her" t-shirts last fall. The "Her" in question being a woman who villified and impugned the character of all of the women her husband sexually assaulted and raped. When it was "her" who questioned the motives of these women, "her" who said that Monica Lewinsky was a "narcissistic looney tune out for attention", and Gennifer Flowers was a "lying lounge singer with no resume to fall back on", no feminist batted an eye. You could hear a pin drop. No one was getting up on a soapbox to declare that women victims of sexual assault should never be shamed and blamed. Feminism's mantra back then was that if you were a feminist, you had to "stand with her" - regardless of "her" relentless public shaming of her husband's victims. The duality of feminism pitted woman against woman and rather than transcending the political drama (because no matter what your personal politics are, women support each other by not victim blaming), feminism's mantra alienated even more women. Many of those same women - literally, some of the same writers, columnists and authors, are today singing the praises of Taylor Swift for boldly speaking out against the man who groped her. Those same women who were "with her" (the her who victim blamed the women), are now writing about the importance of Taylor coming forward.

Do you SEE the duality? And how by accepting any label based in the world of duality, you become part of it.

And that is why those of us who are light workers, those of us who are actually here on earth at this time to manifest actual change, those of us who are here to dream and create a new world into being, a world based on the feminine principles so beautifully manifested during the time of Lemuria, must divorce ourselves from the label of feminism and the duality inherent in its assumptions. I am not writing this to speak to all women, because at this time, all women are not ready to step up into their full empowerment. Many women (and men) are still choosing to play in the duality game. Many of the "feminist spiritual teachers", columnists, writers and loud voices in social media are connected to the EMF grid, versus the Bethlehem grid, and so what they are teaching, writing about and sharing is based on antiquated outdated information. They are relics, still playing the role of polarity figure heads. They are under the guise of "new age" or "peace loving", but are transparently participating in the matrix lie of separation.

I do not write for them, or for you, if you still believe there is an enemy "out there".

Women, sisters, mothers and daughters, in order to rise up into our power, and reclaim our unique gifts as creators of this world, we must heal our inner wounds. We must take the energy we may be feeding into the duality paradigm, and turn it back towards ourselves for our own healing and empowerment. We must divorce ourselves from the patriarchal, dualistic modality of "feminism". As a mother of both a son and a daughter, a Shaman and Visionary who works almost exclusively with women, an artist and a lover of Mother Earth, I invite you to join me.

I invite all of you who feel the call in their hearts and in their souls, who feel the empowerment rising up from the Earth Mother herself...I invite the creatives, the dreamers, the teachers, the healers, the mystics, the shaman, the mothers....all of those who are ready to truly ascend beyond the lie of me versus you. We are leaving duality behind and imprinting our Mother Earth with the reactivation of the codes of the Divine Feminine. I invite you to join us as we begin the ascent into the Lemurian Mystery School sisterhood. <3 Liana 


Everything is energy. You will truly be amazed when you stop for a second, move the energy out from your mind (in other words, stop thinking for a second), FEEL into your body, and move the flow of energy into your heart chakra. If you do that when confronted with angry upset people, their projections will not harm or influence you in any way. You can actually put up a protective bubble of white light energy to surround you, and then send them waves of love. There are so many people who are angry about everything, choosing to be in a negative space, complaining, looking for problems, being nasty. They may have already succumbed to the Wetiko. (See: Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy).

Or, they may simply be unhappy with their lives. They may hate their job. They may be unhappily married. They may have had many traumas throughout their lives yet to be healed. They may have no passion left in their lives. They may have given up on their dreams. They most certainly do not love themselves. There are so many reasons that you may not be able to "see", that cause a person to be living in such a lower vibrational space. Their suffering is deep and they haven't yet healed.

When you come across them (which by the way, once you shift your own energy state you will encounter them less and less...remember, like attracts like), visualize your energy going into your heart space. Then, visualize a huge column of white light opening up from the universe and surrounding you in peace and strength. That will shift your energy frequency instantly. If you can also send love energy towards the angry negative person, that would truly help them a lot.

REMEMBER.....sending love to an angry person does not make you weak or defenseless...in fact, it's just the opposite. You can be strong, enforce your own boundaries, and be filled with authentic love at the same time.

People often get the impression that if you send loving energy to someone who is hurtful and angry, you are somehow "weak". I once wrote a Ho'opono pono prayer along with a message of love and light in a FB comment to a really angry person. Several people told me "that's just crazy, this guy is *&^^&%^ and he should just crawl in a hole and die". It was sad to see those kinds of responses. But it comes from unhealed wounds projecting back and forth, back and forth. You become stronger when you have genuine love in your heart for others who are at very low frequencies.

On the other hand, there are those who believe if you are strong and powerful and stand your ground and don't let people get away with bullshit, that you must not be loving, spiritual, and in the light. That's just called being fake. That's the new-age/fake-sage party line that you hear when people (often women) have been led to believe they have to "make nice", that it's their job to be emotional caretakers. That is something we covered in depth in yesterday's first session of the Mother Wound Class. It can be very difficult for women with unhealed mother wound to be around a truly empowered female. When you fully love yourself, you are empowered. You seek neither approval nor validation. Nor are you interested in making sure other people are happy. You are fully aware that is entirely their job, because you have already held your own self accountable for your own happiness (rather than expecting your spouse, parents, or anyone else to make you happy), and you simultaneously drop the burden of believing it is your job to somehow make other people happy.

Once you are living in a high frequency state, you can easily, compassionately, and authentically send massive waves of love to the most nasty negative people out there. You are never more empowered than when you are truly connected to heart, fully grounded, and living with the awareness of ONENESS. If you experience Oneness, you have to accept all of the darkness in the world. That doesn't mean you condone it, support it, or that you allow those people into your personal life.

LOVE heals when you stand firm and grounded, protect your personal space from lower frequency intruders, and meet anger with the vibration of love and compassion. Liana