Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel Prize winning scientist who discovered vitamin C, said that every culture before our own (Western culture) focused healing on the movement of energy.

Allowing the energy to move freely through the body created an optimal state where the body can heal itself, the emotions and the mind bring themselves to a calm, peaceful state.

Energy is the organizing principle of the body.

The body consists of some 100 trillion cells, most of these actually being bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that create a symbiotic relationship with human cells. Each of these cells in one second can have anywhere from 70 to 100 thousand chemical reactions. Each one of these 100 trillion cells pumps out this amazing quantity of chemical reactions.

All these chemical reactions create something else: information. For the body to function, all of this information that is being created needs to be organized and created into a coherent whole that is the human body.

Energy is the organizing principle of all this information, channeling and controlling these reactions to achieve the optimal balance. Without this processing of information, our entire body and all systems would be total chaos.

For those of you who have done Human Design, you know that our 9 energy centers are vital to holistic wellness. Remember, that thoughts are energy as well. The biochemical aspect of thoughts is clear, as our thoughts create a cascade of responses that have a ripple effect on the entire body, in every single organ and system.

Our thoughts are energetic, having the ability to send frequencies far from the body, to carry information outside the brain into our environment. Be mindful at all times what you are actively inviting to show up in your life. <3 Liana