Beloveds….this is an important message today of light, peace, love, unity, truth and clarity for you all. First things first, I am a shaman, a spiritual teacher, and most descriptively in my own words – a spiritual midwife. My Lifepath is to be a clear vessel for messages of unconditional love. The work I do provides tools and safe spaces for people to literally “give birth” to their true nature their spirit their highest path. That is why I see myself as a spiritual midwife. I help people access their own gifts, own their own light, and connect with their own ability to heal their own lives, bodies and souls. I do not heal. I am averse to the word “healer” being used by any human towards another. Not any one of us walking in the flesh can “heal” another. Only God/Goddess can heal, and only when a person ALLOWS the Divine to move into their heart, can true healing take place. I often facilitate healings on many levels including body, mind and spirit. But my role is just to be the conduit, the facilitator, the coach, the midwife.

And no time in recent history has there been more of a need for spiritual birthing than right at this very moment. Here we are on the morning after the most intense election year in United States History. Those of you who have followed me on FB or my blog, or who have been in my classes, you know that I don’t post political posts. As a spiritual teacher, politics operates at a vibratory level that is not in the realm of where and how I work. I stepped away from a career as a lawyer and a life involving politics precisely because it was out of alignment with my true calling. But back in February I commented on Facebook with 100% certainty that Donald Trump would be elected. It was shown to me with utter clarity and certainty that for the first time ever, a person with zero political grooming would shatter old paradigms and dying archaic systems. Even as recently as a few weeks ago when many in the media were calling for Donald Trump to step out of the election, I maintained the fact that he would in fact be the next leader of the free world. Never bet against the Grandmother. She is always right.

What is critical here is what is actually happening on the planet is fully transcending anything to do with the US or politics. It is about the dying of old paradigms, systems, and mass illusions. Every system we know (as we saw recently with the Brexit in Europe), is dying. And my beloveds, that is a Divinely inspired beautiful and healing thing. Will it be painful?

For many people the answer to that is yes.

I received 17 messages upon waking up this morning from friends, clients and students who are in fear. They are terrified. They are truly and deeply worried. They are experiencing what I call the “Illusion hangover”. Their illusions have been shattered and it feels awful. They have been mind-manipulated by the media for many many months now, buying into hatred and fear mongering. They believed the false polls. They believed the messages of hate. They were deluded to the point of projecting all of their own shadows onto the figure head of one man – a man who became the perfect scapegoat for shadows. That’s why they fell for it. And it wasn’t just the regular populace either.

All throughout this election year many very popular female writers, authors, bestselling authors and many who consider themselves to be “spiritual teachers” posted political writings. Women trying to bully other women into voting for a candidate because she was "a woman", while chastising another candidate for....bullying. It was a twilight zone watching those who were preaching peace, inclusion, and kindness, being so vile, rude and condescending, often characterizing those who were voting for their unfavored candidate as "uneduated racist males." I would often chat with my PhD, JD, MD and other doctorate friends (all female and none racist) and thought, hmmm, among us not a one is an "uneducated racist male".  It was a bizarre scenario, but one based on the false illusion of duality that many people (on any end of the political spectrum) have bought hook, line and sinker.

This morning social media is filled with the advice of these “experts” who are still talking about sadness, pain, and horror. These are big figure heads with columns in nationally syndicated magazines, trying to do the best they can, but with probably the best of intentions, they do not realize the darkness they are pouring out onto the earth today. They are writing dark and divisive themes, such as "what will I tell my kids?" Tell them that peace and truth exists within their own hearts. It's that simple. And once you realize that, you can begin to actually manifest the world you think you want.

If they had been able to speak about the process in general that could have offered healing. They could have offered messages of unification and light. But they did not. They dove head first into the illusion of duality. They picked sides. They posted memes about a particular candidate. They all “chose” a candidate and wrote in ways that belittled people who thought differently from them. They wanted so badly for this “man” to be wronged, to be vilified, to go down in flames. One immensely popular “spiritual teacher” posted a meme on her Instagram of half naked Donald Trump and half naked Putin on horses. She thought it was hilarious. To those who were disappointed with that nasty meme, she had words to say along the lines of “get over it - you need to laugh at the circus of this man”.

So what was that? That my beloveds was her shadow.

Hers, and the millions of other people’s shadows who were triggered by a particular candidate. Keep in mind that many others were triggered by Hillary Clinton, and others by Bernie Sanders. So this truly goes all ways. It was tragic on a grand scale, and not unlike the crucifying of celebrities we see so often, because we are looking for someone to project our pain onto so we don’t have to deal with what exists in our own hearts. Let’s face it, it is so much easier to blame an outsider and to see bigotry, racism, sexism and hatred in another person than to see it in our own lives.

How did the shadow manipulate its way through the lives of millions of people these past few months? Here are some examples of what I shared with someone earlier this morning, who asked me “Liana how do we make sense of the bigoted, misogynistic tone that got our new president elected? Are we to look past it?”. What a fantastic question. I shared the perspective of what illusions are and how they work, how we can easily buy into duality, when we are not doing our own shadow work. Here was my response:

“Anyone who believed that Hillary was not bigoted was under a GRAND illusion. Anyone who believed she wasn't elitist, racist, misogynistic, and dark, was lying to themselves. That is why truth won here. Many people were unable to see past the individual people of Trump and Hillary, and so they projected their own shadows onto the character. Neither person is an example of purity, truth, integrity.... and the reality is that NO politician is that. Politics is the game for the power hungry.... it's why I personally got out of law and a path to politics my own self. What is represented here is on a much larger scale. It's the first time ever that a non-politician - someone with ZERO establishment grooming.... has taken the single most powerful position on earth.

This was Divinely ordained…It was astonishing to me to see how many people especially women.... focused on vulgarities used by Trump, yet their own husbands speak vulgarities with their buddies, or in many cases, to their own wives and children .... child sex trafficking in America is RAMPANT... and the men victimizing and paying for sex with these innocent girls are the husbands, brothers, and fathers of many of the women who were in judgment of Trump throughout this past year ... and that was the big Illusion... their own father wound - showing up in their relationships with their own fathers and husbands... was projected onto the "male" candidate as something to hate.... while ignoring husbands that behave in the same or worse ways.... including watching pornography... while boldly ignoring the truth that the female candidate made a total slaughtering of the women whom her pedophile husband abused and went through an impeachment process because of. She lambasted these poor women, destroyed their reputations, these women who were sexually assaulted/raped by her husband... so she could gain power - rather than support women. That is misogynistic in its most perverse sense...when it is perpetrated upon women by another woman.

She also called black youth "super predators" and put more African Americam boys in jail for minor offenses than ever before, taking money from the private prisons for her campaigns. She also defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl and laughed about it on video. These are merely, facts. 

It was heartbreaking to see how many women blinded themselves to the truth and allowed the media to manipulate their minds. Facts matter. But the problem is that the media was ignoring the facts. They didn't want anti-establishment. Of course they didn't want that, the media is controlled by the agenda of those who seek to ruin souls. That is why there was shock today for anyone who actually believed what they were reading. It was shocking for anyone who believed Hillary was pro-women, pro-black, or pro-working class. They legitimately were shocked this morning because they had never seen the truth emerging from behind the shadows. It was such a mass delusion, and it had to end. And now the dismantling begins. Hold on tight.”

This campaign wasn’t about Hillary Clinton. It wasn't about Donald Trump. They were shadow figures, projection screens upon which the vast majority of people were intensely and irrationally triggered to project their own wounds onto.

Throughout this year, in both my weekly Illuminations messages and in my Lifepath classes, I shared with people many important messages and tools to help prepare themselves for the changes that were to come. I continually and repeatedly let people know that the internal work of 2016 was going to be intense, and that it needed to be done if there was to be a smooth transition into 2017. I also said, continually and repeatedly that for anyone not doing their deepest shadow work, that this election would trigger massive deep wounds and it was going to be ugly. And ugly it was. But it can be the most beautiful and magnificent period of transformation if you are awake and willing to be conscious. So here is your “Illusion Hangover Relief Plan”, aka, the way through the pain. Ask yourself some deep and brutally honest questions:

1.    If you were angry that Donald Trump said to “grab women by the p*&&y”, ask yourself, has a man every hurt you? Have you ever been sexually assaulted? Abused as a child? Raped by either a husband, boyfriend or stranger? Has your body been objectified? Has your body been ridiculed by a man? Have you been made to feel uncomfortable by a man’s lewd comments? If you are a woman, it is highly likely that you have answered yes to MANY of these questions. Your “yesses” will lead you to the wound that was triggered by a complete stranger. Remember, and remind yourself, that not being ok with the way a certain man speaks is fully within the realm of reasonable. But when you feel personally angry, sick, hurt upset – in other words – when it personally hits you – you have hit upon a wound of your own.

 2.    If you were angry that Donald Trump “cheated” on his wife, and you called him dishonest for that, ask yourself, were you bothered that Bill Clinton cheated repeatedly? How about the much beloved John F. Kennedy? What about the pastor at your church? What about your own husband? Have you ever been cheated on? Has your husband been dishonest with you? Has your father? Did your dad cheat on your mom? What was your mother’s attitude towards a cheating husband (if there was one)? Does your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother watch pornography? Do you know that pornography is a form of violence against the feminine? Your answers here may lead you to more discovery and truth about your own wounding and shadows. 

3.    Were you angry that Donald Trump is a billionaire and used legal means to avoid paying as much money as the rest of us have to pay? Were you angry that Hillary took money from terrorists to fund the Clinton Foundation? Did both of them anger you? Are you so frustrated that both candidates served up to us on a platter have MAJOR character flaws? Ask yourself, have you always been 100% honest with everything you do? Have you never ever once taken a tax deduction that is not 100% legitimate? Have you NEVER ever lied in your life? Are you honest 100% of the time, all day every day? Here is where you may find answers as to why your may have projected your shadow pieces onto a political figure.

4.    Were you angry at Donald Trump’s statements about immigrants? Do you feel for poor, hard working individuals? Ask yourself…have you ever purchased clothing (almost all from mass retailers) that was made in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan? Have you looked at how your purchases of clothes from those areas are made mostly by women, mothers, grandmothers, who are the poorest of the poor living in filth and squalor? Women who get paid dollars a day and work in horrific and dangerous conditions? But, you made a “shopping haul” so all is good? Have you ever purchased leather goods? Many are made in India where people living in abject poverty drench themselves in cancer causing chemicals, daily, to die the animal skins so your purse and shoes can be blue. Or red. Or purple. Or do you consciously research and look into EVERY purchase you make, making sure you ONLY buy clothing, shoes and accessories made for with earth-friendly materials by people being paid very fair wages who have good living and working conditions? 

5.    Are you mad at Donald Trump for his stance on Global Warming? Because he doesn’t believe in it? Are you 100% vegan? Science has proven that the most destructive practice to the earth today is animal agriculture. So regardless of what President Trump supports, what do YOU support? Do YOU eat animals? Do You only eat organic and not support the GMO companies that are killing off our lands? Do you NEVER buy bottled water from people like the CEO of Nestle who does not believe that human beings deserve water? Do you get a new car every few years? Do you get a new cell phone every few years? Do you use any plastic? Have you ever eaten a Hershey’s or Nestle’s chocolate bar? Or any candy made by those companies? Those companies use slave labor for cacao harvesting. How about coffee from Starbucks? Their coffee is mostly NOT fair trade. They too use slave labor and underpaid workers, as well as children.  

Ultimately, the most spiritually relevant question to ask at this moment is: are you  sitting in judgment of someone (any candidate that you may have felt angry and fearful of) who has done something you have done, only perhaps on a much larger scale? By asking some of the above questions to yourself and answering honestly, you will begin to open up the wound that has been hiding behind the anger and aggression towards the figure head of either candidate. That is where healing begins. That is where we begin to heal our world from the inside out.

It is only when we look entirely within, that we can change what we see on the outside. We will never heal the earth, her people, and each other, by focusing on what is outside of us. The Hawaiian practice of Ho opono pono is the most beautiful healing practice available to us today, because in a nutshell it says – whatever I see I am responsible for. I can only heal myself. But I can only heal myself if I am willing to be honest enough to look deep within my own shadow and own it. I need to see the areas I need to fix within myself. I also need to look at my own light, and own that too. The kingdom of God/Goddess IS within you. And me. And all of us. It is time to stop the duality of you versus me, man versus women, parent versus child, man versus animal, human versus earth, country versus country, race versus race, and fully disconnect from over-identification with any group, dogma, belief system, race, religion or other form of mind control.

When people vote, it is a beautiful thing. It is showing that you are using your voice. It is showing that you care – about something – and that you are not apathetic. I love and respect every single human who went out and voted yesterday. Who you voted for is of no personal affront to anyone else. We each arrive at our opinions, beliefs and actions based entirely on our own life path, history, background, religious beliefs, educational backgrounds, and yes – past lives. Who we vote for in the physical bodies of who we are today, is merely a reaction to lifetimes of built up karma. And thus, we resonate with one person or another. I may believe one candidate better represents my spiritual ideals, you may believe your candidate does. There is room for all viewpoints, as long as we do what Byron Katie recommends "love what is". 

When we can take the eagle’s eye view and soar above the lower vibrational aspects of ANY political candidate, we can move into peace. To unite as humanity, we need to be able to love each other, regardless of how we believe. When in your heart you can truly say “you voted for Trump and I love you” and “You voted for Hillary and I love you” or “you voted for Jill Stein and I love you”, that is when we begin owning our own light and shadows. That is when we stop feeding into and participating in the duality.

This message of love and unity is this – God LOVES you unconditionally at all times. She does. And she doesn’t have a mind that is sitting in judgment of you based on who you voted for. Her love is unconditional. Take a lesson from that and begin to love yourself unconditionally so you can share that with those close to you. Then hopefully one day you will be able to expand out to the place where you can love even the person who holds the most opposing viewpoints to your own. Use your voice, stand for what you truly believe in your heart, and distance yourself from what you see in your mind/ego because chances are it has been directed by a mass cultural illusion.