Everything is energy. You will truly be amazed when you stop for a second, move the energy out from your mind (in other words, stop thinking for a second), FEEL into your body, and move the flow of energy into your heart chakra. If you do that when confronted with angry upset people, their projections will not harm or influence you in any way. You can actually put up a protective bubble of white light energy to surround you, and then send them waves of love. There are so many people who are angry about everything, choosing to be in a negative space, complaining, looking for problems, being nasty. They may have already succumbed to the Wetiko. (See: Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy).

Or, they may simply be unhappy with their lives. They may hate their job. They may be unhappily married. They may have had many traumas throughout their lives yet to be healed. They may have no passion left in their lives. They may have given up on their dreams. They most certainly do not love themselves. There are so many reasons that you may not be able to "see", that cause a person to be living in such a lower vibrational space. Their suffering is deep and they haven't yet healed.

When you come across them (which by the way, once you shift your own energy state you will encounter them less and less...remember, like attracts like), visualize your energy going into your heart space. Then, visualize a huge column of white light opening up from the universe and surrounding you in peace and strength. That will shift your energy frequency instantly. If you can also send love energy towards the angry negative person, that would truly help them a lot.

REMEMBER.....sending love to an angry person does not make you weak or fact, it's just the opposite. You can be strong, enforce your own boundaries, and be filled with authentic love at the same time.

People often get the impression that if you send loving energy to someone who is hurtful and angry, you are somehow "weak". I once wrote a Ho'opono pono prayer along with a message of love and light in a FB comment to a really angry person. Several people told me "that's just crazy, this guy is *&^^&%^ and he should just crawl in a hole and die". It was sad to see those kinds of responses. But it comes from unhealed wounds projecting back and forth, back and forth. You become stronger when you have genuine love in your heart for others who are at very low frequencies.

On the other hand, there are those who believe if you are strong and powerful and stand your ground and don't let people get away with bullshit, that you must not be loving, spiritual, and in the light. That's just called being fake. That's the new-age/fake-sage party line that you hear when people (often women) have been led to believe they have to "make nice", that it's their job to be emotional caretakers. That is something we covered in depth in yesterday's first session of the Mother Wound Class. It can be very difficult for women with unhealed mother wound to be around a truly empowered female. When you fully love yourself, you are empowered. You seek neither approval nor validation. Nor are you interested in making sure other people are happy. You are fully aware that is entirely their job, because you have already held your own self accountable for your own happiness (rather than expecting your spouse, parents, or anyone else to make you happy), and you simultaneously drop the burden of believing it is your job to somehow make other people happy.

Once you are living in a high frequency state, you can easily, compassionately, and authentically send massive waves of love to the most nasty negative people out there. You are never more empowered than when you are truly connected to heart, fully grounded, and living with the awareness of ONENESS. If you experience Oneness, you have to accept all of the darkness in the world. That doesn't mean you condone it, support it, or that you allow those people into your personal life.

LOVE heals when you stand firm and grounded, protect your personal space from lower frequency intruders, and meet anger with the vibration of love and compassion. Liana



My Christmas Message for YOU
Christmas is for everyone. You don't have to celebrate. You don't have to participate. You don't have to do, be, say, or achieve anything. You can give gifts or not give gifts. You can sing songs or not sing songs. You can have a tree, or no tree. You can go to church or not go to church. You may practice a religion that doesn't even acknowledge Christmas or the birth of Jesus. No worries. Jesus is the Avatar for planet earth. His LIGHT will eventually guide us all home. All 7 billion plus of us. LOVE and HIS LIGHT are all of our birthright.

Jesus is a shaman. He lived, walked, and loved, as a human on this Earth. His Divine humanness was to SHOW us our own true Divine nature. He SHOWED us the highest potential for humanity - unconditional love of ourselves and all others.

He taught many things, most important - Love Everyone. 
Everyone includes yourself. 
He taught us to be like children.
This Christmas, find your inner child. Love her, Love him. Let them know they deserve total unconditional love. No matter what. Let them know that nothing they ever did could have disconnected you from the love of the Divine Mother.

Share with your inner child that she is always held warmly in the love of both the Divine Mother and Father.

This Christmas, connect with the true magic of Christmas.... that the Divine is already within you. You ARE good enough and more than that, you are not your wounds.

This Christmas, Play. Find joy. Search for seashells on the shore or build snowmen in the cold. Jump on a trampoline and dance your heart out. Sing karaoke, paint a rainbow unicorn. Roller skate. Bake a cake. Skydive out of a plane. Bathe in the moonlight. Watch for shooting stars. Build a fire. Get your toes in the sand. Watch a sunset with someone you love. Wrap up in a warm blanket and watch a happy movie. Drink a cup of warm Chai. Or a green juice. Watch a whale breach, or a dolphin spin. Or a deer 🦌 run through the snow. Or a spider weave a web. And never stop playing.

This Christmas... find your inner child, hug her and never let her go.

This Christmas give yourself the gift of silencing the critic. Tell her or him to shut it down. For good. You're done with that. Dump the shame, the guilt, the blame, and the resentment this Christmas. Draw the line. Never go back.

Soothe your own broken heart. Ground yourself into the loving energy of Mother Earth. Cry tears of happiness, sadness, grief or joy... or all of it. Let it all in this Christmas, move it through you, and release what weighs you down. This Christmas, fall in deep love with yourself. Honor yourself. Respect yourself.

Forget what didn't get "done". Everything is already perfect.

Feel the connection of Jesus and the Goddess as they bring back the Divine Feminine into balance on our beautiful planet. This Christmas, feel the unconditional love of Jesus and Mother Mary showering upon you, no matter what doctrine, religion, customs or traditions you hold. They ARE love, and love is for everyone.

Another year has passed. Let the love move you away from self-criticism, away from self-hate, and away from allowing yourself to be around anyone who treats you any less than the radiant, magnificent gift that you are. Move to higher vibrational ground through the Christ Consciousness....

Call on Him, ask Him to reveal his perfect heart to you directly.... you need no books, dogma, patriarchal doctrine or lies to earn his relationship to you. He's already right there waiting to support you when you ask. Don't believe anything you've been told about how He lives, loves, and saves. Let go of any lies that judge you.

The only thing we need saving from is the BS we've been told for millennia, which has resulted in the Wetiko virus invading the hearts of humans who have lost the belief in their own light.

Call on Jesus and Mary together... the perfection of Divine Masculine and Feminine together.

There's nothing to believe, only everything to directly EXPERIENCE for yourself.

This Christmas take the DIRECT EXPRESS to love. Just open your heart, ask, and you will receive. Love to you all.