female friends


Traumatic experiences we go through in life, especially those that are buried so deep that we can't access them with our mind, are stored within the tissues of the body as energy patterns that subconsciously try to block us from any future pain.

Until we heal that we will continue to recreate patterns that we really don't "want".

Never underestimate the power of these subconscious protection mechanisms. I have seen more than one person begin on their path of true healing, making significant progress, only to go like a literal slingshot as fast as they can back to the subconscious programming.

As an example, one woman I worked with had been wondering why her relationships were unsatisfying. Why she felt drawn to other men outside of her marriage. And why she had been unfaithful. Mostly she wondered how she wound up in a marriage (again) that was not at all what she "wanted". It seemed like it was in the beginning, but it soon became a familiar pattern to earlier relationships.

This was a very educated, intelligent woman who had studied and tried more forms of healing modalities than most people ever will. So how was it that her subconscious was so powerful that it created repeating patterns despite her conscious mind deliberately seeking something truly different?

We journeyed. We traveled to the Chamber of Wounds. We traveled to the Chamber of Contracts. She saw the origins of her wounds. She experienced the core wounding in its full light. She fully understood what was needed for her to break this pattern. In fact, she had studied under another teacher/guru years before who had shown her the exact same things she was seeing with me.

She made bold moves at first. She truly believed she wanted to be free. But when we show courage to break free, not everyone resounds with joy for us. Many close to us pull away. They can't handle seeing our freedom, when they are still trapped.

Two of her closest female friends pulled away. One told her that she herself was heartbroken at the thought of her friend without the husband. She cried. She couldn't rejoice for my client's courage and freedom. Instead she made the moment about herself, and how sad SHE would be at not seeing her friend as part of a couple.

Her other "best friend" told her that she couldn't really handle it either. This other friend said that she herself was in a miserable marriage, but didn't have the financial means to be on her own. She is in a marriage of financial oppression. So she too pulled away.

These are examples of the "Tribal Shaming" that so-called friends and family use to yank us back into our subconscious energy patterns. You see, families and friend groups can operate like systems. And systems require homeostasis. And when one person starts to see their truth, that person is dealing NOT ONLY with their own powerful subconscious, but with the powerful rejection and manipulation techniques used by the family system to pull you back in.

And no matter how dysfunctional those family/friend systems are, the person wanting the change has to muster up extraordinary levels of belief and trust in themselves to know that they are TRULY better off on their own, than remaining in a cancerous family.

But it doesn't always happen.

Traditional psychotherapy does little to heal us in mind, body and spirit. Powerful energy healing is needed so that we can bring our energetic vibration to a whole new level, allowing ourselves to be open and receptive to new ideas from the universe, and new channels of awareness. Faith and trust in our growth, despite being circumcised from the family group if it comes to that.

These changes must be "programmed" into the subconscious, because the mind itself is not capable of reinforcing the healing and make it permanent.

Mind, Body and Spirit Healing comes when we excavate the wounds, look at them with a spotlight, and feel the full breadth of the emotions coming from those wounds. Not just understand sadness or anger, but truly allow our physical body to FEEL the pain. It will not swallow you whole, although at times it feels like it. Once you do that, you can set yourself free in the recognition that you are not your wounds.

You can then choose to surround yourself only with people who support your true growth, rather than your stagnation. You must resist the temptation to choose the illusion of safety, ignoring the siren call of those friends and family who are still stuck on the dark and rocky shores.

Once you FULLY let go of the wounds it is time to reprogram your subconscious so that you never return to that automated patterned way of living and being in the world. 🌈 Liana