flower foot bath

For those of you who have been with me for a while, you know my deep love of, reverence for, and appreciation of flowers. I have always felt deeply connected to flowers, and my home, both inside and out, is filled with and surrounded with the magical blooms of tropical flowers. I have written many times about flowers in their healing capacity, I paint flowers on almost every painting I do, I spend time in connection with the devas (or spirits) of the flowers, I have been personally using flower essences and flower baths for over 20 years, and have taught classes from the scientific aspect of essential oils, herbs and essences. I have deep gratitude that their medicine enhances my energy in so many ways.

In many of the Shamanic Traditions in Peru from the high Andes to the Amazon, banos florales (flower baths) are an essential aspect of healing. These baths are often used before or after medicine journeys, to clear energy and balance the person preparing for a journey, or just returning from one. These types of baths are often done near a river, as the shaman pours the flower bath water over the head of the person needing healing, as the the river allows the energies to be carried away.  

In this past week's Illuminations message, I channeled a powerful bath recipe for this week, to clear negative energy, and prepare the body for calming balancing new energy. The bath consisted of some essential oils, crystals, magnesium, baking soda and intention setting. Intention and mindset are incredibly important when entering a flower bath. I have heard from a few of you who have already done the bath once or twice and feel incredibly cleansed in spirit. That is the power of a flower bath :)

You can always feel free to experiment with the flowers you use, the crystals you use (be sure you know crystals though, and don't use any that are porous like malachite, which is poisonous, so you cannot use it for drinkable elixirs or baths, or kyanite, or selenite etc....), the herbs, or even additives like spirulina, seaweeds, kaolin clay, flower essences, magnesium oil, epsom salts, and aluminum free baking soda to absorb all the released toxins. I also always recommend that you have soft (non fluorescent) lighting, or candles, do some breathwork before hand, set your intentions, and give yourself total quiet time and space. Music can certainly be nice and add to the experience if you have high vibrational music like the solfeggio frequencies, or whale and dolphin sounds (check out Pod Tunes, it's amazing!) But in today's world, true silence is rare, and so I find it can sometimes be best for the emotional body to have complete silence where you can be alone with your inner self.

Flower essences are another incredibly healing spirit medicine from flowers. They can bring about subtle but powerful shifts in your energy field. They are not herbal medicines or tinctures but they work on the vibrational energy within your field. There are thousands of potential flower essences, and these days I mostly make my own and use them, as I prepare them in the tropical sunlight, use prayer, and infuse them with Christ Consciousness energy, and unconditional love. But there are some very good brands out there, my favorite being Sweetwater Sanctuary in Maine. I love her essences and have recommended them countless times over the years, and personally have her entire collection.

I also owe deep gratitude to Edward Bach, a bacteriologist, pathologist and physician who brought flower essences into the mainstream back in the 1920's. Most people have at least heard of flower essences, largely through Dr. Bach. Although there are many still stuck in the old medical-pharma paradigm of "anti-life" and assault on the body, Dr. Bach recognized the power in supporting the body's natural rhythms - particularly in the energy field. He was incredibly way ahead of his times. Just see for yourself...ask a medical doctor you know how often they "prescribe" flower essences.

Flower essences are an AMAZING complement (as are flower baths) to any healing work, journeying, meditation practice, yoga practice, and will help with any life situation from pregnancy and childbirth, to trauma, to stress, to protection. You may not notice the effects of the flower essences immediately, because as I said they are subtle, but you will for sure notice them over time. And the true beauty is that flower essences have ZERO negative effects or contraindications, unlike essential oils which can have very serious side effects if you are not careful and don't know the scientific properties.. (Example several oils are estrogenic, including lavender, which I do not recommend women putting it on their skin. There are a few people who are trying to make the claim these oils are not estrogenic, but they are tied to the financial profit of some large MLM oil companies so their "expertise" is moot.)

I recommend checking out the Bach remedies which are widely available at almost all health food stores, and try Rescue Remedy if you haven't already. It's a wonderful combination that can help children going through stress from school, family situations etc... and it is great for any situation in which you feel overwhelmed. Once you try that, experiment with the other Bach remedies and then build your own healing world from there! Right now due to the high Schuman Resonance and the rapidly crumbling old paradigms as the new ones are ushered in, I have been recommending Yarrow and Echinacea.

Yarrow protects and heals women from the wounds inflicted by the patriarchy and helps men embrace Divine Masculine energy integrating heart, soul and spirit, becoming a heart centered "warrior". It also helps with cutting energetic cords that are destructive (especially if used in conjunction with or after an energy clearing session), and is great for general protection. Echinacea can help protect you from other people's energy, and is great for lightworkers, people who regularly come into contact with a lot of other people (like those who work in schools, live in urban areas, spend time in crowded gyms, public transportation, fly a lot etc...). It also helps protect you from environmental pollution and electro-magnetic intensity.

So my message to you today is...learn from flower medicine. Invite it into your life. Unlike some of the master plant teachers which require you to work hard at accessing their medicine, and require you to go through serious challenges to be given the keys to their wisdom, flowers invite you in. They bloom, they blossom, they draw you towards their incredibly beauty, scent, and lightness. Try a flower bath, a flower essence, some fresh flowers, or plant some in your spring garden. Your life will be beautifully enriched. <3 Liana