abandonment wound


Right now we are being asked to STEP INTO our true selves. But how? What does that look like? Before anything else it means... FOCUS ON HOW WE CAN EVOLVE AS INDIVIDUALS.

It means get to the business of healing OURSELVES.

It means examining EVERY thought we believe, every action we take. Deciphering out what is actually YOURS and discarding the rest.

Can you imagine, in your most beautiful imagination, what this magnificent world would look like if everyone examined every part of their lives and one by one eliminated the FALSE SELF and only embodied the authentic????

And then... imagine if everyone began focusing ONLY on their own healing before trying to heal "the world"? If everyone stood up for themselves... WITHIN.... holding up signs of protest in the SOUL... saying "I'm not willing to harm myself anymore with limited beliefs. No more abusing my body with chemical foods. No more destroying my mind with patriarchal themes brainwashing us on tv".

If everyone said... As of this minute I'm making healing my wounds a priority.

I'm going to stop projecting my anger at my dad, at other men.

I'm going to stop projecting the wound that came from my mom being emotionally distant, onto my spouse, other women, my teachers.

I'm going to stop projecting my unhealed grief from lost parts of my childhood, onto my own kids.

I'm going to stop projecting the pain of all the dreams I gave up on, onto the world in general... causing me to look for problems rather than just heal my own.

I'm going to stop bypassing my own healing by focusing on what politicians, celebrities, and other talking heads are trying to rile me up about and distracting me from the ONLY thing I can fix... myself

EVERY single thing we see in the world around us is an EXACT energetic mirror of what is INSIDE of us collectively. It can't NOT be that way.... our world operates on energy and energy manifests directly related to the collective.

So if we don't like to see poverty... we have to fix the places within ourselves that are poor... and do things OURSELVES that directly affect the poor around us...

If we don't like seeing child abuse... we have to fix the places within ourselves that are abused...

If we don't like seeing environmental destruction to our magnificent Mother Earth... we MUST look within at the ways we degrade her...do we eat animals, thus participating in the biggest cause of greenhouse gases? Do we get a new television, computer or phone frequently?

Are we bypassing by BLAMING "them", without the brave awareness that WE the BILLIONS are the ones destroying the earth, killing the oceans, causing climate change... IT IS US!!!! The earth is not getting destroyed because of the diabolical plans of the few who rule this planet....it's getting destroyed because we are COMPLICIT IN GOING ALONG WITH THEIR PLANS!!!!

WE are eating the fish out of the depleted oceans
WE are taking our kids to aquariums to see captured dolphins who were ripped away from their mothers
WE are buying cheap crap made in China, supporting companies like Walmart and filling OUR landfills
WE are the ones talking a LOT about "them", while driving cars using lots of the oil being DRILLED from the mother
WE are taking the xanax, Valium, and all other manner of other poisons that are making the global drug pushers BILLIONS
WE are the ones supporting water rights being taken away when we BUY BOTTLED WATER
WE are the ones.

"They" ONLY profit if WE the BILLIONS support them!!!

WE ... not they... are destroying Mother Earth with what we buy, what we eat, and how we live....

Do we despise the patriarchy????? We MUST look at the ways we perpetuate it as women... looking at the ways we degrade our own bodies as women, criticizing other women's bodies and our own, poisoning our bodies by sticking cancer causing tampons into our sacred wombs... abusing our temples with diets, diet pills, cancer causing injections, fillers, plastics.... to hopefully gain validation FROM THE PATRIARCHY.... remembering that the most damaging form of the patriarchy comes to us through our mothers... our mothers validate the patriarchy by all the ways they participate in it... it is oppressive beyond most comprehension

Whether we approve or disapprove of ourselves when we look in the mirror is fully tainted by the demands of the patriarchy...

We must look at all the ways we allow men to degrade us... rather than projecting our anger and rage at someone outside of us... look within at every nook and cranny where WE have supported the patriarchy ourselves... Do we speak up to our own husbands, fathers and brothers if we know they watch pornography? Do we walk away from men who objectify us? Do we forever avoid conflict so as to not "upset" dad? Or husband? Believing it's our "job" to manage their emotions?????? It's not!

But it's not their fault either... men and women suffer under a patriarchy because neither can achieve their Divine Feminine/Masculine balance under oppressive paradigms.

It is REALLY time to wake up to our authenticity... through our own healing...

I am elated beyond my own wildest imagination to see, know, work with and talk to women AND men in my programs who are choosing to do the work necessary wake up. 🐬💕🌸🌈❤❤❤❤ Liana


When my clients hear the words “abandonment wound”, it's often the first time they've ever heard of it. Abandonment wound is something that affects a huge percentage of people on the planet, as it occurs when our parents are unable to love unconditionally. We experience abandonment in so many ways including: