Rise from the ashes beautiful Goddesses.... Rise from the pain... Obliterate the negativity... reach deep into the fierce grace in your hearts... actively BE love today.... refuse the darkness.... step out of fear... you ARE strong... you ARE supported... there are millions in our sisterhood and for our brothers as well.... be the lamp... illuminate the only truth which is love.... sing, chant, walk out of the darkness into the sun... collectively let's bring the light out in... force... no amount of darkness can hide from the light... move away from duality-thinking, move into ONE-NESS. The patriarchy had controlled this earth for TOO LONG.... the earth, her people, her animals.... coming together with a vision of LOVE... it IS the way....

DROP old stories

You can step out of pain RIGHT NOW
Time is an illusion... suffering is not necessary.... BE love ❤️ RIGHT NOW. Reach out to a friend. Send love to a foe. KNOW there are truly NO ENEMIES because I am you, you ARE me, we are them, and they are us. We are all mirror reflections of one another.

When we see ugliness in the world it is the Divine mirror reflecting back what is in our own hearts....

Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, God/Goddess Creatrix of all that is, ever was, or ever will be.... I humbly ask you for your immense GRACE to descend at this time upon my sisters and brothers, to hold us together with the sacred golden thread.... to ONE collective beating heart... so together, we can vanquish the darkness.  Liana