When you live in alignment with your highest purpose,
When you choose faith over fear,
When you stop seeking validation from others,
When you realize that other people's opinions of you are their own unhealed projections,
When you leap with total surrender into the abyss... KNOWING that the Divine will offer you the most miraculous landing spots you could've never imagined,
When you break free from dogma, family dynamics, dysfunctional patterns,
When you fully drop the ego into the back seat and allow only GOD/GODDESS to drive your life....
When you heal your Mother Wound, Father Wound, and Abandonment Wound.... and realize YOU are both mother, father, and hero to yourself... you arrive at Unconditional Self-Love.

Unconditional Self-Love is a place no one can disturb. Unconditional Self-Love that is perfect as is, and spreads out far into any environment you are in.

Unconditional Self-Love is a place where happiness exists every day in the here and now... it recognizes that happiness is not some big huge future event that will be reached when x,y,z conditions are met...

Unconditional Self-Love leads you to happiness in every day... it leads you to a life you are excited to wake up to every day, a life you don't need a vacation from, a life you don't dread Monday's and live for the weekends in... Unconditional Self-Love manifests as a life you love living every day. Small things and big things. Through the ups and downs and challenges, an unconditionally self-loving life is a blissful one.

When you arrive at Unconditional Self-Love you ARE happiness, and you feel deep joy consistently. Daily. Even when you experience pain. Unconditional Self-Love guides you to the joy in your heart which never leaves... it is the one constant while everything and everyone around you changes... ❤❤💕❤❤ Liana