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new moon

Here we are in the last week of 2016, and Illuminations has been sent out for the last time this year! So much transformational imagery came forth in the message this week that will surely have profound effects on all in the Illuminations community! We have entered a time of rebirth and renewal with the last New Moon of the year, while simultaneously navigating the intensity of Mercury Retrograde. So we are being initiated into a new "era" in our lives, which will include expansion and manifestation.

But with so many influences on the neutrino field this week, it's as if we are totally suspended at the top of the rollercoaster, right before it releases onto the winding tracks and big drops. This is actually the beginning of a three year journey, which I will cover next week in our "New Year Illuminations Forecast", but it's important to note that right now we need both proper direction and grounding/protection. We will all be on the rollercoaster ride, but you want to be sure that you are in a car that is securely fastened to the rails. Grounding your body as well as your energetic aura is vital in order to protect you from the erratic nature of some of the energy coming.

Much like in the way we have a surge protector that keeps our computer safe from surges of energy that could cause damage, we ourselves are in need of our own surge protection right now from the intense influx of energy moving in. It should be on the top of your agenda this week to have a core grounding practice. In Illuminations this week I give you a powerful exercise which you can do any time, any where, to get yourself grounded, but feel free to use any of your grounding practices this week.

The best way for you to view this week, is at the entry point of an intense three year period. If you can spend this week in quiet contemplation of your ideal future, and conjure up the most lucid pictures of your path, you will serve yourself well as the energy right now is very supportive of contemplation versus action. The time for action will come, so have patience and remember that love IS everything. Bring yourself back to that place of remembering and go within to pull out all of the dreams that you have been paving the way for throughout your 2016 healing work. Love to you all.