Throughout our lives we often pick up beliefs about others and ourselves that do nothing more than distract us from our healing. One of the most powerful beliefs is what I call the badge of "I'm a good person". This can be a painful distraction on the path to your highest self. When we consider ourselves to be a "good person", it is usually in comparison to others who we deem "bad people" and in that category are people who do what we consider "bad things". I've heard it used in many contexts.

We often subconsciously inventory our "good person qualities" such as helping others, helping animals, being generous in time and energy or money, and these are all beautiful qualities. They all contribute to the light. Honor those beautiful pieces of yourself!

But the goal is to get to your total beauty. And in so doing, we have to look at ways where we might have misused our energy or power in some way. We have to examine the shadow that sometimes usurps our light. In the past two years of our Life Path Manifesting Program, many people have said that looking at the shadow is the most difficult part. Many of the things we have looked at include things like:

Have you misused your sexual energy to get attention, to get someone to do what you want, to get and feel love?

Have you withheld love to punish someone?

Have you criticized someone because you were hurt, and as a result caused hurt to another person?

You will know the "good person badge" is out in full force if you ever say to yourself or someone else "but I'm not really like that", when talking about something you said, did or were part of. So for example, if you chimed in on gossip with a group of people, and then said to yourself or someone else later, "but I"m not really like that".  When we are on the healing path of the soul we inevitably must deal with all of these things. Embracing our light and our dark is vital to reaching our highest version of our self and living our best life possible.

In the same way that we must not shrink away from our light, and we should embrace our gifts, talents and beauty, we must also understand, acknowledge, and hold ourselves accountable for our shadows. Once we look at the root of our shadow pieces, we can actually cleanse those pieces so that we are no longer held captive by an un-examined shadow. If we continue to ignore its existence, it will forever hold us hostage until we are ready to work with it.

But also be careful when you do uncover misuses of power in your journey. We have a tendency to find one bad thing and we cling to it. "How horrible am I". Realize -- that's a story too. As much as the "I'm a good person" is stopping us from fully advancing to our full light, "I'm a bad, defective, worthless person" is equally as destructive to your path.

When you go digging for your diamond, you will find some things of beauty, and some things of ugliness. Neither negates the other. The light and the shadow, they both exist. And the shadow is as real as the light. The more we ignore the shadow, and pretend it's non-existence, the bigger it gets no matter how much you protest. The goal is to become fully truthful with your own heart so that limiting patterns don't keep you hovering above the airport without ever allowing you to land. ~ From Session 6 In LifePathManifesting