"It is difficult to know the true feminine, because very few people have experienced it." Marion Woodman

Despite many things being labeled "feminine" in our world, very few things actually are. In my work with many women clients, we do a fair amount of womb/pelvic/ovarian energy release and clearing. .

It is IN THE FEMALE BODY, specifically the root/sacral/solar plexus, where the true feminine lives.

We can only reunite with our own divine wild feminine nature in our core. But it can be hard. Many women live a life totally out of touch with the earth and her cycles, and out of sync with her own. When you add that to the traumas of emotionally painful sexual experiences, sexual abuse, chemically laden toxic "hygiene" products, womb trauma (abortions, miscarriage etc.), disrespect of the body by self and others, medical procedures, and hormonal treatments, there is an enormous amount of grief and pain being held tightly without release.

Start to pay attention to your lower abdomen. Sense where there is a tightening of energy. Breathe deep and feel the restriction, is it forward or back? Left or right? Some areas are related directly to your sense of support, some linked to grief, some linked to stifled creativity. Begin to get familiar with the inner feminine terrain, starting your journey of true reclaiming. ❀🌺🌈 Liana