I wanted to write on an important issue affecting many people close to me right now, and this is incredibly important if you yourself are here on this earth to participate in the healing of humanity in an active way. It is the issue of working in the healing arts and its relationship to abundance.

There is a very old paradigm circulating earth right now, which is the paradigm of the "wounded healer". Wounded Healer paradigm is not unlike the "starving artist" paradigm wherein people believe that to be in the healing professions or the art professions must equate with struggle and lack of abundance. When you buy into that, it is your reality. When you unwillingly accept that, you continue to provide support for energy (money) to continue to be controlled by the destructive energies.

The “wounded healer” paradigms exist in a world that places value on doctors and lawyers, football players and actors, but not lightworkers.

Not too long ago I saw about a hundred comments on a post by Joel Osteen, noting that he “lives in a mansion” and how “disgraceful” that is.I felt so sad for those commenters projecting their poverty mentality on a person who is doing well. The truth is that he is an example of a powerful new paradigm that has emerged. But those stuck in poverty mentality cannot see through their own fear of lack. Using Osteen as one example, here is a person who shares messages of hope, of light, of love and of inclusion. He dedicates his life to it, is criticized by other “Christians” who say he is too positive, and has church that is free to attend, social media that is free, and lots of other help for humanity in his own way. He resonates with a lot of people.

Do I personally resonate with everything he teaches? No. He is still in an older paradigm of Jesus’ teachings. But he is light years ahead of preachers selling fire and brimstone, discrimination, and exclusion every Sunday. And, for the people who are getting messages of hope from him, they may not be quite ready to hear about Jesus as a shaman and partner with the Goddess, but they are awake enough to be drawn to a person who shares a more light-filled message. He is hope for those people and that is a beautiful thing.  He resonates with large groups of people and as a result his books and programs are incredibly successful and popular, making him a wealthy man. This is a beautiful paradigm of the NEW ENERGY, he is modeling for all lightworkers that when you are resonating with truth, you are going to be abundant. He did not purchase his home with “church” money, but rather of his own well-deserved success and popularity. It is so tragic, archaic and damaging for people to criticize his beautiful abundance because he is doing light work. I am ecstatic for him, and we should all be, especially to see a light worker doing so well.

What is discordant is to see dark energy people like politicians, many Hollywood elite, many corporate CEO’s etc… living in extravagant homes with enormous disposable income, and while so many of our light workers, creatives, writers, artists, energy workers, are struggling.

When I had to have back surgery several years ago, the bill was over $80,000. I understand the nature of insurance, the high price of malpractice insurance for neurosurgeons, and the hospital costs along with the number of people that had to assist in the surgery. A few of my close friends said “that’s insane”. I said, it was worth $800,000 to me or more…how could I possibly put a price on something that improved the quality of my life in so many ways? I had immense gratitude for my surgeon, my healing, my recovery and paying the bill. Similarly, I had a journey with a shaman in which my entire life changed. On every single level imaginable. It was a much more dramatic change than my back surgery because it was whole-life changing. I was deeply affected in every way and today, I am following my authentic life path today because of the “death” and rebirth I experienced in that journey. The shaman charged me far less than she should have, and far less than my back surgery. I even asked her, why are you charging so little? It turned into a lengthy discussion about abundance, her lack of it, and the false paradigms she was stuck in.

She said to me, what if I charge more and people I know don’t want to pay that? I said “THEN THEY DON’T GET YOU!!!! They don’t get to experience what I experienced!!! But many others will!!!!”

And, I would have GLADLY paid as much as possible. $10,000, $15,000….how could I ever possibly put a price tag on my entire life direction? I cannot nor would I. She put herself in the energy field of journeying, and was there while I went through death. She accompanied me to the worlds within worlds.

Unfortunately, there are a number of people stuck in their own ego victimhood, and they have been programmed to believe that spiritual, emotional or personal healing or teaching, or art or even nutrition help, should be cheap or free. With the proliferation of “free” stuff on the internet, many people believe that everything should be free.

That is called entitlement. These are people who download pictures of art from the internet and print them out without compensating the artist. They feel “entitled” to the work of these people for free. They can, and so they do, steal. They do the same with downloading music from places like YouTube, rather than pay for songs or pay for streaming music. They feel “entitled” to music, rather than compensate the musicians of the world offering us their gifts. They don’t willingly support the creatives, the artists, the musicians. They post and share the work of others without attribution.

Yet these same people pay hundreds or thousands to doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc… Why is that? Because those doctors, dentists, and lawyers value THEMSELVES and refuse to work for free or for bargain prices unless it is part of their pro-bono or service work.

I have had a couple of encounters with entitled people, one such person was a client who had spent $20,000 with a naturopath before coming to see me. And after a significant amount of bogus treatments, very damaging chelation therapy, and expensive useless supplements, this person was very unwell when she came to me. She complained to me that she had no energy, she felt she had aged terribly, her hair was thinning and falling out, and going through menopause was hell. After a few minutes I realized she was fully minerally depleted, underweight, weak, and in need of a radical shift. In one session I gave her a juice/eating plan and a few other recommendations, and within two weeks her health began to turn around entirely and within a month, she wrote to me telling me that people were telling her that everyone could not believe how “beautiful” and young and healthy she looked. But here’s the kicker…this woman actually complained about the price of our session to another person lol. Not only that, she complained about the price of another lightworker she had been working with who was providing very valuable emotional work.

Needless to say, I ended my sessions with her.

I share this because it is a clear example of entitlement, and lack of priorities. But as a light worker, you will notice these patterns, along with the lack of desire to truly improve. When a person is willing to spend $20,000 while continuing to get sicker, “being sick” is what the person wants. Being “sick” allowed this person to take significant time off from work at a career she had called “soul sucking”. So getting well wasn’t her real motive. And, I’m definitely the wrong teacher, shaman, and nutritionist to work with if wellness is not really what your intention is. I’m not in the business of keeping people sick.

I am writing this to all of you who are called to bring forth your gifts into the world at this time. We need you. The whole entire world needs you. Your uniqueness is important to the elevation and ascension of humanity, and that is why you are here. If you have done your own healing work, if you have cleared away the places where your own ego puts you in fear and in anger, jealousy and competition, and you are READY to be in service to the world, realize that you not only deserve to value your time, your work and your energy, but you MUST. It is imperative that the energy (money) begins to shift out of and away from the hands of those who use it to oppress and harm others. It is time for the energy (money) to be in the hands of those who will use it with love, with compassion and with light.

The moment you begin to truly value yourself, without cheapening or devaluing who you are and what you do, you will attract those who SEE and can FEEL your value and what you bring to their lives. This is true for you even if you are not yet utilizing all of your gifts in a full time way yet, perhaps you are currently healing your own self and clearing your wounds to make way for your gifts to fully emerge, but it is important to know your self-worth.

If your life path is to help others heal themselves, you must be paid at the very least, as well as others in any other profession that works on the mind or body, including doctors, therapists, dentists etc.. or else you will be unable to make it your full time path. You will struggle, constantly. I recently read a blog post by someone claiming that lightworkers should charge very little. It saddened me to read such a false paradigm equating healing work with poverty consciousness.

If you do not value yourself in that way, you are allowing energy (money is just energy and a resource that is neither good nor bad, it carries the energy you carry) to continue to be diverted into the hands of those who are not really helping anyone. The bulk of the money will continue to go to the exact same people it has been going to for centuries.

As a very highly paid lawyer in New York I would always ask myself that question, why am I getting paid such a high amount for doing THIS? I would often discuss it with my colleagues who truly believed that it was the “education”, “expertise” and “professional degree” that warranted the money. But, day in and day out people would come into my office for help and advice on spirituality, past lives, relationships, life, health, emotional issues, all of which I was giving for free. For years. I knew in my heart that the help I was giving to them, far outweighed the value of work I was doing as a “professional” with letters after my name.

It led me to question, why do grown men who bang their heads into each other on the football field causing brain damage, get paid millions? Why do people who appear in mind-numbing television shows and movies get paid millions? While some of the most profound artists, light workers, authors, teachers, and counselors I know are struggling?

It is time for you to stop allowing this. Nothing stops until you stop it. The responsibility to shift the flow of energy is on all of us who are light workers.

If you hide from your own light, and lower your own worth, and buy in to the wounded healer or starving artist, you are allowing an excessive amount of money energy to fall into the wrong hands. Think carefully about that. If you are an artist who is channeling and creating healing medicine art, art that soothes the soul, art that helps heal humanity, that is your gift. Better to sell one large painting for $5000, $6000, $7000, rather than cheapen your work and have to make 10 of the same size paintings for $500 each, creating stress and discord….but not only that, lowering the quality of your work because you have to do more in less time.

By valuing yourself energy wise- you will have more time and peace of mind to DEVOTE to the work you are doing…more power to offer to your audience, your clients, your healing work.

I personally recommend offering different levels of the work you do so that you can reach the people who truly do resonate with you. If you are doing energy work or healing work, you can offer one-time group sessions that are very inexpensive that can appeal to a larger group. Then you can have another tier of services, smaller groups that require more of your time and energy, for a higher value and fewer people. And, if you are so inclined, you can do one-on-one work, which would be the most highly valued. For your service work, you could offer free programs periodically, or free writings, free tips, free blog posts, free giveaways on your social media. There are many ways to build service work into your profession. Remember, healing work is a profession and a calling.

If you are here to write, paint, create, do energy work, counsel, support, coach, other human beings to help them get to a higher place within themselves, you absolutely have to clear your energy of poverty mentality, wounded healer, starving artist syndrome.

Know that there will always be some people who do truly value healing, and value your work, but may be in a financial predicament at the moment. Know that God will move them into a better predicament financially, soon, because they are working honestly on their path. In the mean time, they will benefit greatly from all of the free healing you offer through your words, posted art, teachings, messages, posts etc...

Many people do not realize that most light workers are spending large chunks of their day writing blog posts, researching issues to write for Facebook and Instagram posts, taking beautiful photos, making beautiful art, spending a LOT of time and energy doing so, and then freely offering these gifts on social media. I always support other light workers in every way I can to encourage them to continue doing what they do. Every person who reads those posts, views those photos, experiences those tips, pieces of wisdom, healthy recipes, works of art, benefits in many ways. 

That being said, I believe service work is vital. Service work can come in many forms. You can offer wisdom, healing and help via your social media, blog posts, and smaller free programs. I’ve offered a free three day detox and a free four day liver cleanse for years now, downloaded by thousands of people who have benefitted tremendously and found great healing through those programs. They are extensive. They are of substance. Not everyone is going to be a personal client or be called to join in one of your more in depth offerings. They are not supposed to be. So it is important to have service work included, however it resonates with you. Perhaps it is in making financial donations to organizations that work for causes that matter to you, or supporting other lightworkers by purchasing their offerings. Whatever it is, be sure to include service work in your path.

Ultimately, when you recognize your self-worth and value your unique gifts, you will be surrounded by people who value your contributions as well. In moving towards that paradigm, you help shift the balance of money (energy) away from the dark and more into the light.

It is crucial at this time for that to happen.