A prayer to the Divine Mother ❤🌈

Mother... Great Divine Mother of Mercy, Compassion, Love and Grace,
I humbly ask today and for all days to come, that you reveal your light to us all, including all who are stuck in duality....

I pray with depth of heart and soul, for my life to be a living example of your light and love, and to look with compassion upon the unconscious programming infecting the hearts of millions,

I pray for my sisters to dig deep into their wounds, that you may offer the healing needed to find their light,  and for my brothers to step into their own light, embodying the Divine masculine...

Divine Mother Goddess, we accept your graces, your Divine timing, and your Will... not ours...

I open my heart and soul to pure truth, and the courage to share it, the strength to live it, and the compassion to love those who choose Wetiko.

I offer my life as your instrument and channel of peace and love... I choose to step out of duality programming and walk in Love, with strength.

I ask for your love for all beings, animal, plant, human and other, to one day see their connection to you... to feel the joy of the dolphin heart, the courage of the lioness and the wisdom of the jaguar in the night...the determination of the hummingbird to reach oneness ... the surrender of the serpent to release the past...and the vision of the condor to rise above the stories infecting our hearts.

As we one day soon return to ashes, may our energy leave an imprint upon this magnificent earth as only love. ❤

Thank you. ❤


Mystical Nights
Magical Days
Breath of Life Breezes Through My Being
Enchanted Aromas of Goddess Flowers Arise
Hovering Above The Winged Creatures of the Mountains
Dancing in the Glistening Crested Waves, The Whale Mother Sings Her Song
Sounds of Earth Mother Awakening, In Her Cycles, and Settling In For Evening Rest
Gardens of Splendor
Skies of Delight
Lemuria, Kaua'i, my Home... I pay Homage 🐬🐬🌈🌈🌈🌞🌞🌞🌴🌴