Fire. Raging on, returning to dust, all that held memories. 
Burning, in a country divided in fear. Tennessee. Oakland. 
Fire. Rockets over head, bombs explode, limbs ripped, bodies charred. Babies orphaned. 
Fire. Families, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, no homes to return to... for some, no country to call their own. Syria. Iraq. Middle East. Somalia. 
Water. The source of life. Clean, clear, healing waters turn to black... children, innocence and joy bathing in the waters of hell... lead... toxic...who is listening anymore? Detroit. 
Protectors, standing for life, for dignity, for respect. Do you hear them? Poverty, oppression, addiction, displacement, trafficking, the bearers of all of our you see them? North Dakota. 
Water. Oceans. Depths of blue magnificence turning to red. Dolphins. Whales. Mothers, babies, fighting for to live free. Parents shuffling kids into dens of horror, tubs of tragic entertainment, Crying out in the night winds. Silence. Japan. Faroes.
Suits. Ties. Suits and Ties. Marching like good little sheep, to the beat of an unknown drummer. A master. Tap tap. Tap tap. Fearing isolation, the marchers conform, homogenize, resign their spirit. Become shells. Die. 
Avoidance poison. What's yours? How does Wetiko infect you? Alcohol? Electronics? Television? Busyness? What is your chosen hemlock?
What slow death shall you select... The connoisseurs consumerism of fancy planes, mansions and yachts, geese stuffed full of fat with near-exploding livers... is that your delicacy, your mask of success? Or perhaps it's the working class consumerism of mass produced aisles of waste in mega-marts, cheap clothes made of toxic materials, woven on the backs of poverty in far away lands... lab made foods in cheaply dyed bags and boxes, or perhaps it's the tribal rules you're plugged into, at the cost of leaching power... the violence inherent in identifying with one's culture, separateness, duality, and for a lower chakra sense of safety, a net that dissolves upon your next death.... then rebirth? A new set of cultural codes... a whole new set of fears and identifications... strip yourself of the Illusion while you still can. 
Do our preferred illusions, poisons and distractions save our souls from the karma of death from decisions made by all of our leaders past and present? The karma of war, of drone strikes, the karma of death from starvation, the karma of death from drowning during escape from war, the karma of death from lives extinguished at will, the karma of mass graves of animal commodification, the broken hearts of mothers losing their babies both human and animal? Who is it among us that will bear the depth of the sickness?

Do the proclamations of spirituality-lite, the collective belief that "we" are on the good side, while not realizing that the acceptance of "sides" is already a resignation to duality and violence, a denial of what is whole and real, the projection of our shadow outward onto the screens that surround us, forming puppets against the night of "us versus them", do we believe that will shelter us from the Wetiko? Does our cognitive dissonance keep us safe, the louder it is?

This is YOUR call ... here ... now ... straight from the heart of Mother Earth and the Soul of Father Sky, and the light of our Star Brothers and Sisters, our Lemurian Ancestors, calling for us to move fully into the space of our hearts. Their voices speak to us in the beauty of the orchid blossom, the magenta night sky, the sultry turquoise sea, the peace in a lover's embrace, the love in a child's eye, the bliss in the rays of the sun shining upon our skin, the subtle touch of the breeze through the bamboo grove, the deep breath of the mother whale, the howl of the wolf, the flight of the falcon....they are calling for us to set ourselves free from bondage... to courageously examine our shadow. Their message for us is that there is nothing for us to fear in the depths... for at the deepest part of the darkness is the entrance to the expansiveness of light. 

*Wetiko is a Cree term, referring to psychological disease that has been informing human self-destructive behavior that Native American people have known about for years. It is a psycho-spiritual disease that is at the root of all of humanity's economic, personal, and physical destruction. I highly recommend Paul Levy's book "Dispelling Wetiko".